Raglak: Love After marriage (chapter 1)

Thanks for d warm response u gave me on d prologue. Am bit tensed abt this I never felt like when I wrote anything. I am confused abt d idea hope u people will enjoy it. Story line would be up to ur expectation.


Chapter 1
Recap: raglak consummation nd raglak reaction on very next mng

Laksh was confused abt d things that were happiness around. The last thing he remembered was he was enjoying his new success part along with family obviously hise wide ragini. In d party he had sm drinks after that he couldn’t remember anything.
Again her sobbing sounds brought him back him. His messed up bed, their clothes around room, love mark that’s on ragini’s neck can clearly indicate him what could have been happened to between them. Seeing her HIS WIFE like this pained him to hell.

Before he could say anything to her she covered herself in d quilt nd ran to washroom nd closed it with a thud.
He too wanted to mark her or brand her HIS but not like this. He doesn’t want to make her his in a drunken state. His eyes welled up nd face dwn with guilt. He to want to confess his new found feeling to her not like this.

After a while when he was back frm wash room. He saw her who is touching d love bites on her nd trying keep them under her shaadi. Her eyes r welled up. She took her mangalsutra nd tied her neck. For d first tym she felt smthng uneasy while adoring her with vermilion of HIS name. His eyes too welled up. His heart pained to see his love like this.
Both eyes were met through mirror which showed lot of pain nd mixed emotions.
Laksh walked up to her

( laksh) ragini. Vo I am really
(ragini) its kkk laksh. It happened we can’t change d fact. We both were drunken. U were under alcohol I was exoticated with My LOVE for u.
(laksh) sry ragini I was not in my sense. I can’t even remember what all happened between us.
( ragini) don’t be sry laksh. We both r equally responsible for this. I have to think that hw can u take this step. U were not ready for this relation. U were forced to marry. Much patha hona chahiye ki tum naache mein hain. I should have been stopped u.

( laksh) its not like that ragini. Achha ( he holds his head). I didn’t even remember what I have told u.

Ragini nw understand that laksh does not know that he addressed her as swara.

( ragini) plz take rest laksh. U don’t have d habit of drinking . I will send lemonade for u

She walked out of d room. She turned at door as she heard

( laksh) can’t be give chance to this relation ragini.
She smile painfully at him.
(ragini) why laksh becoz u had s*x with me last nyt. No need for that. Am happy the way am in ur lyf

With that she walked out hide her tears.

(laksh) no ragini. Its not that I had s*x with u. Its becoz I fell for u. Ya ragini I really love you. I want to tell u that but god had another plan for us. I fell for ur innocence ur care. U never expected anything frm thing relation. I will not let u go frm me due to my this mistake. I will get u back. I will get ur love for sure.

Screen freeze on laksh determined face

Precap: ragini speak out abt swara to laksh in anger. Laksh past

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  1. sakshi

    yaar its amazing really liking the story… bt how come laksh didnt remember he said her swara… plss continue i really love it… when will u update next??

  2. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Oh my godd!!!bang on episode yaaaar…i knew it,dat u”ll surely amaze us…superb superb superrbbbb update yaaar…yipppeee laksh loves her…ahh!!cnt see my ragz in pain 🙁 hope sooon she come to know dat he also loves her 🙂 🙂 🙂 u rocked it dear… keep smiling n stay blessed yaaar 😉 tc love u dear doc 😉

  3. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    awesome update, laksh loves her but didnt get a chance to confess it. its ok laksh she is all yours do it now. precap is damn interesting.

  4. Hemalattha


    |Registered Member

    such a different and interesting story.waiting for laksh’s past.superb part.waiting for next part.want to see raglak romantic scenes very soon.

  5. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous update. It’s nice Laksh feels guilty and he also loves Ragini. Can’t wait to read more 💖

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