Raglak – Lovers or Enemies (Part 1)

A small girl enters a new house with her parents. She is surpired on seeing her new house where they just shifted as her father decides to start a new business in a new city..

Shekhar :[Mr Shekhar Godidya (girl’s father) he one of the top businesses] so did u like ur new house princess

Girl : ofcourse papa its realy nice.. I’ll go and see the whole house..

Little girl runs in excitement..

Sumi : (girls mom) she is a house wife] : be careful.. Don’t run.. Raghu

Ragini( girl ) : yes mumma..!!

Ragini in the balcony sees a big park in  her localty and finds many kids playing there.. Seeing them she missed her old friends… Her face pales.. Shekhar reaches balcony to see her little princes..

Shekhar: what happen ( shoked) why my baby is upset..

Ragini:( pointing towards the park) papa look so many kids playing … I miss my friends..

Shekhar : oh my baby such a small problem… I have an idea.. why don’t u go and make new friends..

Ragini: great idea papa ur the best.. and she runs to the park..

In the park

Girls were playing badminton and boys football.. Little ragini became confused She thinks.. Whom to talk with will the become my friends… She tried to call a girl but she was so busy in her game that she just ignored her..

Our cute little papa’s princess got upset.. A tear fall from her eye.. She turned her back and started to move away..

Ball came n hit her on back and she fell down she got hurt and started to cry..

A boy came running towards her side to take his ball..

Boy 1 : (boy who came to take the ball) how many times do we boys have to remind u girls not to come to this side at this time…

Ragini looks at him confusingly

(Another boy came running from behind) :what happen sanskar what took u so long..

Ragini 🙁 in her sobs ) I’m sorry I didn’t knew about that girls can’t come her.. I’m new here..

Boy 2 : heyy plz don’t cry.. Actualy this is our park’s rule that every evening when we boys play here foot ball and it’s an advise to all to not  come here as they can get hurt like u got..

Ragini : I’m sorry.. I spoiled ur game
Boy2  : its ok.. New here right… ?? Bye the way I’m Lakshya.. Frinds?? (Moving his hand towards her.)
Ragini : ( wiping her tear ) sure I’m Ragini (and she shakes hand with him)

Sanskar: I’m Sanskar sorry I didn’t notice that u are new here.. Friends??(and shake hands with ragini & Ragini gives him a smile..)
Ragini: no need to be sorrry…

Laksh: can I ask u a question
Ragini : haan
Laksh : I mean what are u doing this side of the park all alone..
Ragini : actualy I came here to make new friends but all of u guys were so busy so I was walking alone.. (and her face fell and a tear drop from her eye)
Laksh : hey don’t cry.. I guess u got two new frnds right sanskar
Sanskar :yes of course
Ragini:  thanks Laksh ( a big smile apears on her face)
Laksh: no.sorry no thank u and ragini plz cal me lucky like my all other frnds..
Ragini: in that case Lucky call me ragu..

Sanskar: let’s go Lucly its geting late I don’t wanna get scoldings from mom again
Sanlak : bye raghu see u tomorrow..
Ragini : bye…

Ragini comes back to her house with a big smile on her face as she made new frnds on very first day in an new city…

Days passed and thier friendship grew stronger… Coz of Ragini’s freindly and sweet nature of other kids became her new friends.. She was very much the part of the kids park club.. Ever evening all the kids played together and talk about their lives their schools.. And holidays were spent mostly in park.. But there was a secret that no other friend knew.. Raglak use to meet one hour before the others came and they talk about everything and nothing… They both shared a very special bond and when from new friends they became best friends even both didn’t realised…

Laksh is one year senior to Ragini… Today is Ragini’s last exam of her last year collage and Laksh has already completed his graduation and has just joined his dad’s busines as he took one year break…

In the evening.. Park
Swara : ( one of their friends ragini’s closest friend after Laksh..) come on yaar Ragz atleast ab toh usse batade that u like him.. Kab tak aise..

( as the year passed ragini’s nick name got changed from ragu to ragz… As she thinks ragu is a kidish name and it does not suit her personality…:-P:-P ragini is a strong brave girl who knows how to take a stand…)

Ragini: u r right swara I guess now it’s time to confes.. I’ll surely tell…

Laksh : tell what ragu..
Ragini: nothing Lucky its just I’m planning to help dad in his business.. (Messing Laksh’s hairs.. )
Laksh : ragu how many times I have told no don’t mess with my hairs.. and not to call me Lucky its Laksh…

Ragini: what ever Lucky .. I’ll always call u Lucky only..

Laksh : as u say ragu.. ( as he knows he can never win from her ragu..)

Sanskar: hey ragu how was ur exam

Ragini : how many times sanskar its ragz not ragu… Paper was great

Sanskar: thats not fair ragz Laksh also call u ragu… (making a cute face)
Laksh : only I’ll call her ragu coz she is my best friend right ragu…
Ragini smiles and response…

Swara: guys we are here to decide something remember… Tomorow is a special day…

Laksh : ofcorse swara.. Tomorrow is friendship day.. and we will celabrate it for sure

Ragini : a grand party

Laksh : so its decide tomorrow at club blue blazer I have done all the arrangemnets see u tomorrow guys at 7 sharp..

Ragini : (surprisingly ) not fair Lucky u decided on your on.. I wanted to help in arrangements..

Sanskar : its a surprise ragz.. Right Laksh…!! ( winking at Laksh)

They all leave to their respected homes..

Laksh thinking… ragu tomorrow will be a special day for us I’ll tell u how much l love u…

On the other side ragini to her self : I think swara is right I will confes my feelings to him tommorow for sure…

Thanks everyone for your love and support. Hope u guys liked this part. Please do comments:)

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