RagLak – Love, obsession and lust (final episode)


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Ragini got up and Laksh asked her why…
She showed him a bag of ultra-whisper 😉 as she was on her menstrual-cycle
And laughed. :p
Laksh: did it really have to be today
Ragini: it’s a cycle Laksh we can’t do anything
Laksh: omg how long do I have wait for now
Ragini: about a week
Laksh: omg that’s long
Ragini: well tough my hubby you have to wait
Laksh: okay, okay I will but it’s hard to control having a beautiful wife like you
Ragini: aww stop buttering me up now let’s sleep
They both slept in each other embrace…

One-week leap…

Within that one-week Laksh and Ragini’s bonding got stronger…
By seeing this Sanskar felt bad and thought not to ruin their relationship let them enjoy them self…

All of them were at a shopping mall and was at the café in the mall they saw someone familiar… it was Swara…
Sanskar saw her and didn’t talk to her…
Ragini was speaking
Ragini: hey Swara how are you?
Swara: I’m good how are you
Ragini: I fine, oh by the way this is my husband Laksh Maheshwari, Laksh this is Swara Bose
Swara: oh the business tycoon?
Laksh: yes, that’s me, nice to meet you
Swara: same
Sanskar: hi Swara?
Swara: hi
Ragini: you guys speak we will go shops
They nodded, RagLak went…
Few hours later

Sanskar and Swara came smiling they told RagLak that they are in a relationship and are going to get married and Sanskar has accepted her…

One-and-a-half-year leap…

Ragini is holing one cute baby boy… yes you guessed right it was RagLak’s child

Oh wait…..

Laksh was holding another handsome baby boy…
Yes, guys you guessed right they had twins…

They were called Ayaan and Ahaan…

It was SwaSan’s wedding… everyone was happy…

They took a family picture…

The End…

Sorry guys I had to finish this ff…
I am busy with my education so I’m really sorry if this ff was boring please forgive me… XD

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  1. Sudden ending!!! Anyways nice, please start new raglak ff

    1. Shana98

      Sorry and thank you I will try too x

  2. Ragz_teju


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      Thank you 😊

  3. Sreevijayan

    Its ok dear..studies comes fast..it was a very sweet ff..tc dear…..

    1. Shana98

      Thank you xx and you too b xx

  4. Sindhura

    All the best for your studies
    Nice ff

    1. Shana98

      Thank you xx 😘

  5. Fats

    Great update. SwaSan’s marriage and RagLak having twins was a lovely way to end the story. Thank you so much for writing this FF.
    P.S: good luck with your studies, hope you do well 💕

    1. Shana98

      Thank you hope you did really like it and I sorry for ending it too soon. Thank you so much 😊 💝

  6. _Angel_

    This was awesome loved but really sad that u ended it but hope to see u back with another ff soon

    1. Shana98

      Thank you sorry if this ff bored you b xx 😘 I will try to right a new ff and this time a good one ☝️ hopefully 🤗

  7. A.xx

    your ff was awesome… gutted that it ended without you actually completing it as u wanted,,, but ur busy and we all get that,,,, hope u can write a new ff soon.xx

    1. Shana98

      Sorry and thank you 😊 and I will try to come back with a better ff this one didn’t really work out for me

  8. All the best for ur exam… Amazing journey of ur ff

    1. Shana98

      Thank you 😊

    1. Shana98

      Thank you x

  9. Rafeee

    superb ending dear,. all the best fr ur studis

    1. Shana98

      Thank you 😊 hopefully it was not boring

  10. Awesome…hope u write a new ff soon

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      Thank you 😊 and I will try too.

    1. Shana98

      Than you j xx 😘

  11. you end it soon plzz comeback with new one we all are waiting

    1. Shana98

      Sorry and will try to write a better one

  12. Amazing

    1. Shana98

      Thank you x

    1. Shana98

      Thank you 😊 x

  13. Dear ur ff was super after ur education plss come back

    1. Shana98

      Thank you 😊 and I will soon xx

    1. Shana98

      Thank you 😊 AMMU x

  14. Fairy

    Awwwww!!!!!reallllly sweeeet ending dear…..loved ur ff…gonna miss it dear…but no prob… u concentrate on ur studies,we wll wait for u 🙂 🙂 🙂 …hope to see u back soon wid another ff….take care of urself…keep rockng n stay blessed dear…love u sweety 😉 😉 😉

    1. Shana98

      Thank you fairy and Im sorry that I couldn’t give this ff to you expected standard but I will soon try to give a better ff that a promise xx and you take care b xx 😘 ❤️❤️😉

  15. Asra

    awesome. ..

    1. Shana98

      Thank you xx 😘

  16. Hemalattha


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      Thank you 😘

  17. Crystal089

    Nice but soon ended😑😐☺😊😡

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      thank u☺😊 and sorry

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