Laksh follows ragini..
Ragini turns suddenly hich causes him to jerk.
Ragini:- why are you folloeing me.
Laksh:- me why will i follow you.
Ragini:- are you studying in this colz.

Laksh:- once up on a time i studied and for your kind information..
Voice:- we are your seniors.
Laksh and ragini turns and finds.
Kunj , yuvi and bihaan..
Ragini:- so your were ex students and i was ex student from were senior topic came.
Yuvi:- still we are your students so being a senior i order you to salute me.
Ragini:- saluting is old one sir let me take your blessing and bends to his knees..
Yuvi goes back and says..
Hi what are you doing.
Ragini:- dont be shy sir just blesses me tries to touch his leg Yuvi:- fine mata junior accepted my deafeat ok.
Ragini:- hmm ok.

Kunj:- being ex student what are you doing here.
Ragini:- certificates..
Laksh:- after your work. If your are free.
Ragini:- coffee..
Laksh smiles and says ok.coffee.
Ragini:- ok then lets go.
Laksh:- but your certificates.
Ragini:- arey degree completed na where will certificate go they will stay in office only so lets go but stops and turns and says are you three also coming..
Laksh:- no they have work leavevthrm lets go.
Ragini:- ok bye guys..

Yuvi kunj bihaan pouts sadly..
Laksh:- so where shall we go.
Ragini:- you say ..
Laksh:- chocolate room.
Ragini:- no lets go to minerwa..
Laksh:- ok ..but where is it.
Ragini:- nagar chowk.
Laksh stops snd says whatbits so far ragini.
Ragini:- but their in shop it was awesome i drank it previous month and i want to drink again but no one accompaning me i thought today you will but .
Laksh:- ok ok i will also come.

Ragini:- really thanks alot laksh come lets go in bus and makes him to get in bus…
Laksh in mind:- seriously this girl came ftom london and well being family still likes to travel in bus instead of cafe shexwants yo drink coffee from small shops.
Ragini:-laksh .if you dont mind can i ask you one question.
Laksh:- haa.
Ragini:- you do like formals..
Laksh:- what.
Ragini:- i mean u were young but still you were wearing formals or like bussiness person.
Laksh:- its my dad choice and i dont want to say no to him.
Ragini:- dont say no but say whst you likes more.
Laksh:- leave that matter na.
Ragini:- so what are you doing.
Laksh:- trying to start bussiness on my own.
Ragini:- wow yar that means you want to become success by self made.
Laksh:- hmm.

Ragini:- all the best..
Laksh:- thank you.
Ragini and laksh starts wslking back to home after drinking coffee.
Ragini:- so friends..
Laksh shake hands with her and says friends.and if i want to talk to you or want to meet u how can i contact you
Ragini:- 123456789 ..
Laksh:- your number.
Ragini:- no i neighbour uncle number..
Laksh looks on while ragini laughs and says ofcourse yar my number..
Laksh:- is it ok if i call you i mean your family members.
Ragini:- no one will feel bad infavt i am living with chotai papa and maa.dad bhai and babhi lives in london and i came here to study..
Laksh:- your mom.

Ragini:- she died while giving birth to me but dad and bhai filled that mom space after babhi entered in my life she over took bhai and dad
She loves me more.
Laksh:- i am sorry about your mom ..
Ragini:- its ok..
Laksh:- people are going from india to another countries for study and job purpose but you why.
Ragini:- i want to enjoy india and by taking studies logic i came here and some privacy to but not for me from them.
But from me to them, braving me is not eady task you knew.
Laksh:- ya i can see you have a awesome talent you knew.
Ragini excitedly:- what.
Laksh:- non stop talking.
Ragini looks angrily while laksh looks on tensedly.
Ragini smiles and says ya you were right i talk non stopwow..
Thanks laksh.
Laksh smiles and follows her..

Precap:- ragini another naughty side
Laksh increasing feeling towards her


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.