Hai I am gifta. Iam a fun of raglak . I like current track but was very fast. I write my ff basic on current track… Pls comment my ff and pls accept my eng it was to bad.

Teju as rag
Namish as luk
Varun as sanskar
Helly as swara

In morning rag room sumi saw luk in rag room.

Sumi:lak wht r u doing here. If shaker see u than…
Lak:ma I want to spk rag pls ma …
Sumi:no lak now u pls go out…

Rag wake and see lak she become shock

Rag:lak tum . wh r u doing here pls go
Lak:rag pls pls lisent to me. I want to talk to u.
Rag:no pls go na

Shekar comes to rag room after seeing him he become angry..

He want near to lak and slapped him

Lak:baba pls listen to me
Sh:I don’t want any thing hear from u. Get out from my house.
Lak:pls baba give me one change to me.
Sh:why I give chance to u. Again make may dau life as more difficult.
Lak:na baba I just want talk to rag pls. Pls rag tell to baba. ??????
Sumi:pls gave him one chane to talk rag pls shekar..

Lak go near to lak and hold ragin’s hand and told her

Lak:circumstance was bad since few days. We were togthet but far. One thing was same and that is my love for u. ??? I defiantly want say that to u. I want to unite my love with your love so that we become strong. I love u rag ma . pls I want one chance to spand my life with u
Will u give me a chance.

Rag is touched and see him with teary eyes

Sheker:lak u talk to rag than now get out my house.
Lak:no baba before rag give and I dnot leave this place.

Shekar darg me and ask him go out.

That time swara come to with her inlaws .
Swara:will u not agree to me baba. baba I Here to come ask rag ‘s alliance for my dewar.
Shekar looks him angrily. ???????
Dp:pls shekar give one chance to my lak to penace and want to recify his mistakes

Dadi:no shekar . don’t feel weak. They do mistakes again and again. I not accept of
Swara:we don’t have right to dicision about rag. It is life of lak and rag
Rag will answer.

She went near to rag and hold him

Swara:tell u r dicision .
Dadi:if our daug saying this or maheswari family’s bahu
Swara:rag sister swara say this.
Dadi:rag don’t forget that this manwho want to marry u now he left u infrond of every one. And slapped your dad .

Rag look at him with teary eyes. And remind the past.
Lak:right dadi. I have done my mistakes. I just want one chane to clear my sin. And I love her so much l can’t live without her and I can’t complete with out her pls rag give one chance. I love u ma..

Rag see him with teary eyes and they hag an eye lock..

Prcap:rag’s and to lak

Frnd I know it is a story of serial with little different. But the next one was totally different. Pls comment me.

Credit to: Gifta

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