Raglak : Love me Like you do : Character Sketch


Raglak : Love me Like you do : Character Sketch

Hi ppl this is Crystal back with yet another FF but this time it’s on Raglak.. Hope u give the same love that I got from my previous FF Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love. Here is the link of my previous FF if you would have forgotten.


Thank you for liking my previous FF. Thanks to all silent readers and ppl who have commented on my ff..

They are Dev ( I will not let u miss me so much also because I will be back soon), Shree (Thank u for missing my FF and at present I will be back with Raglak FF, please do support me in that also), Thamiazh Magan (Thank u soo much… I will make sure you will like even the new Raglak FF of mine.. So do watch out for the same), Hope (Thank u so much… I am going to make sure that you like this FF also the same way), Khamoshi (Thank u … as your name you were a silent reader hope u r happy with the FF), heena (Thank u soo much…. Love u…please support the new FF of mine whenever I start), Shan (Thank u soo much..You have always commented.. do continue your support), Sunkar (Thanks a lot buddy), Soujanya (Thank u), Sneha Grewal (Thanks and I have decided I will write.. so support), Dhara (Thanks a lot for continuous support hope I get the same support in the new FF also), Jyoti ( Thanks a lot I will miss u too), Goldie (thanks goldie for ur golden comment), Sree (Thanks a ton.. I am cmng up with a new FF..

the character sketch is ready.. the plot is also running in my mind), Afra (Thank u), Amu (Thanks a lot), sana (Thank u soo much.. glad u liked it and felt it to be cute), Vamwolfan (I will keep smiling but please even u keep smiling.. keep supporting my new ff), Serena (Thanks a lot.. will miss u not for long because I expect your comment even for my new FF), Tani (glad u liked it.. Love u.. don’t miss me much because soon I will be back), Lucky (Thank u so much.. Next FF your name will be used a lot… because laksh ko pyaar se Lucky toh bulayenge), Shagun (Thanks a ton.. an epilogue has already been included), Sweety (I am planning to write an FF on Raglak.. the story will move from this FF only.. So just wait and have fun), Chaitali (I will come back hopefully with a bang… Fingers crossed), Divyarani (Thanks a lot… I am happy that I was able to bring a smile on your face.. reading your comment , I have a smile on my face…. So thanks a ton)

So here is an itsy bitsy of my next FF..Hope u like it

I will just give an understanding of who are all related to this FF… balance as and when I need to give explanation I will give…Lot of characters. Don’t get confused… As and when
I will feel that u guys might get confused I will give the needed explanation. Few characters won’t be repeating much.

Ragini’s Family – very protective about each other.. they fight but love equally.. When its family time business is not at all discussed.
1. Ragini Singh – the main female lead, the third child of the Singhs, a doctor by profession but has all qualities of a business woman. She used to head the Singh group of hospitals.
2. Rudra Pratap (RP) Singh – Rags father and a big businessman in London and head of the Singh Group
3. Sujatha Singh – Rags mom and a housewife
4. Arjun Singh – Eldest Son of the Singhs and great businessman like his father. One of the directors in Singh Group.
5. Uttara Shergill – is the second child of the Singhs and is a psychiatrist by profession and she also is a director in Singh Group and Shergill Group.
6. Nisha Singh – the youngest child of the Singhs.
7. Of course you have Swara, Sanskar and AP

Laksh’s Family – the entire family except the mother is totally into business.. They all are intelligent and very hardworking towards the business. The kids are scared of their father and they do not talk their hearts out in front of their father.
1. Laksh Kapoor – second child of the Kapoors and a ruthless business man. Friend of Swara and CEO of Kapoor Industries. The Male lead
2. Durgaprasad (DP) Kapoor – Father of Laksh. The head of kapoor industries. Very strict person when it comes to business and he cannot tolerate even a single error in business.
3. Sarla Kapoor – Second Wife of DP and Step mom of Laksh and Kavya but loves them a lot more than her own kids.
4. Kavya Khanna – eldest in the kapoor Family. She is a director in both Khanna and Kapoor Industries. A very ambitious person. She has 3 kids. Two boys who are twins and one daughter. Kavya and Laksh are children of DP and Suhasini (First wife of DP)
5. Manik Kapoor – part of Kapoor industries. The third child of Kapoor Clan and first child of DP and Sarla.
6. Abhishek Kapoor – fourth child of Kapoors and second of DP and Sarla again a part of Kapoor Industries.
7. Romi Kapoor – Youngest of all and he admires Laksh a lot.
8. Veer Kapoor – Head of the Family, Grandfather of Laksh and his siblings. He is founder of Kapoor Industries. Father of DP Kapoor

This FF as already said will revolve mainly around Ragini and Laksh aka Raglak. This story is how both will fall in love but they won’t express their love. One mistake made by Laksh will make Ragini leave everything and how she will run from her family. Then how Laksh will confess his love to her and how they will come back together. One thing is common like all stories that they are pole aparts.. but the storyline is not the same… Both will face lots of ups and downs in their personal as well as professional life. How they overcome everything and become one will be the journey of this FF “Love me Like you do”.

So guys how did u like the small plot. Hope you will support me and not leave me. Love you thanks for your blessings.

Credit to: Crystal

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    1. But its not a thriller.. Its a romantic FF.. with a lil twist thats it

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    1. u r always welcome

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    Gimme glances of swasan n Payal too… Love u..bear hugs.. Tc

    1. there will be some glances dont worry… I had given a four years later epilogue.. the FF revolves around what hapened in those 4 years that Raglak fell in love

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    Love me lik u do….
    Love u buddy….hugs….tc????

    1. Thnks a lot.. Looking fwd for ur support even in this

  7. Interesting dear and plz plz plz continue

    1. yup is on the way

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  9. Very nice and interesting

    1. glad u felt interesting… I hope u like the ff tooo

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    1. Thank u…… hope u sooner start liking my ff also

  12. i read it bcoz of title. i really love tis song

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    1. I have posted my ff……. hope u will like it

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