Raglak love after marriage chapter 7


Hey guys am back with another update . I know am quite late what to do guyss am not well from few days. Enough of my buck buck. Let us go back to story. I knew u people r eagerly waiting for it.
It will be bit emotional
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Recap: raglak blissful moments relavation of d big truth

Ragini was really heart broken. She couldn’t hear anything or she couldn’t understand
anything that happening around her. Her mind were filled with images of a dead janaki. She felt she was standing infront of her mother body. The wounds that were slowly began to
heal with d love of HER LAKSH ND FAMILY, this mng made it fresh again, causing bleed nd pain badly. Her eyes were raining heavily. She felt a lose of energy nd began to fall. Before she could hit d floor laksh took her his warm
embrace. She hided her face in his chest nd cried loudly.
As soon as swara’ venemous words cm out, she pushed laksh nd ran to her room. She couldn’t stand there more. She couldn’t afford any one accusing her mother.often she wondered hw a person can become as a pure
soul who forget her dreams for others. She always felt proud to say that she is RAGINI JANAKI GAGODIA, daughter of pure soul.
Laksh followed her calling her name but she
didn’t look back

As soon as rag entered d room. She closed d door nd sat d doorstep leaning to the door. She cried her heart out. Most painful memories
flashed her mind.
She could not remember her mother as she left her soon as she gave birth to ragini, she
knows her Ma by her dadi’s word, her dada dadi
never let her feel parents absence. When she turned 5 her dada also left her.hw her dadi brought her up, her dadi’s plight for her
happiness. She always missed her ma. But never let her dadi to know this. She knows hw much her dadi is suffered to give her a life. Painful thought of her childhood flashed across
her mind.
As soon as laksh reached their room he found it locked. An unknown fear cm to his mind.
He banged d door
Laksh: ragini mera bacha plz open d door plz
Ragini: laksh plz leave me alone
Laksh : plz just let me cm in
Ragini: plz laksh go away, I don’t want to cm out
Laksh : ragini bachana u promised me today mng that u will share everything with me. We
promised eachother that we will face all d ups dwn together. Plz let me d part of ur sorrow too
His eyes were raining too. He sat there leaning d wall still crying.
Suddenly d door got open. He literally ran towards d room nd go in. He found a pale ragini with red swollen eyes sitting on d floor just like a statue. His heart pained to c HIS LOVE like this. He sat beside her took her hand nd kissed.
Ragini slowly moved towards him nd buried her face in his chest. He wrapped her in a tight hug nd patted her head.

Laksh: cry as much u wanted. Don’t let this pain to win over u ragini.
She clutched his collar nd cried her heart out. His shirt becm wet where as she buried her more in his embrace. Laksh eyes were too raining. Its hard to c him HIS LYF like this.
They sat there like this some time.
Her tears were dried. Laksh slowly made her look at him nd kissed her both eyes where as ragini closed her eyes in pain.

Laksh: ragini, be brave to face d truth dr, tumhe kya lagta hai u r mother will be happy to c u like this. She will feel sad to c her daughter broken like this. Show that man nd his family their presence will not affect u, show them u r daughter of JANAKI GAGODIA.

ragini: ( placed her head again his chest nd laksh hold her more close to his heart) laksh u know hw much unlucky am I, I never saw my ma. She left me as soon as I cm to this world. My dada dadi never let me feel any sorrow. But dada left me when I turned 5 dadi ma brought me up with much difficulties. U know that I agreed for this mrg for my dadi ‘ s sake. I got to know that you were not ready for this mrg on our engagement day.

Ragini who were cmng dwn heard laksh congo with pari.
Pari: plz devar ji smile for ma sake
Laksh: I can’t bhabhi. Am feeling to runaway from here. I can’t ruin any pure heart
Pari: plz give her chance . She will heal ur wound.
Laksh: plz plz understand me. I can’t cm out for my past
Pari: u r marrying her for ma pa na
Then accept her for ma pa
Ragini got shocked. She felt to its not right to enter smone lyf with force. She decided to stop the mrg. As soon as she entered hall nd saw her dadi’s happiness. She decided to marry him.

Flashback ends
So we got married. I got all happiness , I got my family. When I heard d word swara from ur mouth that mng I felt devastated. I felt myself my ma laksh(it made him wince in pain). I don’t want to be another JANAKI. But ur love was more powerful and got me out from my fear.
U know laksh. My every birthday dadi ma gave me a letter till my 18th bday. Its from my ma she always thought me to fight for my right, face d world. She never said a bad word abt that man. Never complained abt him. Hw can he do this my ma. What was her mistake. If he didn’t love me why brought me to this world laksh.
I will prove that he is nothing to me. I will always remain as JANAKI GAGODIA ‘s daughter. I don’t give him a chance to damage me more.
She looked up nd give him a painful smile
Ragini: meri dadi ne bahut mushkil se mujhe bada kiyaa. I will not let her sacrifices to go in vain. I will not be sad more. I will show him that am absolutely fine with out him.
Laksh kissed her nd slowly whispered
Laksh: he gave birth to u becoz I was born to win my princess
Nd took her in his embrace. Both smiled through tears.

Dadima who were at door steps where happy to c her ladoo.
Dadi: api ji am going back
Ap: no masi ji
Rani need u
Dadi: when mari jamai sa is here, my rags will be happy. I have faith on him he will never let my ladoo to break dwn.
Ho sake tho marre ko main karo humne ethnic badi bath thare logon se chupaya
Dp: no maahi ji. We r proud of u. U brought ur grandchild who was disowned by ur son. We r happy to get a daughter like her. She is our our daughter like pari( he said side hugging pari where as shomi fumed as he didn’t give any damn to swara).
Dadi: mein chalti hum
Adarsh: plz dadi stay for sm for days.
Dadi: nahi. Mari ladoo is very lucky to get a family like this. She got a husband who loves her supports her, she got mother, father brothers nd a sister. I know u people will keep her happy. U people will definitely take care of her more than me.

Adarsh: teek if u want to go then go, but u have to cm to us give ashirvaad to our child

Scene back to raglak.
Ragini nd laksh were sitting dwn. Ragini was hugging him nd placed her head on his chest nd laksh was wrapping his one hand on her waist while with other hand he was patting her head. Ragini fell asleep. Laksh kissed her forehead. Took her in his arm. Placed on bed. As soon as he turned go ragini hold his hand
Ragini: plz don’t go.
Laksh: I was just going to close d door bachaa
Ragini felt embarrassed
As soon he closed d door he went back to her. He too lay beside her nd both cuddled to eachother. He placed his head on crook of her neck placed few kisses. His hot breath nd lip contact with her soft skin made her shiver. She too hugged him tightly.

Days were passing whole maheswari were taking care of ragini. They did their best to cheer up ragini. They never let her alone for a moment. She was getting treated like a kid even it is laksh or papa. All of them were competing with eachother to shower love on her. All these were ironing swara very badly. She acted like she doesn’t care but in real she was burning in jealousy.

@a day eve
Ragini were sitting on d bed, laksh was back from hospital nd on shower. Ragini was sitting silently on d bed. Swara who saw her alone acted to talk with shomi nd taunted ragini nd JANAKI.
Again her eyes starts to rain. As soon as ap cm swara moved to her room. Ap was worried to ragini like this

Ap: ( cupped her face) meri bachi kyun ro rahi hai.
Ragini wiped d tear nd faked a smile.
Ragini: kuch nahi
Ap: (fake sad tone) u just call me as ma, but won’t consider ne as one. If JANAKI was in my place, u would tell her na
Ragini: ( hugged her) don’t tell like this mila. U r d one who gave me motherly love. After cmng to here I never felt my ma’s absence. I saw my ma in u. U always consider me as ur daughter. Plz ma don’t say like this.
Ap: don’t cry meri bachi.
I was just joking. Plz smile karo apne ma kaliya.
Ragini smiled through her tears.

When laksh entered he asked ap through eyes’what happend’. Ap blinked her eyes to ensure him HIS RAGINI is ok.

Laksh: I heard that sas will torture her dil. But here everything is just opposite. Ma loves her dil more than her son.
Dp: ha koi doubt papa to loves his princess more than this idiot husband of her.
Dp said cmng nd hugging ragini. Laksh made a post face where as ragini sticked her tongue to him.
Dp forward his hand laksh who happily joined father daughter duo while ap hugged 3 of them.

Screen freezes on family hug. Sorry for typos

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