RagLak and their love story -RagLak ff part 2 by darshu

Raglak and their love story 2
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Part 2
“bhaiyya,I didn’t..!!”Ragini shooks her head and sobs..!!
Ranjith(rag’s bro):I believed you Ragini,but not today..!!
She sobs more and falls down weeping..!!
“see,she is such a drama queen..!!”everyone gossips..!!
Person 1:without her permission,how could he come again..!!
Person 2:Ranjith did wrong by believing her..!!
Person 1:after all this,she is still acting to trap her brother again..!!
Person 2:not this time,I think ranjith will punish her for sure..!!
Ragini can’t control anymore,she bursts out crying and the tears were rolling like a hell..!!
She was completely broken..!!the one she thought as her world itself turned against her..!!she thought atleast her bhai would take her side,but unfortunately he didn’t..!!

“stop all this..!!”a stern voice broken the noisy environment and the silence speaks everywhere..!!
He proceeds forward and his footsteps were echoing all over..!!
“leave her hand..!!”he said with determination in his eyes..!!
Ragini(sobbing):why did you come here..??
“to take you with me…!!”he said forwarding an warm smile..!!
Ranjith(angrily):how dare you..!!
He clutched his throttle and pinned him with the wall..!!
Ragini went to her brother and pleaded him to leave..!!but he was tightening his grip making him suffocating to breath..!!
“bhaiyya..!!”Ragini pushed his hands away from laksh..!!
Ranjith stumbles and he holds the table nearby..!!everyone around gets shocked seeing the changing attitude of Ragini..!!
Ragini offered water to laksh from the nearby jug..!!
“Wah Ragu wah..!!you have turned against me for that cheap guy..!!”ranjith shouts in high rage..!!
Ragini:enough..!!that’s the limit bhai.,you want to punish right then give it to me..!!who gave rights to take his life..!!
Ragini:haan bhai,punish me..!!give me punishment (she cries bitterly)
Laksh bends down and places his hand on her shoulder..!!Ragini jerked and stood up immediately..!!
Ragini(to laksh):what do you want still laksh..?please leave from here orelse they will kill you..!!please go..!!
Laksh:do you want me to leave..!!
Ragini nods positively..!!
Laksh(casually):then come with me..!!
Laksh:if you didn’t,then I won’t move an inch from here..!!
Ragini:laksh please..!!try to understand..!!
Ranjith’s anger reached its peak and he holds the nearby knife like weapon and approached towards laksh,but Ragini comes in between and the village people tooks ranjith away and were trying hard to control his anger..!!
Ragini(pleading):am begging you laksh,please don’t create drama over here..!!go away..!!
Laksh:don’t you hear what I said just now..!!I will leave surely if you come with me..!!
Ragini bends her head down and cries badly..!!
“I won’t..!!”Ragini uttered after wiping her tears..!!
Laksh lifts her chin and asked “say it again looking into my eyes..!!”
Ranjith was vigorously coming towards laksh with that knife like thing but again gets blocked by the village peoples..!!
Ragini’s tears were gushing out continuously..!!she gathered her courage and looks into his eyes finally..!!
“Teri nazron ne dil ka kiya jo hashar, asar yeh hua..!!”plays..!!
His eyes were keep on assuring her that he won’t leave her till his last breath..!!
Laksh(in mind):please Ragini,say yes and come with me..!!I will smash away all this hurdles for you..!!I promise I will make you happy and shower you with my love completely..!!just say yes,don’t hide your feelings Ragini..!!please,I want to hear from you,please Ragini..!!say it atleast for you,I know you too like me the most which I realised when you saved me from your brother putting your life in danger..!!say yes Ragu..!!
“Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain..!!”
Ragini lost herself into his eyes completely and she gets drowned there itself..!when his hot breath touched her cheeks,she felt her heart is soaring like a kite..!!
“Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain..!!”
“will you come with me..!!”laksh forwards his hand looking into her eyes..!!
Ragini unknowingly forwards her hand to him and he gets happy and immediately grabbed her hand and kissed there..!!
Everyone gets shocked while Ranjith pushed away the peoples who were blocking him..!!
Laksh came out from his world and found ranjith coming towards them,he immediately shouts “run..!!” and took Ragini with him..!!
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand tightly and rushed out when someone blocks his way,he just kicked him away using his knee..!!
Ragini was admiring him and glances his moves without his knowledge and she simply stares the way laksh is holding her hand..!!
Laksh watches out in between through the corner of his eyes..!!they reached the entrance of the house..!
Laksh:you be here,I will come..!!
Ragini holds his hand and sighs not to leave her..!!he caresses her hair and gestured that he will come back within few minutes..!!
Laksh rushed out and brings his bike which he parked nearby and sighs Ragini to come outside..!!
Ragini sits behind him and they started leaving..!!
Ranjith comes behind them running but fall down on the cow dung..!!
Ragini was loving this chasing,thrilling and above all that she started developing feelings for him..!!
She wanted to hug him tight,but her shyness is preventing her to do so..!!she moves her hand towards his shoulder but taken back nervously..!!
He was riding his bike in full speed,he then remembers something..!!
Before entering into ragini’s house few minutes ago,he punctured all the vehicles over there..!!he knows that Ragini will accept him atlast so he did everything in advance..!!he smirks cutely and found Ragini’s confusing face through mirror..!!
Laksh(gently):do you love me..??
“haan..!!”Ragini said without realising what he asked just now..!!
Laksh:wow..!!that’s great..,ummaaah(he kissed her face reflection on the side mirror)
Ragini(pouting):no I don’t..!!and don’t dare do that again(pointing the mirror)
Laksh smirks naughtily and asked “so you don’t love me..!!then why did you come with me..!!”
She remains silent and bends her head..!!
“you gonna answer me or not..!!”he muttered and he didn’t watched the speed breaker at the front which makes them to stumble a bit..!!
Ragini holds his waist tightly in fear of falling down,but laksh balanced somehow and back to track..!!
Laksh chuckles when he realised that she is holding him..!!
Laksh:shall I take this as your answer..!!(pointing her hands)
Ragini:watch out the road and ride..!!
“always watching my moves only..!!”she whispers twisting her lips..!!
Her happiness turned into tears when she crossed that place..!!
she then goes to flashback..!!!
The day when he returned back to her..!!
Ragini was standing infront of her Krishna idol and her eyes were closed..!!
Ragini(in mind):Krishna.,I don’t know how that happened to me..!!I don’t know who filled sindoor on my hairline..??but you know about everything na..!!what’s their intentions to play with my life..??please do something and bring back my life into normal..!!even my dadi is also not believing me kanna..!!why are you testing me always..??please sort out this problem and make my life happier like before..!!
She slowly opened her eyes and found laksh before her..!!
“I have seen him before..,but where..??”she makes confused face..!!
“Ragini…!!”her brother’s voice makes her to come out from his thoughts..!!
She was about to leave but laksh pulled her by wrist and closed her mouth with the other hand..!!
“I wanted to say something to you,come to mango garden at 5’o clock..!!”he uttered gently and takes off his hand from her mouth..!!
Ragini:Who are you..??why should I come..??no way,I won’t come..!!
Laksh leaves and turns back and smiles..!!
“don’t ask me anything..!!if you want to know about your future,then come..!!”he said grinning..!!
To be continued •••
So guys done with this chappy..!!do tell me about your views through comments..!!
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