Laksh :- come on dont tease me ..
Yuvi:- why not ..untill now you did all what your father said.
Studies , clothes and now even marriage..
Do naa might that girl your dad choice might be good.
Laksh:- i am not saying that i dont want to marry i just want to selwct girl of my choice thats it.
Kunj:- your choice like what..
Laksh:- i dont knew yar i just want a girl who fill my loniless by seeing her face i can forgot my tensions and want strenght to walk forward threw struggles by holding hands..
Bihan:- nothing will happen like that ok..
What ever relations we are we have have our spaces..
Twinkle:- shut up all of you.
Pari:- why are you threwing him in difficult situation let him think peacefully.
Thapki:- and laksh how can you say without seeing that girl that she was not perfect for you.
May be the girl you want was her..
Laksh:- hmm.may..
Sanskar:- may be laksh because swara and mine was also arranged marriage but see i love her ans she and i was perfect for each other..
Laksh:- may be you were right bhai .i will try to understand her.
Yuvi:-all in our group did love marriage but see he is spoiling our image..
All laughss
Laksh keeps annoyed face..

A girl was talking on tablets..
Dayal:- are you fine na beta i am really missing you..
Ragini:- dad i almost completed my degree and i just want to enjoy for few months with out any tensions please na dad..
Dev:- you almost far from us for 4 years babu and still you want to stay her.
Ragini:- bhai when ever i got holidays i came their naa.
Durga:- still you were not staying with us naa and see even my baby asking for her for you..
Ragini:- babhi how is your health becare full babhi its your 5 month ok.
Durga:- if you came here and say na then i will lisen.
Ragini:- please babhi its just matter of 3 months..
Durga dev dayal:- fine dont show that puppy face to us..
Ragini:- love you all.ok ok bye its time for outing bye..
All:- bye..
Ragini goes out..

Here laksh and his family members came to meet mathur daughter..
Laksh likes kavitha..
Suraj mathur:- i think we should leave them alone to talk to each other..
Dp:- no its ok and stops by seeing laksh who already stands up to talk.
Suraj:- i think he wants to talk with kavitha..
Dp smiles uncomfortably and sees laksh
Laksh:- its ok dad if you dont want i wont and about to sit.
Dp:- its ok laksh go and talk.
Laksh and kavitha sits ibfront of each other after a brief silence..
Laksh:- hi..
Laksh:- i am laksh and i did mba..
Kavitha:- i knew dad said to me..
Laksh:- i love to do bussiness
Kavitha:- i knew dad said..
Laksh:- what were you habits..
Kavitha:- cooking and signing.
Laksh:- it seems you like them.
Kavitha:- actually dad said that i cook better so i have to learn cooking and my voice is good so i have to learn do i did.

Laksh gets shock:- you knew my habits i like to.
Kavitha:- dad said about it already.
Laksh breaths out to control his frustration and says:- still what your dad said about me.
Kavitha:- he said that your family was very nice and has good name in society and i should pray daily to get married to you.
Lakshsmiles and says :- pray well.
Kavitha:- shall we go dad said that come down in10 minutes..
Laksh nodes and says yaa leys goo..
When he getsdown about to say no..
His dad see him with smiles and asks threw eyebrows and seeing his smile he unwantedly says yes..
And they fix his marriage..
Laksh gets sad….

Laksh walks with his frds and talking.
Laksh:- that girl life is disaster than mine life yar i think she will breath by asking her dad..
Girl:- hi move move breaks are not working.
Laksh turns and says shh mam later and turns to his frds ..
Laksh and that girl both lands on bike..
Laksh:- cant you see and drive.when you people want to learn bike by riding on people..
He stands and rubs his hands and jeans.
That girl angrily gets up and pulls laksh by his shoulder and says..
Girl:- i am not blind your and deaf . From that time i am saying that brakes are not worki g please move then why didnt move haa.
aksh was lost in her big eyes and round face and sees her cute little pink lups which and just moving for him.
His frds shakes himand says.
Yuvi:- where you lost from that time she isscolding and mistake is fromour side so why dont you ask sorry..
Laksh still lost in her..
Kunj:- see him lost in herand says see we are sorry on his behalf really sorry.
Ragini:- its ok and about lift bike bihan helps her..
Ragini smiles and says thanks..
Bihan:- my self bihan pandey.
Ragini:- ragini thakur..
Bihan:- and he is yuraj birla and kunj raheja..
And laksh sarena..
Ragini sees laksh smiling like idiot and says:- i think your frd lost his mind by this accident and says idiot and goes from their .

Yuvi beats laksh and say:- she said you idiot and you were laughing like idiot.
Laksh:- hi dont say idiot..
Kunj:- when she said idiot then you dont have any problem right.
Laksh:- only she has right to call me idiot from now.
Bihan:- dont tell me love at first sight.
Laksh:- i dont knew what was the namw of my feelings but i am loving it.
I like her she is beautifull ..
And rubs his back hair.
While renaing and slaps their fore head..

Precap:- druken laksh and ragini teading his chachu.


  1. Priyashini


    |Registered Member

    Very nice….yaar. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I well know..that raglak were soulmates … So definitely it should.😄.(may be they are fictional characters)I love them. Keep continuing and smiling too.. take care

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear …laksh u r idiot..oops sorry ragini only have a rights to call idiot…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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