Raglak love after marriage chapter 8

I know u people r surprised to c me back with another update this soon. I got sm free tym so I scribbled it Sen. Thank u guys for d warm response on my previous updates.

So lets start

Precap: laksh consoling ragini
Whole maheswaries trying to cheer up ragini

Guys its continuation of last chappy.

Adi nd pari too joined them.
Pari: its not fair papaji
U changed ur team.
(said pouting her lips).
Adi: Mmm
Smone was flying to much much these days nd saying that ur family loves me more
Pari: ma dekhona
(pari hugged ap)
Ap nd dp: dare to tease my daughters.they r precious like gem.
(said hugging both pari nd rags)
Laksh nd adi gave puppy looks nd said unison: bhai aajkal mabap mabap nahi raha.
All of them bursted out in to laugh.

Laksh was too happy to c hw his family trying to cheer his ragini where as ragini was overwhelmed to c their concern nd a tear skipped her eyes. She thanked god.

Ap: if ur masti tym over. Everyone cm nd have ur dinner. All turned to move dwn. Dp holded ragini’s hand nd asked her to stop

Dp:we will join u soon. U may continue.
All went out leaving ragini with dp
Dp made her sit on sofa nd sat beside him.

Dp: beta I know I can’t change ur past. I want to say u smthng. Me nd ap longed for a baby girl. When she got pregnant for d last tym. We really wished it to have girl. But we got most precious gift our lucky. Life line of this family.

When pari cm to this house. She stepped in as our daughter. Till d day we didn’t felt she is our dil. When u cm here as laksh bride I got another baby girl. U both never let us fell like that we don’t have a daughter u both becm our daughter. U both considered us ur family. I wish to c back my little baby girl who cm to this house holding my lucky’s hand. Who is full of fun, joy. Who knows hw to bring smile. Ur paaji badly missing his little ragini. Can’t u bring him back his princess beta.
I know it’s hard to forget ur nd ur ma’s plight. But don’t let ur past to cm over ur present. Why r u wasting ur precious tears for d person who gave u pain ragini. I know it’s hard to confront swara everyday in ur lyf. But beta be brave nd face d reality. Show the world that our ragini is not weak.
Ragini eyes were raining. She hugged him tightly. She got d fatherly love from her laksh’s papa no her papa.
Dp slowly patted her hair. Made her look in to his eyes.

Dp: ab chalo give ur million dollar smile beta.
She smiled wholeheartedly.
Soon both joined their family on table. Dp nodded yes at ap who gave him a beautiful smile.
Ap: ragini beta today ur ma will feed u. U r still week.
Swara who was having dinner silently staffne hearing ap. Nd stand up

Swara: am done
She moved to wash her hand before anyone could say smthng.
Ap: par beta
San: let it be ma
Ap: u people continue. I will feed my both daughters
Sanlak adi: this is not fair ma
Dp : don’t wry my shers today ur papa will feed u three
Ap nd dp started feeding ragpari nd Sanlak respectively.
Ragini made a chunk and forwarded it to ap where as laksh did same with dp.
All looked at them nd smiled when as san adi pari said awew www so cute, made for eachother.

Swara who was seeing all this from d stairs clenched her fist in anger nd moved to her room.

Ragini was arranging her cupboard suddenly laksh started to ring. She took his phn as he is on shower nd answered it.
Phn fell from her hand nd tears made their way from her eyes to den. She fell on her knees

Screen freeze on rag’s stunned face

Sry for d small update drs.
I always wanted ragini to be fav dil of flap. But ulta happened in screen. So thought give sm screen space for dp nd ragini. Hey raglakian did u find it good. Plz tell me through cmmnt.
Sry for typos


  1. Sanswa


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    ooohhhh hiii raglakian…let’s dance on honey Singh bit 1st..πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ..YO YO HONEY SINGHH..‘‘!!‘‘.😎😎😎😎…
    uff bahut hua party dance nw come 2 chappie…dea u wrote dis much beautiful wen u were busy..😱…mind blowing hunnπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ…u nailed it😊

  2. LovelyAliya


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    You did right, I also think that they gave too much consideration to Swara! Even if I like her charachter, but a person cannot be so “perfect”. I hope it’s not an evil game from Swara or her mom!

  3. SPP


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Ragini and DP connection was really nice
    Amazing update
    Loved Raglak alot
    Waiting for the next one………………….

  4. Raglakholic


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    It is marvellous update
    Loved d way all showered their love on ragini
    Totally loved this alot
    Dp nd ragini’s conversation was emotional
    Who called laksh???
    Eagerly waiting for the next part
    Please update soon
    Nd thanq so much for this fast update

  5. Asra


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    awesome dear….dp and ragini conversation amazing dear….family moments loved it…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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