Raglak love after marriage chapter 6


Hey raglakians am back with another chappy
Hw r u all? I know u all r feeling Same as me as our favourite show is going off air soon. I will miss them too badly guys. I never followed a onscreen couple like mad. Their both on screen nd offscreen chemistry made me fell in love with them.
Am not satisfied with d previous chappy so am giving a new dimension to d last chappy. So it will be bit longer. Hope u people will enjoy
it. Guys there is author’s nite at d end play read it also

Recap: raglak cherished their moment of love

That nyt she had broken d last wall between them. She accepted HER LAKSH to her whole heartedly. She was aware abt his feelings for nd she do feel d same for him was not ready to accept d truth. She was not ready to becm another JANAKI GAGODIA. She doesn’t want to go through d same as her ma. She was pretend to be strong girl but she is really an innocent and simple girl. She doesn’t want any heart breaks. She love him bits nd piece. Was not to ready to loose Her laksh.
The way he introduced her to HIS EX, the way he everytym ensured her feeling made her fall more for him. Every tym he said l love u to her she saw d truthfulness in his eyes. Not only his words his gestures made her fell that HE IS HER LAKSH ND THEY R MEAN TO BE
that nyt she couldn’t hide her feelings. As soon as she saw d black orbs which showed love no PURE LOVE which is only meant for her. She herself gave her to him. That nyt again their soul mixed with eachother butvthis tym with lots of love nd both wants nd desires……
Mng rays fell on d beautiful couple who were sleeping in eachother ‘ s embrace with a beautiful smile. Laksh opened his eyes to find HIS LOVE sleeping on his chest. He caressed her hair. She smiled in deep smile. He couldn’t control more she kissed her lips passionately he was shocked to find her reciprocate with same passion. As soon as they pulled apart
She confessed it him that Ragini laksh maheswari loves her HUBBY, HER LAKSH. Nd hides her blushing face in his bare broad chest. He wrapped her in a protective coconut nd fell back to d bed
As soon as ragini entered to her room she blushed to d messed up bed. She stood inform of d room with a smile while humming a song. As soon as she felt a wet palm on her bare milky waist she closed her yes to feel him. Laksh placed few wet kisses on her bare back by sucking d water drops. She clutched her shaadi in her fist.as soon as she missed HIS warmth she blushed as taking its as her dream nd smiled her self.
Suddenly she felt a tug on her pallu. She turned around to c him on his knees

Laksh: plz ragini don’t give me that look I couldn’t control more.
He let out a sigh while she blushed to crimson.
(laksh) ragini I just wanted to confess smthng to u. I know it’s sound stupid as we shared most beautiful nyt last nyt. But I couldn’t live with out confessing it u
I don’t know when it happens dr. U becm reason for my lyf, smile nd everything. Ur innocence ur loving nature brought me close to u. I miss u whenever u r not around me I felt worst when ur eyes shows any kind of pain. U becm d soul of my life.
Am thankful to destiny or fate what ever it is which brought u to my love. It’s hard for me to fell in love again. But slowly u becm my world my lyf nd my everything
Ragini will u give a chance to d stupid hubby of yours to hold it for my whole lyf. Will u give a chance to becm part of ur lyf. I want a beautiful lyf with u.
He asked her forwarded his right hand which had her sindoor nd mangalsutra.
Ragini smiled widely through her tears. She felt that he owned her with this truthful confession. She looked at him being memories.
(laksh) ragini. Plz don’t kill me with ur looks. I Jane to live with u long have our cute little once.
Ragini nodded in yes. Laksh stood up nd walk to her nd asked her through his eyes.
She closed her eyes. Laksh filled her mang with sindoor nd adorned her neck with mangalsutra.
She hugged him tight nd whispered in his ears
(ragini) : I love u laksh. I need u with my side in my happiness nd sorrow. I just want a cute family with u
Ragini was decending stairs with laksh holding his hand. As soon as her eyes fell on d person on d sofa she yelled in happiness
( ragini, in an exited voice) : DADIMA
She began to step dwn faster but turned back nd pecked laksh lips nd mouthed a Thank u.
She rushed dwn leaving a shocked laksh back.
Ragini cm nd hugged her dadi ma tightly
Ragini: app yaham
Dadi: mare jamai sa hamem bulaya or hum na aya. Aise bath kaise ho sakta hai.
Ragini was extremely happy to her dadi. She rushed to kitchen to felt smthng. As everyone got busy in d talk laksh moved fast to find his lady love
Dadi was happy to her LADOO happy after so many years. She was her ladoo smiling heartfully after so many years. She felt that ragini got her ma back as annapurana. Suddenly a knock on d door. As soon as she saw the person at d door she stifftened at her place.

(ap) : kaki sa these r swara’ parents. Shekhar sinhania and sharmista sinhania.
My second don’t parents

Dadi gave a forced smile. As shekhar nd dadi cm to face to face

(shekhar) MA
Ap dp adi paru swasan who just entered d hall were shocked

(dp) did u know eachother kaki sa
(dadi) let out a chuckle.
Mara sambandh hai iske saath yeh maara beta hai.
Suddenly they heard voice of breaking glass. Everyone turned to d direction where ragini stood numb with laksh

( dadi) maare ko maaf karna durga prasad ji. Main ne apse jut bola. Par yeh sach hai ki yeh shekhar sinhania nahi palli mara beta shekhar gagodia hai. Vo jo apani 4 mahine pet se hue biwi chhod kar chala gaya. Thaki vo apana najais rashto ko bacha sake.
Ragini fell on knees. Laksh took her in his embrace. She holder his shirt tightly nd weeped.
All were stood there with emotions less face. Soon ragini were composed her self nd walked to shekhar with stumbling steps

(ragini) why did u did this? Kyun bardad ki meri maa ki zindagi. Kya bigada tha ( she shouted holding his collor) tell me kya bigada tha meri mane apki. Kyun kharab ki meri ma ki zindagi. Why did u stealed my childhood.
There was no pressure on u to marry my mom. Why did u played with her feelings. If u loved smone nd had a child. Why did u brought me to this world. Becoz of u I lost my everything my ma, my dada, my childhood .
(she cried more shaking him vigorously).
Everyone eyes starts pouring seeing their ragini in such a broken state who brought smile to their lyf. Shekhar stood with out emotions where as shomi nd swaragini stood their with angry face.
Swara walked over to them nd pushed ragini nd raised her hand to slap. Before she could slap her laksh holded swara’ hand.

(laksh) : don’t u dare to do it
( swara) : hw can she acause my papa. Am sure iski ma ne hamare papa ko trap kiya hoga and aur
Before should Complete she felt tight slap on her face

(dadi) : chup ak Dam chup. Mari bhabhi ki nam thadi muh se math nikalo. Uski bhiksha hai thari zindagi. Usne apani awas udaya hota tho aj duniya tujhe najayas bulaati. Teri khushi kaliya wo apani aur apani khok mein pala bacha ki khushi balika kardi. ( shop. Do not u dare to say a single word against her. Ur life is her sacrifice. She sacrificed her nd her unborn child happiness for u. If she wants then u could have non as illegitimate child of shekhar gagodia).

Ragini burst out into tears nd hidded her face on laksh chest

Screen freeze on raglak crying face

So guys hw was it
Plz do cmmnt
Yes dr ur right its shekhar nd shomi.

Authors note
So guys I posted a bit long epi as I was posted it after a week. So guys am really sad that swaragini is going off air on on my birthday on 16th December so am going to quit telly update. So I will cmplt this ss before Dec 16 nd sorry guys leaving broken heart in between . Sry for d typos tooooo

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