Raglak love after marriage chapter 10

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In d very next day
Laksh had to go to HOSPITAL Early as some emergency were there.
@raglak room
Ragini got up from her peaceful sleep. She placed her hand on laksh side nd turned to his side with closed eyes. To her surprise he was not there.
She got up fr bed nd looked around but he was not in d room. She walked to open terrace of her room. But he was n’t there too. Her heart starts to panic. Her eyes fell on a note placed in d dressing table.
Don’t panic dr. Am going to hospital as there is an emergency.

(ragini) I think he is still mad on me. But don’t worry mr. Maheswari mrs maheswari knows know hw get on u track.

Chirping ragini was back for d sake of HER LOVE ND HER FAMILY . Maheswari mansion got its smile back. Ap dp adipari sanky were happy to c their ragini back
Ragini was with ap nd pari. Adi sanky entered together . Ragini served water to d men. Her eyes were still on d door ways, waiting for her love. It’s abt 9.laksh usually reach hm before 3 in d evng, if any emergency is there he will definitely inform her. But today he didn’t call her or msg her for a single tym. She was too worried. Ap noticed her worrying face

(ap) : he may be on d way dr.
(ragini) : ji ma

Tym passed its 11 nw but laksh didn’t reached. Ragini was still waiting for him nd calling him. But his phone doesn’t get connected. Ragini was panicking every passing second
. Her eyes starts to rain. Horrible thoughts r cmng to her mind. Ragini closed her eyes nd clutched her mangalsutra nd prayed for his safety.
Nw everyone was worried abt him. Sanky called to laksh laksh hospital nd got to know he didn’t cm to hospital today.
It’s 1 in d mng nw. Nw ragini was a devastated state. Thought of Losing HIM was killing her

(ap) math ro ragini. Voh aa jayegaaa
(dp) kahi phase gaya hoga beta. He will be back soon
(adi) I think I should go nd search him
(sanky) Mmm. May be he is upset with smthng. Ragini don’t wry. I know where is he if he get upset he will got to his fav place.
(adi) Yup. Chal sanky
Sanky said those lines to console her. His heart also working for his baby brother.
Swara was standing there nd enjoying d drama nd smiling to her self
(ragini) I am also cmng. He is upset because of me. I will bring him back

(adi) its too late dr. We will bring him.
(rag) plz bhayya.
I can’t sit here nd worry about him. I will cm with u

Dp signed them too take her. Ragini wiped her tears nd got up
(pari,) choti devar ji

All look at d door step. As soon as their eyes met laksh smiling face they faced showed mixed emotions of relief nd happiness. As soon as ragini spotted him she ran towards him nd hugged him tightly

(ragini) laksh. A gaye app. Where were u kahane
De apa ko bata hai kitna darata tha mein.
He parted her from him nd smiled at her

Tud. Whole maheswari imansion echoed a slap.
Where as everyone stood there shocked.
Ragini holded his collar and kept heroine him.

(ragini, sobbing) bahut hasi a rehe ho apko. Yahan ro ro ke hamara haal bura ho gaya oral has rahe hai. Yahan hamari jan chali ja raha hai aur apko hasi a raha he.
Where were ur phone, why r u keeping it with u, throw it away. U know I was geeting bad thoughts nd praying for u. U were enjoying urself. I was thinking that u were also left me alone. I was dying every minute

She merged her forehead with his head nd kissed him all over his face. Maheswaries stood there with open mouth.

(ragini) laksh plz don’t do this again plz. I will not able to live with out you. Plz laksh I can’t lose u plz.
She was sobbing countinuesly. Laksh were shocked nd happy. He grabbed her waist nd holded her waist nd kisses her lips passionately were as all maheswaries mouth hung open.
Raglak were kissing passionately. Lakh felt ragini wasn’t responding. He part away nd ragini fell his arm un conscious

Sry guys for typos nd if its not up to d mark.
Plz do cmmnt abt ur fav scenes. Its a humble req everyone . C u soon
Lots of kisses lots of love

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