Raglak: Love After marriage (chapter 2)


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Recap: heart broken raglak.

She ran out of d room is order to hide her tears frm him. She was really heart broken. She didn’t expect much frm this relation. She was not amused abt d cold relation of laksh towards her in d early days of HER mrg. Becoz she know that she married her for ma sake. But she didn’t know when she fell in love with him in these 3 months. He was d one who forward hand for frndshp. His crazy gentle nature made her fall in love with him all over again. Once again in her lyf she began to see dreams. She just wanted a happy lyf with him. But just in a minute her lyf took a 360 degree turn.
She wiped of d tears when d foot step near her aleterd her.
(AP) Arey ragini. U already prepared everything. Ur spoiling me
(ragini) now ur bahu cm na nw u should rest like sasu ma
(pari) thum teek kah rahi ho ragini.
(ragini) bhabhi stop there who told u to enter d kitchen. I forbidden u frm entering to kitchen till ur delivery. U need rest na bhabhi.
(pari) look at ur chotte bhabhu ma. She is scolding her jetani ji
Pari said with a pout face.
(ragini) bhabhi this service is available till ur baby is one yr old. So take max advantage na
Ragini said side hugging pari. Trio shared sm hearty sasu bahu many. Both ragini’s smile doesn’t reach her heart.

The best thing happened in d mrg is ragini got parents which she were longing frm her childhood, a sibling adarsh who takes care like her like his little sis, pari bhabhi who is her best frm going becm ma in one month. The missing part is laksh love. She hopes to get it soon but everything changed in a nyt.

@dinning table
Everyone gathered there. Laksh eyes were looking for his love. His eyes bright up seeing her but her long lost smiling faced made his heart wincing with pain.
He gave a painful smile to her but she ignored him.soon breakfast served laksh family again brought smile on her lips but as soon as Their eyes went,she went pale his eyes brimmed up tears.
Everything changed between them when he proposed her a frndshp hand. His mng began to start with her blissful greeting nd his nyt end with her non stop talking. It WAS HIS BEST DESICION TO MARRY HER. He was a fool to realize it later. She fell in love with her Innocence her smile her bonding with his family. She become happiness for HIS Family. She was successful to brought their lively PAPA to the world who becm silent after his bro death. She was BEST thing happened to his lyf. Nw he ruined everything with his hand.
Ap ‘s voice brought him to reality
(AP) laksh why r u not having anything.

He looked at ragini who had a fake smile. Ap told ragini to sit beside laksh nd have fud.
She was hesitant to sit there becoz thought of that place belong to someone else killed her inside.
Entire day laksh tried his level best to talk to her. But she didn’t give him a chance. She ignored him. Didn’t even cm to room for taking nap after their lunch. Her ignorance made him feel some stabbed his heart.
As soon as she entered room nd latched d door. He drag her closed nd pinned her to d wall. His close proximity send shivers to her spine. But his words (LOVE YOU SWARA) brought her to reality.
She tried to push him hard but he was strong
( ragini) leave me laksh. She said with a calm voice.
(laksh) why r u ignoring me.
( ragini) I am not ignoring u
(laksh) no u r behaving weired frm d mng. Why. It just because of u had Sen with ur husband last nyt. Grow up ragini. We r married its not a big crime.

(ragini) I don’t have any guilt on d fact that I had se with hubby
(laksh) then what’s ur problem.
(ragini) laksh leave me. Am getting sleep
(laksh) till I get my answers I won’t leave u
( ragini) I don’t want more discussion on it
(laksh) if u don’t have any problem then why r not talking to me? Then why r behaving I raped u. Yes am not in d sense. But u were. Then why did not u stopped me.
It was enough of her.
( ragini) I don’t stop u becoz I love u u heard it laksh I love u. I don’t have any problem with that nyt u made love to me. But I have d problem with d fact u made it out with thinking that am SWARA
As soon as d thing got registered to his mind his grip looked. She walk past but he hold her waist nd dragged her to him nd she landed on his chest

( ragini) leave me laksh
(laksh) don’t u want to know abt swara
Ragini stood still with out any emotion. She pretended like it won’t affect her but the word swara frm his mouth killed her thousand tym.

Laksh joined their foreheads.
(laksh) she is d girl who betrayed me. We were childhood bestiess. As we grown up I fell in love with her. We hang out together we were together all tym. I thought to propose her. But I overheard her talk with her besty. She used me to get my bhai. She made me her frnd becoz she want to make bhai fell in love with her. She used me like a puppet. But in her love story she made my her broke into thousand pieces. She got her love. She married my sec bro sanskar nd leading a happy lyf. Her betrayal made me weak. I took 2 yrs to overcome it. Then ma brought u to my life. Everything got changed I fell in love with u. I don’t know why I said those lines. I can promise u that it not cm frm my heart. Plz ragini give me chance.
Tears were rolling frm raglak eyes. But she pushed him back. Wiped her tears.

( ragini) its very late let us sleep. She walked past but stopped suddenly. She turn back to see laksh holding her pallu

( laksh) I know u r annoyed with me. I don’t know why I said those words ragini. D truth is I felt or ur innocence ur lovely nature. To nyt I got to know that u too love me. Nw god can’t snatch my true love back. I realized that swara was my teenage crush. Ur my true love my life. I will get u back soon.
She walked close to her nd stood infact of her nd took her hand placed it on his chest
(laksh) this heart beats for u dr. I love u love u to d core
She saw truthfulness I eyes nd words but kept mum as she doesn’t want another heart break. What If this is also infatuation. She can’t bear d pain again.

(laksh) I know u need tym to trust me. I will make to feel my love dr. Pyaar Kiya Hai. Iss bar kho nahi jaaoonga.

(ragini) but I don’t love u
( laksh) let me remind u smone said me that she didn’t stop me as she loves me
I know u love me. But not ready to accept my love as u feel that I may broke ur heart

Ragini kept mum

(laksh) don’t wry jaaneman. Is baar diwali dulhaniya leke hi jayange
( ragini) dekh the Hai.
Before she could understand anything. Laksh took her in his nd placed on bed. He too late near her nd hugged her tightly. Ragini tried hard to get out his grip

(ragini) leave me
( laksh) chodne keriya tho mein tumhein pakada hi nahi.

Laksh tightened his grip around her. Ragini made a stern face but somewhere she was happy to know her love is reciprocate. But she don’t want to forgive him easily.

Screen freeze on laksh determined face nd ragini’s face.

Precap: laksh trying to convince his ragini. May be swara’ entry in raglak lyf

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