Laksh and his friends were sitting and drinking.
Yuvi:- are you mad you love her..
Laksh:- when i said i love her i am sayi.g i like her she is beautifull.
Kunj:- after your engagement if you like others also no use so shhhh.
Bihaan:- shut up yar dont make him feel low and you like her laksh nothing wrong in it..
Laksh:- hmm thats what i want to do friendship with her and roam whole city ..
He twrils and falls down.
Bihan and laksh ws both sitting back of car while kunj was driving and yuvi was next to him.
Laksh in druken state..

Laksh:- i will do friendship with her and i will do what i want if not i will see her doing what she wants and no one can stop me..
Kunj:- not even your dad.
Laksh:- no i wont afraid of him infavt i will say i will do what i want.ask him to come come.
Kunj:- shout more not only him whole your family will come.
Laksh:- laughs and say you hone mad..
Bihan:- your house came laksh.
Laksh immediatedly wakes up and sets his hair he blows air fromhis mouth on yuvi face and says is smell coming.
Yuvi closes eyes feeling didguitsting and says no.
He immediatedly runs from their..
Kunj and bihan both looks at each other and bliws air on yuvi face and says together.
Kunj and bihaan:- is smell coming.
And laughs..
Yuvi beats them both..

Laksh entrs slowly by looking all directions..
Dp:- laksh you came come sit lets play caraoms.
Laksh nodes his head and joins them.
Sanskar dp one teamand kavya and laksh one team.
Kavya:- we habe to win laksh and now its your turn and go on brother grab the queen.
Laksh nodes and about yo hit by setting traget but dp stops him.
Dp:- no laksh not from their and changes stricker point and says now hit and see queen will be yours.
Laksh feels bad and hits and gets queen kavya claps and says..
Your great dad..if you were not their then laksh might not have done it.
Laksh feels bad and goes from their by saying he will get fresh and come..
Sanskar sees him sadly and he to goes to his room.
Ragini:- come on chachi you can do it come on.
Sumi turns and sees ragini and says.
Sumi:- i am just putting curry leaves ragini and you are chearing me like i am going to win world cup.
Ragini:- putti.g curry leaves was not less than putting curryleaves in oil.

Sumi nodes her head and puts curry leaves..
Ragini:- oh my god it started bladting bagoo and runs from their..
Sumi burst into laugh and later sees ragini peeping into kitchen
Shekar comes from back says..
Shekar:- no one will believe that your were awesome chef who afraid of curry leaves.
Ragini:- everyone will have a fear and i had that what wrong.
Shekar :- nothing wrong nautanki.
Ragini:- ok sheku…
And tell me one thing did were sum called you like this..
Shekar:- hmm what to say no..
Ragini:- my poor sheku lets me find a new pataka for you.
Sumi holds her ears and says
Sumi:- badmash , dont knew how bhai is baring you.
Ragini:- just like you both.
Shekar:- but we love you.
Ragini:- and i love you both..
And hugs..
Sumi:- go freshen up lets eat dinner.
Ragini says ok and goes..
Shekar:- you kbew best part in ragini..she does all her work from heart and she was such a pure soul.
Sumi:- thats why everyone loves her.
Laksh sees out from window while sanskar keeps hand on his shoulder.
Sanskar:- what happen laksh why ate you dull.
Laksh:- its not that i dont like dad infact i love him he is my role model but i feel myself alone bhai dont knew why..
Sanskar:- have a deep sleep and think dad wants us good only laksh verything will be fine.
Laksh:- hmm.

Here rag shekar and sumi were laughing loudly and enjoying dinner..

Here laksh feels lonely..

Next day..

Yuvi comes and says.

Yuvi:- that girl was our colz only our junior recently completed education came from london belongs to thakur family..

Laksh:- hmm now were is she

Yuvi:- haa i forgot to keep gps to trace her location.

Laksh:- shut up.

Kunj:- hi ragin is getting into our bus stop.

Laksh goes towards her and says hi.
Ragini:- oh , hi idiot how are you.
Laksh:- smiles i am fine and you ..
Ragini:- fine , and i hope you were not standing in middle of road right.
Laksh smiles..
Yuvi:- hi you cant call him idiot ok.
Ragini:- did i call you .no naa chillax bro..
Bus comes ..
Ragini:- ok bus arrived bye idiot snd his friends..
Bye bihaan.
Bihaan smiles and says bye.

Kunj:- shall we follow her to.colz ragini ki idiot.

Laksh smiles and says only me will follow her and you three go to bank to.complete bank formalities and follows her in his car..

Precap:- rag and lak outing fun..


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.