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Now let start the story

At night lak’s room

He is crying badly sanskar swara cross the room and see him
Sanskar hugs him and console him.

Swara:pls lak don’t cry. And don’t get back pls leave the mor matter.
Lak:but how swara? How can I forgot fagini.
Sanskar:lak don’t cry . one day she realise u r love than defininatlly she will come when bhai?
Sanskar:u should wait. Pls give time to her

After three months.

Lak involved in office work
He makes himself very busy
He ties to aviod spend more time with family

Next day there is a function for lak’s success to getting new project.
All are prepare for party they all very busy in there work
But swara was very sad . she is missing her family very badly. Sanskar saw her and says
San:I know y u r sad
Now I will make u happy.
He took her in car
Swa:where we go
San:pls for few minutes keep quite.

He took her to baadi she thanks him they had an eye lock…

Swara go in to her house. She saw here maa nd swara and they hugs her and cry badly

She:why did u both come here.
San:baba now nowadays what happens between u and our family its not fair.
But u r angry with only maherswari family not with swara na. Baba pls forgive our mistake.
Rag:pls baba for me…

Shekar hug swasan and blessed them

Sumi:swara pls coffee drink
SWA:ma it so also late we had function tomorrow. I have prepared lot things for that.
SNA:has baba . pls come to that function.
Shekar looks rag
SWA:baba pls for me

He smiles than they want to home

Next day

In evening

Swara getting ready. She was awasome in that attire anskar comes and hugs her and says
San:looking beautiful. And starts kissing her.
SWA:stop it sanskar maa will come.
San:let her come I kissing my wife
She smiles and says leave me… I had lot of work.

They leave their room.
And went to lak room
He ware white shirt blue jeans and black bulzer. He looks very hand some
San:lucky come fast all happanes because of u . this is u r party.

Three are come down they take blessing of eldre’s swara get sad. Because she miss her family
Lak saw her and says
Lak:I am sorry swara . because of me u and ur family also angry on u.
SWA:this not ur fault .lak
San:haa lak don’t felel guilty all became normal in one day.
Lak had a phone call he leave the place

That time rag and family come
Swara see them and run hugs them
Rag take eld blessing. rag wear red clour anarkli with lite make. She looks very pretty.
Affter some time lak come .

They both collide and ragini was about to fall but lak holds her hand and see her eyes they share an eyeloke for few seconds. He makes her stand properly. Lak is stuned to see rag and extremely happy.
He interrupts by rag’s conve who thanking him by caurhing her hands
Lak:IKnew it u will definitly come to me . as u cannot live without me.
Rag:I did not come for u. I come for my sis only.
Lak:what the reason behind u come . but u come . now slowly u will understand me.
And I must say that to u wow…….. U are looking faboulous today I cannot control my heart it falls.on u.
She gave an angry look . he smriked.
Then she called by SWA she leave the place

Lak could not take off his eye from ragini and Stares her continuously with open mouth
Swara notice this and takes a lodoo plate and heads toward him and puts a ladoo in his mouth and says
SWA:stop staring devarji(sanskar who is standing beside him laughts)
Lak:stop it okay I was not staring at ragini
SWA:when did I said u were staring at my sis
Lak:stop pulling my legs hugs. And help out . I can’t wait anymore just look her she is so pretty na
Swasan: awwwwwww

Sry guys for my late attempt. I try my best. And pls accept my bad eng. And things for u r comments . pls comment plsss….

Credit to: Gifta

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