Raglak – Lovers or Enemies (part 4)

In pub Ragini drunk..

Ragini : Mr. Maheshwari I hate u how could u do this..

And started crying…

Laksh held her hand and took her out off pub.. Ragini struggling to free her hand but no use..

Others thought Ragini might be jealous but only Laksh new the exact reason..

After two days


Laksh was really upset on seeing Ragini’s condition.
Because of some faults done by his father’s company..
Ragini’s dad company suffered a huge loss and that’s why her dad got that attack..

Laksh: sahil I want to settle this case outside court

Sahil : (confused) how?? I mean SSG enterprises has refused to take project from u and neither they are interested in partnership.. Yesterday I tried talking to them..
Laksh : ask them we will compensate for the for the loss occurred bcoz they lost this deal..

Sahil : ok I’ll try…

Ragini’’s lawyer : ma’am they are offering us amount of loss your company suffered.. and ma’am I think this is the best option as now our chances of winning are getting low they will not let us win so easily..

Ragini goes to Laksh..

Ragini: Mr. Maheshwari what do u think of yourself..

Laksh : listen miss gadodia loss was because of some faults done by my company.. But anyhow i will not let u win this case.. This is the best option u have..

Ragini : ok fine.. This is the last time.. Next time if anything your company do I’ll not leave u.. and don’t forget from now I will be handling my company..

laksh : sure miss gadodia.. See u soon at time of next tender After All i love challenges

1 year later

*News Headlines*


DPM enterprises and SSG enterprises have taken over the maximum market share


DPM enterprises and SSG enterprises again in court…


How will take over ‘MS corporporation’ – DPM or SSG..


DPM enterprises and SSG enterprises have emerged to be biggest rivals..!!


five years have passed and till today both companies are struggling to get the no.1 position by beating each other..

Laksh’s pov

“That night was my happiest night u confessed ur feeling for me.. But that same night turned to be the worst day of my life… That time if u would have asked for my life I would have given it to u.. But u did not say anything and left me alone.. I loved u alot Ragu… But not any more now I hate u miss gadodia now u r just MD of my rival company for me and I just hate u.. and I’ll never let u win…!!”

Janki’’s pov

‘I don’t really understand what has happened to my ragu… She was so chirpy and full of life.. After shekhar’s heart attack god knows what has happen to her… Before going to coma shekhar which promise u took from her that her became like this.. Whole day she keeps her busy in office and night i don’t know in which thoughts she is lost.. The only time i saw her smiling is with aman and ria… I still remember your words ragu of that night…”

**Flash back**

Ragini : Mumma u love me right…
Janki: ofcourse baby is this a question to ask
Ragini : u trust me na.. U trust me that i will never do anything that will make u and papa ashamed
Janki : my daughter will never do such thing i trust her..
Ragini : promise me mumma u will never ask me who they are.. U will love them as u love me.. and u will never force me to do anything..
Janki : they..?? (confused)
Ragini : promise me mumma I’ll explain you everything on the right time..
janki : i promise u Ragu….

** end of flashback..**

Her chain of thoughts were broken when two small kids of around 4 and half came running towards Janki

Kids: mumma mumma mumma

Janki bends down and hugs them.. How was your day??

Aman : it was superb mumma.. But u know ria, irritated me so much (making a cute bechara face)

Janki : ria ( turning towards her little princes ) why u always irritate your brother

Ria : it’s not my fault mumma amu started first..

Janki : oh god what will i do of u two.. Who will say u are twins.. Whole day u guys keep on fighting…

A girl in her late 20’s was standing outside the room and watching them.. A smile crept on her lips that even she was unaware of it…!!!

part 8

Aman and ria ran towards the girl on door… : mom..

and hugged her..

janki: ragu are u back from your trip..!?? How was it

Ragini : it was good mumma.. This time again i gave best presentation and got the project..and not that DPM enterprises…

Janki : that’s it ragu. Kids u go and fresh up I remember my promise Ragu…. But till when u will leave ur life like this it has been 5 yrs… Day night business business…

Ragini : (irritated) that’s it mumma how many times i’ll repeat.. This is my life and i’m doing what i want to

Janki : i know ragu u will never give answer to my question… By the way tomorrow is ria and aman’s Parent teacher meeting will u go .??

Ragini : i’ll try mumma

Laksh’s house

AP: Laksh it’s high time now get married…

Laksh : i dont want to mom i’m happy with my life

AP : i know beta.. I’ll wont force u meet that girl atleast if u like her only then..

Laksh : i’m not gonna meet any one..

AP : it’s enough Laksh… I won’t listen anything.. If u love me respect me a bit then u wil go.. Here is her address ( giving him a piece of paper)

Laksh : ok mom.. I will.. But u will not force me..

AP : promise..

(AP thinking.. I dont know y i fel this girl will change ur life for sure.. I hope u like her..)


Next morning..

Ragini : I’m sorry mumaa i have an meeting cant come

Janki : that’s alright.. we are leaving..

Ragini’s pov

**I”m sorry muma… U suffer alot seeing me like this.. Bt I have no other option.. I keep myself busy so that i don’t get time for myself… It was me who wanted this.. But now i can’t see hate in his eyes for me… Aman ria you r are very special for me..but I’m not able to give the love that u deserve..”


Same day in the evening..

Laksh reaches the the house of that girl… A small boy opens the door

Aman : are u Mr. maheshwari

Laksh : yes.. Hello champ

Aman : hello I’m aman

Ria : aman is he came to meet her

Aman : yes ria

Laksh: hello little angle u are really pretty

Ria : thank u

A girl of late 20 ‘s enter and was shocked to see Laksh there talking with kids…

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