Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 33

Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 33

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Chapter 32

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So let’s begin our journey….

Recap : Sujatha upset with Ragini

But it was almost more than a month before the cast was removed and I could go back to the job only in the beginning of December. Laksh visited me now and then. He said his project was almost over and things were going to be more routine hereafter. I was happy awaiting for Birthday celebration with both our families. One sudden day when I was at the hospital I met someone from my past

(Lady) “Ragini! What a coincidence! I didn’t expect to see you here”

(Ragini) “Dr. Peterson, how are you?” (She was Ragini’s gynecologist when she was pregnant with Laksh’s kid)

(Peterson) “I am well. You look really good. I am so happy to see that you have recovered.”

(Ragini) “Laksh helped me a lot. What brings you here?”

(Peterson) “On vacation. My son got food poisoned. Your husband looked after you well. It seems like you both can have a child again”

(Ragini) “Excuse me? I didn’t get you”

(Peterson) “He didn’t tell you? It was right of him not to tell you when you miscarried but he should have told you later. But it really doesn’t matter now.”

(Ragini) “Please tell me.” I sounded like I almost begged her.

(Peterson) “You were very weak and you miscarried…… there were some…. I would say scars. I told him that if your health condition continues, you can never have a child. Even now, I say that there may be a chance to have a child. I wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of never …….. But don’t think negatively.”

(Ragini hiding her emotions said) “Thank you. I will ask the doctor in ER to take good care of your son. If you don’t mind, I have to get going.”

(Ragini’s POV) She looked upset but I couldn’t think anymore. I went to my cabin, picked up my things and left for the day. Never once did I think about this. I was so sure that we would have a happy family together. I wanted to be together with him but more, have his child, bring them up together. He knew that I may not be able to have a child and yet……., Tears flowed uncontrollably. I am too deep in love with him to give him up but if I leave him, then……. I reached home as soon as possible. Dadaji met me out.

(VD) “Ragini! You are back so soon? What happened?”

(Ragini) “Nothing.”

(VD) “Hey, good news, Laksh finished his work. He said he would be coming to see you in a day or two. Why are you packing your bags?”

(Ragini) “I am going to see Laksh.” In a voice I wished that didn’t give me away.

(VD) “Why? He would be coming here anyway.”

(Rgini) “No. I should see him soon.”

(VD) “What is wrong? Look at me, Ragini!”

(Ragini) “Please, please. I have to see Laksh. Please don’t ask me anything.”

(VD) “Ragini, please tell me that you are okay. I feel that something is wrong with you.”

(Ragini) “Its really nothing but I have to see him.”

(VD) “Okay. I will tell him. How are you going?”

(Ragini) “No need. I know where his house is. I will go by car.”

(VD) “Do you have to leave now? Its already evening.”

(Ragini) “Please. I will drive safely.”

(VD) “Ragini, I don’t know what is bothering you, but things will turn out fine.”

(Ragini’s POV) Saying he hugged me caringly. I am sorry, was all I could say in my mind. I couldn’t say them out loud. Maybe, I was never intended to get all this affection. I started to his place. I reached his home at night. The security let me in. I hoped that he would be at home. If so, I can get this over fast. Even if I wait for some time at his place, I don’t think I would have the courage to break up with him. Just thinking, my throat choked. I am not even able to talk, how am I going to tell him? I opened the door, and found him sitting on the sofa with his coffee and papers. How I wished that this would be the daily life that I would be with him? But, when I can’t give him what he wants, what I want, how can I live happy? How can I smile for him?

(Laksh looked towards me) “Ragini! What a surprise? What are you doing here? Didn’t Dadaji tell you that I would be coming over?”

(Ragini’s POV) He came over talking. I just couldn’t hear him. I couldn’t bear to see him. His happy smile….. How long can I make him happy like this? Maybe, I could. No, no. I shouldn’t make this love between us turn bitter. I don’t want him to resent me later. When he was about to hug me, I just slapped him with all my might.

(Ragini) “You thought that I would never know? What made you think that I wouldn’t know? How could you be so cruel and kind at the same time?”

(Laksh) “What happened?”

(Ragini’s POV) He asked in his concerned tone. It was a great change in his manner from the cold hearted person who didn’t even know how to show his concern to who he is now. Who brought about this change in him? Me? Or his guilt?

(Ragini) “I met Dr. Peterson.”

(Laksh) “Oh!” He said in an unsure tone. So, he remembers. “Hope she is fine. Where did you meet her?”

(Ragini) “She told me that I may not bear a child.”

(Laksh) “That is nonsense, Ragini”

(Ragini) “No, it is not! She told me everything. I searched all over the house for my reports. You took them with you. If what she says is not true, then where are my reports?”

(Laksh) “Ragini!” He pleaded to me.

(Ragini) “No, Laksh! You hid it from me! You know how much our child would mean to me, and yet, you hid it from me! How could you?”

(Ragini’s POV) I slumped down. I couldn’t care more about crying anymore. He knew and yet he hid it, not understanding how much it would affect us later.

(Laksh) “Ragini, it was not written in stone. She also said that with improvement in your physical and mental health, you can still get pregnant.”

(Ragini) “Please Laksh, she said I may………….. It is not certain………… I am scarred……. I can’t marry you. I can’t be happy, you can’t be happy”

(Laksh) “Don’t decide my happiness for me.”

(Ragini) “Why are you like this, Laksh? Please break up with me.”

(Laksh) “I didn’t fall in love with you because you could give birth.”

(Ragini) “I don’t care if you don’t have a problem with it! I do! I want to live happily with the man I love and his children with me! Is it wrong of me to wish for that?”

(Laksh) “Why don’t you get it? Only if you have such thoughts, it would affect you. I believe that we can be happy. I truly believe that you can fulfill your dreams.”

(Ragini) “What if I can’t, Laksh? If we get married and that doesn’t happen, I can’t let go of you so easily.”

(Laksh) “You think you can now?”

(Ragini) “No, no…., That is not what I meant. I don’t want to…… Please Laksh….. please break up with me.”

(Laksh) “No! And that is final!”

(Ragini) “Laksh!”

(Laksh) “Just listen to yourself talking like a fool, Ragini. I am not so petty. Once we, men of Kapoor family fall in love, we don’t fall out of love. I don’t care if I have an heir or not. I don’t care if others care. All I want is to love you, spoil you, pamper you, be pampered by you, loved by you. Is what I want wrong? Ragini, I would never regret this. Will you?”

(Ragini’s POV)He asked me sincerely, looking straight to my eyes, with all my blurry vision I could see. He held me so close and I wasn’t able to find the strength that his arms give to me. I didn’t reply as a sign of my revolt. However, he didn’t care. He babied me in his arms, and kissed me. Why do you make things so difficult for me?

(Laksh) “With all the passion I have for you, you still believe that I will regret my decision? You still believe that I will hate you? I could never hate you, Ragini. I could fight with you, sometimes dislike your actions but I could never hate you. Never. Please believe that. Please believe me.”

Tears silently fell. Please don’t make it harder than it is for me Laksh.

(Laksh) “Why do you still not accept?” He looked at me, anxious, worried, upset. “I am not leaving you tonight and forever.”
He said as if it was final. I struggled in his arms, but he held me strong as he carried me to bed.

(Ragini) “Laksh, please let me go.”

(Laksh) “No. Not until you accept to marry me. I don’t care if this is coercion or blackmail, but I am not letting you leave until then.”

(Ragini still in tears) “Why don’t you understand?”

(Laksh) “I understand” He caressed my head as he kissed my forehead. “I understand you, but please understand how much I love you too.” When I heard him, my strength failed me. With it, he kissed me gently, yet passionately. “If it gives you peace of mind, we will go to the hospital tomorrow, any. We will see. Whatever the results come, you are with me for life. Don’t forget that.” He kissed my hand where my wedding ring would be.

(Ragini) “Laksh,”

(Laksh) “No. Not another word from you. I will show you just how much I love you”
The next day I got up, he wasn’t beside me. I got dressed. He was plating up the breakfast in the kitchen. Even now, I hesitated.

(Laksh) “You are up” I flinched.

(Ragini) “Yes.”

(Laksh) “I was about to finish breakfast and wake you up.”

(Ragini) “You could have woken me up with you. I wouldn’t have any problem with that.”

(Laksh) “But, it is not everyday that I get to cook breakfast. Even when we get married, it is not like I can make it daily. When I can, I will.”

(Ragini) “You wouldn’t have to really force yourself. Its not like I have to marry you.”

(Laksh) “Don’t start again. I already told you that I am not going to let go of you whether you marry me or not. If possible, I would gladly lock you up here but today I will do what promised you and also, we will be going to meet your dad tomorrow.”

(Ragini) “Laksh, I am not consenting to the marriage”

(Laksh) “It didn’t seem like that yesterday”

(Ragini) “No. I am not going to take it into account.”

(Laksh) “Please don’t start again, Ragini. Whether you can have a child or not, I don’t care. It is not like having a kid is the most important thing in life. If you can’t give birth, which will not happen, then we can always adopt.”

(Ragini) “Don’t you get it, Laksh? It is not about adoption. We can adopt whether we have a kid or not. I want our child! If I can’t, then I can’t…… I feel I am not giving it my all to our relationship.”

(Laksh to calm the atmosphere) “Hey, hey, don’t get so tensed early in the morning. I understand. I got what you mean. We will leave to any hospital you wish to check whatever you want.”

(Ragini) “Fine. If the results are what…..”

(Laksh) “We will think about it when the results come. For now, our plan stays as it is. After the check up, we will go to some place. Movie?”

(Ragini) “Whatever. You know the hospital where Swara went?”

(Laksh) “Yes. It is our friend’s after all.”

(Ragini) “Your phone is in my custody today.”

(Laksh) “You don’t believe me?”

(Ragini) “I believe you. I know that you will do whatever you want to get hands on what you wish”

(Laksh) “You know me too well. But I will tell you again, Ragini, it is nothing as you fear.”

(Laksh’s POV) We went to the hospital like she wanted. I know I was wrong to hide it from her but this would have happened even back then. Even now, I am not sure. I barely made her at ease. I was as worried as her. Not worried about whether she can have a kid or not but whether she will leave me. She pulled my phone also away from me. I couldn’t call and tell him. She took her tests or whatever she wanted. I waited for her. While waiting, I saw the gynecologist walk by me. Lucky me.

(Laksh) “Excuse me”

(Doctor) “Yes?”

(Laksh) “Actually, my wife is undergoing some tests for fertility. She got pregnant before but her previous gynecologist scarred her. So, if, I am saying if, she can’t have children, please tell her that she can still have with conditions.”

(Doctor) “Mr…..”

(Laksh) “Kapoor”

(Doctor) “Mr. Kapoor, you know that I can’t do that.”

(Laksh) “Please, she is planning on divorcing with me. I do not consent to it. Just help me once.”

(Doctor) “I will see what I can do.”

(Doctor asked) “What is her name?” This was the sign.

(Laksh) “Ragini Singh. She is using her maiden name.”

(Doctor) “Got it.”

(Laksh’s POV) I waited anxiously when Ragini came and told me it would take more time for the results to come out. Like I suggested, we went for a movie. When we came back, she said I should wait out.

(Laksh) “Come on. Don’t I have the right to find out what it is?”

(Ragini) “I will tell you.”

(Laksh) “Nothing is going to happen. I don’t want you lying to me.”

(Ragini) “Fine.”

(Laksh’s POV) We went in. Like I wished for, the doctor said that if she keeps herself happy, occupied and healthy, she would have no problem. After a long time, I saw her smile. Her smile of relief, hope, happiness. I prayed that it would last forever. While we were coming out,

(Laksh to Ragini) “Wait, I forgot my keys. Wait here.” I rushed back to the doctor’s room.

(Laksh to Doctor) “Thank you.”

(Doctor) “I didn’t lie. What I said is true. Though it is difficult for her to give birth and she may have discomforts during pregnancy, if she really wanted a child, she can have. But make sure you take good care of her.”

(Laksh) “Thank you.”

(Laksh’s POV) I picked up my keys and came back. I saw Ragini waiting, happy and nervous at the same time.

(Laksh) “What are you so nervous about?”

(Ragini) “Laksh, I haven’t told you something. I have to tell you that before you meet dad.”

(Laksh) “That’s all? We are going home?”

(Ragini) “Well, we could have early dinner out before we go back.”

(Laksh) “That is better.”

(Laksh’s POV) I pecked her. We roamed around the shopping mall for sometime and had dinner. She looked annoyed by the restaurant we entered, but didn’t seem to mind a lot. We had dinner and finally went home.

(Ragini) “Finally, are you ready to listen to me?”

(Laksh) “Yes. Tell me.”

(Ragini) “You can’t meet dad tomorrow.”

(Laksh) “That is what you wanted to tell me? Why?”

(Ragini) “I can’t tell you why but you can’t meet now. I need to talk with him.”

(Laksh) “How am I going to ask him for your hand, if I can’t talk to him?”

(Ragini) “You just can’t talk to him.”

(Laksh) “I will tell you why. Your dad removed you from his will. Isn’t it that’s why?”

(Ragini) “What??….. How??….. Who told you?”

(Laksh) “Your dad did. Did you forget that I would meet him more often that you? Listen, I will tell you again. All I want is you and only you. Nothing with you. I am not marrying you because you are a Singh, or you are well off or anything. Just trust me. I love you. So, can we go to meet your dad?”

(Ragini) “You both will still fight.”

(Laksh) “About that, we already did. I even got punched.”

(Ragini) “What?”

(Laksh) “One meeting, when I went over, about a month back I think, I told him that I wanted to marry you. He told me that he was tolerating me because you were happy but he wouldn’t accept me. I tried to be as submissive as I could and I don’t remember how it went, let me tell you now, I didn’t raise my voice. But I think I infuriated him telling that I was a good match for you. Wrong step and he punched me. He told me then that he was wrong to hesitate about removing you from the will. That was when I came to know. I thought he hates me. But I told him that I didn’t care and didn’t even want anyone to know whose daughter she was. She is going to be my wife. Is that wrong?”

(Ragini) “Sigh! You just had to be rude to him. He really likes you.”

(Laksh) “Does he? It didn’t show. I think he is still angry about what I did”

(Ragini) “Who wouldn’t! Well, I guess we can go tomorrow. That was what I was scared about.”

(Laksh’s POV) She kissed me and went to the rooms opposite to mine. I am glad she is back to her normal self. She is so hard on herself sometimes when nothing is her fault. But that is what I like about her and makes me want to pamper her.

Precap: Ragini and Laksh go to Ragini’s parents house and much more

more 2 updates to go and then i am done with this FF 🙂

But i will miss u all 🙁

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