RAGLAK: our love story one shot by kashish

Hi guys kashish here with a raglak one shot. Hope you guys like it too. Anyways here we go with one shot.
One shot:-
we see a person seeing someone pics it was his and a girl’s picture he says why swara u left me I loved you so much and u left me without thinking about me why u died swara why now see me after u left how I am living now I hate the word love and marriage I am always busy in my office now a days I am just living like a lifeless body remember u promised me that u will never leave me and u did not keep your promise is this was your love for me tell me swara answer me dammit. The boy is revealed to be laksh. He cries seeing their pics together. His mom comes there and gets teary eyed seeing him crying.
Mom: – beta for how many days u will live like this u have to forget your wife swara and move on in your life I can’t see u like this beta please listen to me and marry a good girl.
Laksh: – no mom this can never happen no one can take place in my heart another than swara I love her a lot mom I cannot marry someone else
He leaves from there leaving his mom teary eyed.

Here we see a girl was sleeping peacefully. Her mom comes there and palms her head seeing her daughter like that.
Mom: – ragini beta please get up it is 10 clock till how many hours you will sleep like this don’t u remember today is your first day in your office u have to be there in 15 minutes.
Ragini was still sleeping like a kumbhkaran. Her mother gets idea she throws a big water of bucket on her, ragini gets up with a jerk she says flood flood someone save me please she stops seeing her mom laughing like hell. She says mom why u always don’t let me sleep peacefully she angrily leaves from there she does shower and haves bf and leaves for office. There was traffic jam in the road.
Ragini thinks: hai ram aaj toh mere job chali jayegi boss toh maar dalege mujhe please mujhe bachao lo ram ji
She reaches the office 15 minutes late she was tensed. She goes to the boss cabin.
Boss: why are u 15 minutes late wow first day and that too coming late
Ragini: sorry woh there was heavy traffic jam in the road so I am late.
Boss; I don’t like excuses from next time onwards come early to the office he calls someone and asks her to come immediately.
His pa enters the cabin.
Pa:- yes sir what happened any problem
Boss: she is our new worker show what the works are to be done and help her if she has any problem
Pa:- okay sir come mam I will show your cabin.
The boy is revealed to be laksh maheshwari.

Laksh pov
When first time I met swara like this only happened she is same like swara I don’t why when I first time saw this girl I felt like I have some connection with her when I saw her face my heart was beating at a faster rate. She was looking beautiful and gorgeous like a angel I couldn’t take my eyes from her
laksh mind: no laksh what happened to u why are u thinking like this u only love swara no other girl can take place in your heart
laksh heart: no laksh u have to move on in your life god has given u chance please move on for how many years u will stay like this.
Laksh mind: no
Laksh heart: yes
Laksh shouts stop he was confused totally he didn’t understand what to do.
Laksh pov ends
At ragini cabin
Ragini pov
Oh my god my boss was so handsome after seeing him it was like love at first sight for me. Oh god ragini Kapoor fall in love with her boss I don’t know what he thinks about me. What to do should I confess my feelings for him or not??? Oh god I am so confused right now.
Ragini pov ends
The whole day passes like this

The next day
Ragini was leaving for office.
Mom: says where are u going ragini today is holiday.
ragini: oh shit I forgot mom I have to go to orphanage now bye mom see you later.
She leaves from there in hurry.
mom: bhulkaad kahi ki and goes to do work.
At orphanage
Ragini reaches there in auto. All children see her and gather around.
Children: ragini didi aap kaise ho pata hai apko hum logo ne apko kitna miss kiya tha
Ragini: acha bacho mai bhi tum logo ki bahut miss kiya hai chalo mein aap sabke liye chocolates leke aayi hu
They all jump in happiness and have chocolate.
Laksh gives donation to orphanage the owner of orphanage was talking when he sees ragini there he asks the owner why she is here.
Owner: woh she comes here every Sunday she loves to play with children here all children here love her so much and wait for her to come over here she is so cute and sweet just like your wife swara she also always used to come here
Laksh gets teary eyed hearing swara name he thinks she is just same like swara they both have many similarities why I feel like that I have some feeling about her but what I am not understanding??
Ragini leaves from there after playing with them.

The next day’
At office
laksh calls ragini and asks her to come in his cabin. She reaches there.
Laksh; ragini today there is a business party I want u to attend the party with me if u have no problem and ya he hands over a dress packet to her and says ragini please wear this and come.
Ragini nods happily.
At evening
They both leave in laksh car they reach in a beautiful beach. She asks him why we are here sir.
Laksh kneels down and pulls out a ring and says.
Laksh: ragini I don’t know when and how I fell in love with u but I did after my first wife swara death I thought no one can take place in my heart but u entered in my life and took a special place in my heart I just want to say ragini I love u deeply madly truly and unconditionally I want to make u mine I want to fill your life with full of happiness and colours will u give me that opportunity will u be mine
Ragini: yes yes I love u laksh I love u so much
They both hug each other laksh offers a dance with her she accepts. They both dance romantically and haves candle light dinner.

After five years
A woman is running behind a small cute boy for making him have food. The man sees them and smiles happily the man was laksh.
He says this is was my story raglak story now we married each other and have a small cute boy. I am so happy and contented I love my family and can do anything for me. She is my wife ragini and our son ragansh laksh maheshwari.

The end

I hope guys I didn’t bore with u my stupid boring os. Shower your love and comments for me… so it’s a bye from kashish love u all soon will come with up a ragsan os and maybe raglak too.

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      tysm jo can i call u that anyways i read your a to z ffs i mean maximum ffs and please post edkv and krpkab the different shades of love we have for each other and ishqbaaz we three brothers are like a triangle and so are our story i think so that was name love u are all ffs jo please post them asap and your ff with nusz also and ya in swaragini one please make it ragsan as i know u don’t like raglak and swalak and even if u keep swasan also no problem i will read for u jo beacuse i love your concepts so much and your way of thinking and i know that your sidmin and shraman ff like me same pinch jo love u lots bye take care

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        Hey kashish omg u read my ff? Aww so sweet of u 🙂 and I already posted it, its published u can check it out and ishqbaaz i will update tomorrow yeah thats all i write i write two more and well the one and is not that I dont like raglak, I like raglak they r cute but ragsan and swasan more 😛 and haha thanks for liking my concepts and love u too dear and ur one shot is too good i reading it for second time and well do tell me when u publish it as I dont read sr ffs much haha

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