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Now let starts the story

Recap:lak stars at rag

Now saw that and leave the place.

After sometimes he feel bad. Because she also missing lak.

Rag stars at lak hiddingly.
Sansakr notice that and went near to her. And called her. But she did not notice that.
He lightly hit her back .
San:hai rag how r u
Rag:what happend to u San. Before few minutes we see na.
San:but I call u 5 minutes. Wht happened to u rag
Rag:haa nothing like that . my lucky.
San:haahaahaa my lucky.
Rag:nono u r bothers he always makes me anger. He always irritates me .
San:what happens. Tell to me. I will speak to him.
San:than what
Rag:that that was…. Sans SWA calls me I have to go….
She leaves the place..

He smiles and went to lak and tells that rag still loves u. And narrates the whole story
Lak blushes……
San:stop teasing me bhai….

Lak is damn happy. He dances. After few minutes he become sad . he remember his past. And things it is hurt her a lot.
San:where r u lost.
Lak:nothing bhai..
San:I know u remains ur past. Lak forgot it. U relised ur mistake .
Lak:I accepted it long back. I just want to tell that ragini and I promise u that I will keep her always happy.

San smiles and hugs him.
San: I have a plan now
Lak:then tell fast. And I will excuite .
San:wait wait pls relax rag is urs only.

All family members r gathered to dinner.

SWA calls San to have his dinner. He drags and pinned her against the wall. and kiss her.
And tells about his plane.
Know she kiss his cheak.
That time come and call swara.
She notice that the lips mark on sans cheak. And singhed him . Swa San blushes… She smlied at them.

Then they go for dinner.
Lak come sit near to rag. Dadi maa saw that and called her and makes her sit behind dadi and uttra lak get irritates

Rag uttra and lak wait for swasan.

Lak call uttra . uttra also know the plan.

Uttra:what bhai
Lak:pls uttra sit my place.
Uttra:in teasing tone. Y bhai I fell comfortable her.
Lak:but I will not fell comfortable her.
Uttra:than go near sit near to maa.
Lak:that place is comfortable for me
Pls come and sit here.
Uttra:no bhai I cannot do this.
Lak:pls my sweety .
Uttra:ok but onecontition
Uttra:after dinner u have to buy dairy milk silk to me.
Lak:what ever u want I will do now her na
She smiles at him and they rechange the place.

That time SWA comes and sit near to rag
Lak:what is this SWA.
Swa:pls today I want sit near to my sis..
Lak:but y.
SWA:lak go sit near to u r bhai.
Lak:pls SWA plss u go na?????
SWA teasingly smiles at him and says that.
SWA:okk I will go . u enjoy u r self.

Elders r sliently noticed and smiled at them.
But dadi ma feel little angry but did not show on her face.

Elders are finishes there dinner. Now left rag , lak, uttra, swara , san..

Lak continusly staring at rag
SWA uttra are smilling at him.

Lak lost in drame

Rag:lak eat it is u r fav dish.
Lak:ragu ma when u make me eat
Then only eat.
Rag:okk lak

Lak behaving like crazy. San shakes him

San:what happened to u lak.
Lak realised it is a dream and feel embrased.
And says nothing bahi.

Lak continuely staring at rag and swauttra are smiling as they know about rag feeling for lak and San sighing them keep quite but in vain

Rag is fed up by all these action and she takes deep breath .
Rag:lak pls stop staring at me like that.
Lak is, not even responds and rag is irked she hits on lak head.
Lak:ahhhhhhhh..! Y r u hitting me?
Rag:stop staring at me.
Lak:I am not staring at u.
Rag:I am not blind okay.
U stare at me if u wanna eat me
Lak in low tone: if understands Ook……………..
Rag:what what
Lak :nothing…..

Lak is again lost in rag staring at with a spoon(reverse)in his mouth and leaning over table…
Rag:swa uttra y r u guys smile
SWA: we can’t even smile at our own?
Rag:I don’t mean it? An asking y r u smilling at me ????
SWA:nothing rag, just like that.

San is hitting his head as the other spoilling m trying to sigh lak who is not his senses..

Rag:u guys y are behaving weird.

Just than she looks, at lak he is still staring at her. She a, disgust expressions and hits again (hard.)
Lak:it’s hurting.
Rag:I should. I will kill u if again stare at me u idiot and go the hell of u

She leaves without having dinner

San: guys what is wrong with u. U rspolling everything.
SWA: sorry San, we remembeing all his words n just stop laughing

San hits, lak
Lak: y r u all hitting me
San: shut to okay.
If do like this she will never admit her love for u
Lak: okay sorry from now I do as u say
San:stop staring at her .
Lak: but how.. After three months I see her. And I just take my eyes from eyes even I try hard control my self.. She she is look pretty that much haana SWA.
SWA:lak don’t flirt with my sis.
Lak:I will flirt with her …. I do because she is my wife come lover.
Uttra:bhai now u experienced more….
Lak blushes..

Credit to: Gifta

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