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Now let start the story.

Rag try to get up from her bet swara helped him.

Rag:baba I know u forgiven laksh for that slap and u r angry on him because of her present condition.

She went near to lak

Rag:lak I will forgive u for ur mistakes. Even I have done many mistakes to get my love. I play my sisters life very badly
Even though she forgive me . it was her greatness. My family also forgive me
And ur family give lot to me. Lak I forgive u.

Lak:I ask love from u.
Rag:love. What love lak. I am not doing this all not my love . I want to recify my mistakes what I have done before. I loved u before. But not now . and never ever not do this.
Lak:but y rag
Rag:because u r the only reason lak
Ur words what u say that when u married kavay.
Lak:I know rag it mistake. But love u lot . without u my life is never complete.
Rag: this not love lak. U show pity to me. I never ever want ur pity lak.
Lak:no rag pls understant me
Rag:no no lak. I never want to entered ur life forcibly.
Lak:rag u understand me wrong . l lvu
Rag:lak now u get ans to me . and go from this place.

Lak see her with teary eyes. And went near to swara and told
Swara:pls told her. I lv her . I never show my pity or anything. Make her understand.
Swara see ragini .
She went near the bet. And annapurana consloes lak and they leave the place.

That time doctor comes.

Doctor:there is so much improvement . it seems is so much taken care of her all night.

Ragini recalls lak taking care of her all night. And tying holy thread on her.

Prcap:rag new division

I know guys this very small
I try to make my best . and sry for my bad eng. If u like thispls comment . pls . and thanks for ur previous comment……

Credit to: Gifta


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