Raglak- Love making chapter 1


Lakshya was checking his tie standing infront of mirror. Suddenly He feels two hands seductively crossing his waist and reaching his chest. He gets goose bumps and he closes his eyes. He knows very well it’s his super s*xy wife. She sticks her hands on his chest and hugs him tight from back making her chest hit to his back.

Later Ragini slowly starts biting his nape and then neck. Lakshya opens his eyes and looks at her from mirror. He moves his hand back and makes tickling in her tummy. Ragini smiles and about to leave from him, he holds her hand makes her to spin and then she falls in his arms. She is wearing his formal shirt and nothing down, his show as covering her up to half thighs. Now, Ragini moves her fingers up to remove his button one by one. She removes two, then he makes her stand up, and holds her head and makes a deep lip kiss. She places her two legs around his waist. They are kissing madly eo. He was rubbing her thighs. He goes to bed and she falls on bed.

Laksh moves down and starts kissing her soft thighs making her moan and groan his name again and again. He was reaching his kisses up wards and moves her shirt a little to up, she makes it down again. Then Lakshya licks her thigh leaving his saliva over there… Ragini sits suddenly and pushes Lakshya back. Lakshya falls on back leaning to wall. She removes his pant and throws it aside. She moves up by sliding her soft legs on his legs, he looks at her intensely. She opens her buttons and removes her shirt. Then she removes his. Lakshya coves them both with the blanket and…. room becomes dark.

Lakshya wakes next morning and looks at his s*xy wife sleeping happily beside him and her hands are wrapped around him. Laksh takes his shirt and makes her wear it. She is still sleeping. Laksh takes fresh bath and goes into kitchen to prepare something. Ragini wakes and sees Laksh is missing. She goes to kitchen. Laksh was preparing something. He looks at Ragini. She is in his single shirt which are not even reaching her things. Her messed up hair making her look more cute. Laksh who is wearing just a pant and nothing on top. Comes near her. He hugs her. Ragini too hugs him tightly. Laksh pulls her thighs up, so that her both legs are wrapped around his waist. Ragini was sitting on Laksh completely and she tightly wrapped her hands around his neck. Laksh prepares something and brings to dinning, Ragini is still in same position. She sits in his lap now. Laksh brings a Piece of bread to her mouth.

“I didn’t brush” she says. “Oh, then I will.” Says Laksh and captures her lips. He bites her lip and make himself enter into her mouth now he travels her whole mouth, he licks her tongue teeth and mouth with his tongue. After their brief tongue war, Laksh leaves her. Ragini is panting. “That’s how u have to brush” Laksh says and brings bread piece to her mouth. Ragini places into her mouth and brings it near Laksh. Laksh takes the bite of that piece and both kiss again. Till they complete thier bf they atleast kiss like 20 times.

Ragini gets up from him, but Laksh removes his pant and pulls her back.. Ragini falls on him and she sits in his lap. Laksh was slowly thrusting her now. Ragini starts moaning a little. Ragini pushes her into him more and more. “Umm Ragini..” Laksh too groans. Laksh starts unbuttoning her shirt. Now he starts kissing all her front, Ragini bites his neck and she was rubbing his chest. Both fall in couch and have thier love again for 1 hr.

After hour,

Ragini was sleeping over Laksh and he is below, he was playing with her hair and Ragini was rubbing his chest. Laksh looks at time it’s 10.

“I have to go to ofc” Laksh says. Ragini wakes from him little sadly. “Get ready. You are coming too.”

Ragini chuckles and runs into washroom and gets ready. Laksh sets driving in automatic mode.. computer system drives and he sits in back seat. Ragini comes, the car starts..

Both removes their cloths, and they keep romancing. As they r black mirrors no one can see them. When they are 5 min ahead to office, they wear their cloths. The car stops in parking area. Before getting down, Laksh gives a tight lip kiss to Ragini. Ragini gets out blushing..

To be continued..

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