Raglak – Lovers or Enemies (part 2)

Hi everyone.. thanks for your love and support on the last part.

Friendship day night.. This night was to bring two people together but destiny played its own game

A girl dressed in a beautiful royal blue colored one piece coming up to her knees.. Running in hospital crying and reaches in front of OT.

(girl is none other than Ragini)

Ragini : maa wat happen.. How’s papa..?? (Unable to control her tears.. Hugs her mum.)

janki: ragu don’t cry baby.. Nothing will happen to Shekhar doctors are operating him..

Ragini : mum but how did it happen .. Sudden heart attack papa was fine during lunch..

Doctors came out…

Ragini: doc how’s papa..??

Doc: his condition is really critical… He wants to meet someone named Ragu

Ragini : it’s me doc his daughter

Doc : u may go in.. But plz keep in mind don’t let him take any stress

Shekhar was shifted to ICU


Shekahr : Ragu
Ragini : yes papa I’m here..plz dad take rest.. Nothing will happen to u…

Shekhar: no ragu listen to first.. U love your papa right.. and u will do whatever I ask u to do

Ragini : of course papa I love u a lot.. I promise u whatever yo’ll ask me I’ll do

Shekhar: whatever loss our business has suffered in last 2 months is because of that DP enterprise.. Promise me Ragu u will take revenge from them for the loss our company suffered and will do whatever you can to get back our companies old position.. Promise me Raghu

Shekahr’s condition gets more critical.. and he faces problem in breathing..

Ragini (shouts) : doc nurse…

Shekhar: promise me beta

Ragini : I promise u dad…I’ll bring back our companies old reputation..

Doc came and ask ragini to go and wait outside..

Ragini was sitting on bench holding her head in her palms…


Same day in the evening

Ragini : swara plz come fast I’m waiting for u.. I wanna look best tonight

Swara : Ragz I’m on my way.. I’ll reach in 5min..

And she hangs up the call

Beep beep Ragini looks at her phone and smiles reading Laksh’s message
“” hey Ragu.. Liked my gift.. I’m sure u will look beautiful in that dress.. Come soon will be waiting for u…”

Ragini : (to herself) today’s party gonna be a blast… Lucky u will get biggest surprise today…

Swara reaches her home and both girls get dress up n leaves for the party Both are looking beautiful..
Swara wears a Golden color knee length dress and Ragini a royal blue colored

On the way Ragini’s phone ring

Ragini : hello haan maa
Ragini : (shocked) what..?? Don’t worry I’m coming…

Ragini to swara : I can’t come to the party I have to go its really imp.. Maa needs me…

Swara: Ragz what happen.. why are you so tensed..I’ll come with u
Ragini : nothing..U go to the party everyone would be waiting for us..
swara : but
Ragini cuts her

Ragini : no buts plz go… and plz make Lucky understand that the work is really urgent I can’t come. Also tell him not to worry I’ll talk to him latter.. and u guys enjoy the party to the fullest..

swara: ok bye Ragz.. I’ll try and handle him..you take care..

*flashback end*

Her thoughts were broken by doc words Doc I’m sorry patient has gone in comma we tried our level best…

Ragini was shattered on hearing doc words..

Ragini and her mom runs towards the ICU.. Holding shekhar’s hand.. Papa I promise u I’ll do everything to bring back our companies reputation.. And she runs from there

Ragini: mishra uncle( her dads PA ) I want to check all the files.. Regarding all the projects our company is handling and of all other projects our company lost

Mr. mishra : I’ll ask the staff to bring those files to u tomorrow

Ragini : I want them tomorrow morning sharp at 9 on my table..

Mr. mishra : yes of Couse

Ragini reaches her dad’s office and starts reading the file which were already kept in his cabin

On the other side Club blue blazer

Laksh :swara where is Ragu
swara: actually Laksh she is not coming… She got a call from her mother and she returned back

Laksh : what happen is any problem

swara : I don’t know Laksh she was very tensed after the call and told me it’s really imp and asked me to come to the party..

Laksh : but why she did not inform me.. and how can u be so care less u left her alone..

Sanskar : chill Laksh.. Relax… Y are u scolding swara She did what Ragz asked her..

Swara : she said she will tell u everything later..

Laksh : sorry swara

And he leaves from there

Laksh reaches Ragini house.. But no one was there… He tried her phone many times but no response… Two days passed and none of the friends could locate Ragini.. her phone was out of range… no one at her home… nobody in the neighborhood knew about Ragini and her father’s heart attack…

the whole gang was tensed.. Laksh’s condition was worst…his whole day went sitting in the park thinking about his Ragu…

Laksh’s phone beeped.. it was message from Ragini ” Lucky firstly I’m really sorry… I can’t explain u anything yet… I’m going out of town for a few days… see u soon… bye…!!”

” another message from Ragini again.. “”Lucky take care.. I’m perfectly fine.. I can imagine your condition know.. I’m missing u to.. plz Lucky for me cheer up and start going to office.. Remember u told me about that new project.. you have to give your best for me.. For your Ragu..”

Ragini’s POV:
“I’m sorry Lucky I can’t tell u anything if I told u, u will leave all your work n come with me.. I know how much excited u were for your new project.. and Laksh I love u .. If I would have called u I might have breakdown seeing u.. and I can’t afford to do so.. For my papa I have to be strong.. Once this matter will be sorted I’ll tell u everything I promise..”

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