Raglak: Love After marriage (chapter 3)


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Recap: ragini confronts laksh abt swara. Laksh past. Determined laksh.

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Birds were chirping where as d sun rays peeped in to raglak room. Both were sleeping with a cute smile playing on their lips nd cuddling each other.
Soon ragini opens eyes eyes to find HER Love sleeping beside her, spooning her to his embrace. She was lost in his cute face. She wondered hw he maintained his charm even in sleep. It was a dream for her to sleep cuddling him. To get his love. Her every dream shattered in minute with a new name SWARA. she saw truthfulness in eyes while he said he fell for her. Her heart is ready to accept him. But somewhere her mind is not allowing her. What if his love is just an infatuation. She had enough of heart break. She stopped dreaming long back. When laksh cm to her lyf she felt smthng magical. When they consummate she felt like he is d one who god destined to her, to cmplt her broken soul. But god had another plan for her. What if history repeats. What if laksh leave her for swara. She doesn’t want to becm ANOTHER JANAKI GOGODIA. Her mother memories brought a cold pain to her heart which is always with her like a shadow.

She cm out of her thoughts with a jeep while laksh pulled her to host chest. As soon asShe landed on his muscular chest he tightened his grip around her waist.
(laksh) gud mng jaan
( ragini) laksh leave me
(laksh) bad manners dr if smone greeted u. U have to greet him back with a sweet smile.
( ragini) gud mng
She said it with a irritated face nd fake smile.
(laksh) ab gud mng kah diya tho ek mng kiss bhi jo jaye thakki mere gud mng or bhi gud ho jaye.
Laksh said with a naughty smile.
Ragini looked him shocked. She leaned her towards her she pushed him nd ran to wash
room where as laksh fell back on d bed with sweet smile.
After taking bath ragini got ready in peach coloured heavy sadi lehenga.laksh too cm out frm washroom. She was mesmerized to see her in wet hairs. He slowly walked towards her nd stood behind her. She was abt to fill her maang but he stopped her nd filled her mang. She closed her eyes. Then he tied his mangalsutra inhaling her neck. The sweet aroma of her shampoo made him crazy. He back hugged her nd locked her hands infact of her belly with his. His close proximity made her shiver nd an unknown blush covered her face. He placed his chin over her shoulder. Nd both looked at eachother through mirror.
( laksh) just perfect
Ragini got out frm his grip. But he hold her wrist.
(laksh) run away as much u can. But u will end up in my embrace. Its laksh maheswari ‘s promise to HIS LOVE.
He kissed her forehead nd went out to join d family for breakfast.
Everyone gathered in d hall for breakfast. They had a family tym together. Ap was happy see the lively laksh back.
After breakfast laksh stood up to leave.
( laksh) bye ma. Take ur medicines on tym. Bye bhabhi take rest no more doing work.
He said side hugging pari nd annapurna.
( laksh) bye ragini. Take care
Saying this he leaned to her cheek nd kissed on their. Ragini stood their with shocked round eyes nd her moth open
Annapurna nd pari were happy to know that they were giving a chance to their mrg. Annapurna nd pari’ s giggling sounds brought ragini to reality. She becm crimson red in color nd she was angry on laksh too.
Suddenly laksh called her room
(ap) go look what he needs varna woh ghar sir pe udalega
( pari) ragini I think devar ji needs smthng more. Go nd get him want he wants she said with a wink
Ragini ran out to her room as soon as possible to escape from there teasing. She was happy frm inside to see laksh naughty side. As soon as she entered to room she made sturn face

(ragini) kya chahiye
(laksh) dekhna ragini. I missed my precious thing
( ragini) want to want. Ur watch, file keys everything on table na
( laksh) I missed ur beautiful smile dr. If I will get a glimpse of ur beautiful smile my day will be awsm.
Ragini give an angry look nd gave his keys file etc him.
He made a post face which brought a smile to her face

( ragini) what was that
( laksh) what
( raginu) vo I dining room
(laksh) kya dining room
( ragini) why d hell u kissed me in front of ma bhabhi. Hw dare to do it.

Laksh suddenly pecked her lips nd run out d room
(laksh) bus aise hi

She smile at his childship antics
Ragini was falling more in love with him day by day. Laksh made her feel so special. Everything changed between them after that nyt. Her heart is jumping to accept him. But her mind is still not ready. His childish acts brought them close. Laksh was showing all his love on her.
Ragini mind also started to accept him. But she is not ready to accept d fact SHE IS MADLY ND CRAZILY LOVE WITH HER HUBBY
Everyone were in d Pooja room. Suddenly and voice heard
(voice) hey everyone miss me.
A girl in black of shoulder length knee length dress were standing on door step. Ragini could not recognize her. As soon as laksh saw her his smile went away nd his face becm pale

(Ap) swara beta
Laksh gasped a little. Ragini looked at him nd holder his hand tight. Laksh looked at her nd she assured him with a sweet smile. Laksh face showed sm traces if relif

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Precap: what storm swara will bring to raglak lyf

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