Raglak – Lovers or Enemies (part 6)

In plane
Ragini: excuse me.. Is there any vacant seat i want to change my seat..
Air hostess.. : sorry ma’am flight is full
Ragini : please try if any other passenger is willing to change..
Air Hostess : sure ma’am I’ll try.. After the plane takes off please take your seat..

Raglak ignored each other..
After about 2 hours Ragini felt asleep and during her sleep Ragini’s head rested on Laksh’s shoulder…
Laksh (to himself) Ragu u are still the same.. why all this happen between us.. As much as I try to hate u.. try to keep u out of my life.. Something or the other reminds me of u.. Our happy times… U know Ragu I made 2 new friends and they both always do something that reminds me about our times… I’m sure if u will meet them u will have same feeling like I get…
Laksh also drifted of to sleep with his head on Ragini’s

Ragini’s sleep was broken with air hostess’s voice.. Ragini felt something heavy on her head and then she realized what it was… She was surprised that she slept on Laksh’s shoulder and he did not say anything…
Ragini adjusted Laksh’s head..

Air Hostess : ma’am if u wish to change your seat it is available..
Ragini : no that’s alright..
Ragini shifts her gaze towards Laksh.. and closes his half closed eyes with her palm..
Ragini : u have stopped taking your medicines Lucky..!!

** flashback
Early morning
Ragini enters Laksh’s room and finds him sleeping.. With his half open eyes..
Ragini : Lucky u are awake and did not bother to pick up my call
Laksh : no response..
Ragini : Luckyyyy ( shouts at top of her voice)
Laksh gets up suddenly and scared

Laksh : Ragu are u mad.. Who shouts like this early in the morning..is this the way to wake up someone..
Ragini : lier u were already awake.. your eyes were open..
Laksh: idiot use some common sense I know u have less but try using that..
Ragini : what do u mean..
Laksh : idiot if I was awake then would not have got scared of your scream…
Laksh’s mom enters..
AP : Ragini are u alright…?? U screamed so loudly..

Laksh : to wake me up..
Ragini : aunty his eyes were open so I thought he was not responding to calls purposely..
AP : Ragini actually Laksh have this problem since childhood and he never listen to me and don’t take medicines…
Ragini : no medicines..!! Hww why Lucky..??
Laksh : i hate medicines..(and he made face..)

Ragini brusted out in laughter..
Ragini : hahahaa… haye Lucky are u seriously 15..??
Don’t worry aunty I’ll give him medicine
It became Ragini’s duty to remind him to take his pills. She forced and even blackmailed him if he refused to take..

End of flashback…***

Ragini : U know Lucky ria have same problem… At night aman often get scared on seeing her half open nites..
Airhostes.. : we are about to land all passengers are requested to fasten their seat belts…
With this Ragini’s chain of thoughts breaks…

In taxi

Raglak were heading towards their hotel..
A sudden break by driver makes both of them lose their balance and coz of that both hold each other tightly…
Driver : I;m sorry.. Suddenly a kid came running…

Ragini and Laksh leave each other’s hand : it’s ok…And an awkward silence takes place..
Ragini : excuse me Mr. Maheshwari can u please give me your report so that I can read it.. As u know we are here as a team… I think it will be better for us to keep aside our personal stuff and just focus on the motive for which we are here.. we both have no other option…
Laksh : sure miss. Godadia Iagree instead of being strangers or i’ll use the appropriate word enemies.. Let us behave as team mates for this seminar…

Both reach the hotel..
An elderly man almost in mod 40’s welcome Raglak in the hotel..
Man: hello sir hello ma’am
I’m Mr.Richard incharge of the program.. Here are your room keys..(giving them their keys respectively..) seminar will be held tomorrow.. we have a welcome party tonight.. and we still have 4 hours to it.. so you can take rest..

Raglak thanked Mr.Richard and moved towards their rooms..
Their rooms were close to each others..

At Party..

Ragini wore a light pink saree with silver border.. Little makeup and silver earrings… She looked beautiful as ever… Laksh wore black jeans and white shirt he folded his arms with black blazer… Everyone in the party praised Ragini
And Laksh was lost in her..
A guy came and offered Ragini dance to which she agreed..
After a while he tries to get more and more close to Ragini ..
She was struggling hard to get of her grip but no use…
This was not left unnoticed by Laksh..

He got up from his seat and pulled Ragini out of the grip of that guy..
Because of a sudden pull Ragini lost her balance and landed on Laksh’s chest… Both shared an eye lock which was broken by that guy..
Guy : what is problem man.. I was dancing with her..
Laksh 🙁 angrily ) just stay away from her..
Laksh and that guy were about to fight when Ragini interrupted..
Ragini : Laksh please let’s go from here

Outside party hall..
Ragini : thank u..
Laksh : no need to be.. If in your place there was some one else i would have done the same..
and he left from there..

Late night..

and light went off
Laksh heard noise from outside he rushed to know what was it..
Mr. Richard : sir a major short circuit took place and this block.. please move down to lobby and do not touch any electric points
(Give him a lamp.. Coz it was too dark)
Laksh : ok..
Mr. Richard was knocking Ragini’s door but no response..

Laksh: what happen..
Mr. Richard : sir ma’am is not opening her door ..if she touched any switch anything could happen
Laksh got hell scared listening to this..

Laksh : shit Ragu is scared of darkness.. What are u waiting for go and get duplicate keys…
Mr. Richard runs from their…
Laksh still knocking the door..
Laksh: Ragu.. Ragu.. Open the door… Raguu… Raaggguuuu…
Laksh heard a thud sound from inside…

Mr. raicard comes with the duplicate key..On opening the door to Ragini’s room
Laksh was shocked to see the scene in front of him… Ragini lying unconscious on floor and blood oozing out from her head and arm..because of the broken vase kept on side table… Laksh rushed towards Ragini taking her head into his hands…
Laksh :ragu…ragu.. Get up please open your eyes..
Mr. Richard : sir I’ll call ambulance..
Laksh picked up Ragini in his arms and rushed downstairs towards the reception..

Doc : she fainted coz of high bp.. I cannot give the true picture of her health until she gets conscious… Next 10 hours are really critical or if she doesn’t get conscious it could be highly dangerous..
Laksh : and her wounds doc..??

Doc : cut in her arm was deep I had to give stitches.. and about her head will be clear after the test reports…
Laksh: thank u doc can I meet her..
Doc : of course u can…
Laksh : ok doc thank u..

Scene shifts to Ragini’s ward…

Laksh went near Ragini and sat on a stool kept aside..he took her hand in his..
Laksh : please get up Ragu.. I can’t see u like this.. and a tear came out of his eye..Drifted off to sleep on stool holding her hand…

5 am in the morning..
Ragini woke up with a pain in her head.. She tried to get up but was not able due to heavy dose of medicine..
Her movements made Laksh get up..
Laksh : thank god ur are fine.. and hugged her..
Ragini was still confused.. and tried to come out of hug… On realizing her uncomfortness Laksh came out of hug and explained her war all had happen..
Laksh : I’ll call the doc..and he was about to leave..

Ragini : thank u..
Mr. raicard : how are u ma’am… Sorry to say but the seminar has been canceled.. After u left the hotel a major fire took place… Should I book your tickets or book some other hotel if u wish to stay..
Raglak : book tickets..

Doc enters
Doc : i can’t permit for a long journey until I’m sure about your.. Nurse take patient for the test
Laksh : doc is everything ok.
Doc : she had extraordinary high bp.. I need to certain then only then I’ll be able to tell u..
Laksh : actually doc she is afraid of darkness may be that’s why..
Doc : yes this could be the reason…
Mr. raicard : sir I have got your luggage..sir your tickets..??
Laksh : don’t book the tickets yet.. we’ll stay..
Mr Raicard : should I book some room for u..

Laksh: no that’s alright.. Please send our luggage Ragini’s ward.. I’ll stay here only…
Mr Raicard : sure sir.. If u need any help plz let me know..
Laksh: thank u mr. richard…
Nurse comes with Ragini…
Nurse : sir plz get these medicine..
Laksh comes back to the room with the medicines..
Nurse leaves… Now Raglak were alone in room..

Ragini : Laksh…
No response…
Ragini : Laksh ( a bit louder )
Laksh : huh
Ragini : are u ok..??
laksh : ya I’m fine..
Ragini : u know u can’t lie to me.. Now will u tell..

Laksh moved towards Ragini and held her hand..
Laksh : I got scared seeing u in that situation..
Ragini : Laksh i’m fine look…
Laksh without saying a word hugged her…After a while they realised the situation.. and coming out of hug..
Laksh : I’m sorry… I’m going to reception to complete certain formalities… Take rest.. Do u need something…
Ragini just nodded her head in negative response…

Laksh came out of room and he reached the staircase..
Laksh(to himself) : thank u god Ragini is alright… I was soo scared on seeing her unconscious.. (and cried his heart out )
I love u Ragini.. as much I try to hate u.. I’m not able to… I can’t live without u Ragu.. Plz god her test should be clean..

Please god please… After some time.. He composed himself and went back to Ragini’s ward…!!!

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