Raglak love after marriage chapter 11

Thank u guys for d warm response on my previous updates. Hey raglak writes where r u people?. Nw day there is only few works on our raglak. Plz guys cm back with a bang. Its a small request to you people
Recap: laksh missing….. Tight slap….. Ragini ‘s care……. Open romance….. Shocked maheswaries nd a jealous swara…… A Fainted ragini on laksh arms……..

Laksh was shocked to find ragini fainted on his arms. Maheswaries who were shocked nd happy at same tym rushed to ragini

(Laksh) ragini bacha open ur eyes. He said patting her cheeks.
Tears starts to follow dwn from his eyes. He shocked her vigorously
(laksh, sobbing) bacha don’t play any prank on Mr. C nw am sry plz open ur eyes
(sanky) lucky took her to room.
As soon as sanky’s words registered laksh brain he took her in arms nd moved towards their room
Laksh placed her on bed his eyes were raining and his lips were shivering
(adi) laksh check her
Laksh was numb nd he doesn’t know what to do. He just becm a emotional jerk to c his LOVE
Adi understood his condition, took him in a warm embrace while sanky called doctor. Maheswaries stood there worried where as swara was just enjoying d drama
Minutes were passed like hrs for laksh. Kavita sharma whose laksh collegue nd sanky ‘s bf were examining ragini. Laksh was getting impatient
(laksh) kavi hw much tym u r going to take.
Kavita turns to laksh with slight smile nd huggs
(kavita) congo lucky yaara she is pregnant
(laksh) mmmm
It’s take a mmnt to register her words to his mind. As soon as he got it his worried face turned to smiling which spread to al face. Sanky’s face fell for min but he smiled bit weakly.
Laksh sequeled in happiness
(kavi) but laksh she fainted due to nervous break dwn. Its ok until she doesn’t stress her self. If it repeats it may cause problem in her delivery. Lucky u got in what I mean
Laksh nodded his head with a worried face
All left them alone as ragini was sleeping.
Laksh sat beside her holding her hand. A tear escaped his eyes . Kavi’s words were echoing his eyes.
Ragini slowly opened her eyes and laksh helped her sit nd placed a pillow on her back. As soon as rag saw his face he hugged him tight nd sobbed. Suddenly she jerk him.

(ragini) u stay away from. I won’t talk u. U r very bad.
She said nd cried childisgly
Laksh smiled at her innocence nd hugged her tight. She tried to jerk him but his hold was too hold. She to hugged him nd her tear skipped.

Laksh broke hug
( laksh) ragya mummy ko bolona pappa is really sry.
(ragini) ragya
(lakah) haan ragya my princess
( ragini) who is she asked fuming
(laksh) she is my doll my princess I love her lot
Rag frown in jealousy
(laksh) and she is inside here. He said placing both their hands on stomach.
Ragini look at him happy nervous
Laksh shook his head as positive.
Ragini was overwhelmed to know that their love is growing inside her.
Both hugged eachother.
(ragini) laksh we r having a baby
(laksh) yes we r having a baby
From past one hr raglak were sitting hugging each other. Ragini ‘s head were on his chest where as his head placed on her head. Nd both were feeling d new found happiness

(laksh) did u ate smthng
Ragini bite her tongue nd nodded no just like a kid
(laksh) so papa will feed his queen nd doll
( ragini) par bhook nahi hai
(laksh) par ragya or papa ko bhook lagi hai. Haina na ragya
He just bonded nd kissed her stomach.
(ragini) awew
Jab papa beti ek team ho jaya to mein akela
She said with pout lips.
He just peacked her lips. Nd hugged her tight
(laksh) papa always will be in Mumbai team
Ragini smiled heartily hearing him
I know u r guys r shocked again. Don’t worry ur shock treatment will continue. Just wait nd watch for jhorke jadka.
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