Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 28

Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 28

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Recap : Ragini miffed with Laksh.. Work surrounding Laksh

(Ragini’s POV) When the evening came, I didn’t know what to wear. I didn’t buy anything new. I had no formal wear other than for work, nothing of an evening dress or cocktail, nothing. I braced myself and wore a turtleneck black and font pants. I prayed that they wouldn’t be in formals like at his house previously. It seems as if Romi loved welcoming me.

(Romi) “Hi, Rags Bhabhi. You don’t mind me calling you like that, right? You look just simply beautiful.”

(Romi’s POV) He said with awe in his eyes. I was not sure if it is acting or real compliment, when he looked handsome in his formal wear minus the tie and coat. I don’t look out of it when I see Romi. Laksh peeped out hearing the noise.

(Laksh) “Why are you standing there? Come in.”

When I was entering, I let out a big sigh forgetting that Romi was just standing beside me

(Romi) “What was that for?”

(Ragini) “I was worried if I would be oddly dressed. I don’t have my evening dress or cocktail wears.”

(Romi) “Really? Why do you care? Even if we were all in formals, you are the only woman here. Also, you are the Birthday girl! Why should you care?”

(VD) “Move it, you lazy pokes. I don’t want Laksh cutting the cake.” His Dadaji stood behind us in a Tee and trousers.

(Romi) “Give him a break, Dadaji. He baked it. Its not like Ragini would care cutting it.”

(Ragini) “What? Laksh baked a cake?”

(Romi) “Yeah. If he is good at anything, it is his work and cooking. Otherwise, who will listen to his rotten attitude?” Romi joked about it, but thinking, it wasn’t a joke. We cut the cake, ate food, and enjoyed the evening. I never realised I could enjoy this day so much with someone who wasn’t family. It must be because all the three of them don’t hide what they think. They are frank, too frank to the extent of being rude. Being with them, you don’t have to hide anything. Even if you hide, they see through you.

(VD) “Here you go, Ragini. My gift” He handed me a simple but intricately designed bracelet

(Ragini) “Thank you so much. I really didn’t deserve this though.”

(Romi) “Nonsense. Here is mine.”

(Ragini’sPOV) Romi gave me a necklace set. Doing so, he kissed on my cheeks.

(Romi) “Since you would become my Bhabhi one day, I will suffice with this. Otherwise, God knows what Laksh will do to me.”

(Laksh) “You are just a brat.”

(Romi) “Yeah, yeah. You never cared if your friends or brothers took your girlfriends. So, does it mean that I can do the same with Ragini? I wouldn’t mind a girl like her.”

(Romi whispered to Ragini in quick) “He is raking mad, calm him for me.” Whispering in my ears, he ran away. Laksh looked like he was about to blow.

(Laksh) “That is nowhere near a joke, Romi. Get Right Here, You Little!”

Laksh walked out to look for him, when I stopped him.

(Ragini in a calm voice) “Hey, he was joking. Calm down.”

(Laksh) “That brat needs to be taught what to talk and what not to!”

(Ragini) “Come on. Its Christmas Eve. Let it go. And its not like I don’t know about it.”

(Laksh in his foul mood spoke) “Fine. Dadaji, ask Romi to drop her. I am going back to work.”

(Ragini’s POV) He didn’t even meet my eyes when he left. What is it with him getting all moody? Here I thought I was enjoying myself, he turned sour. It is not as if he can rewrite how he was, just because he has changed now.

(VD) “I can’t believe he is still behaving like a boy. He is upset with himself. Just give him time, Ragini.”

(Ragini) “Its not like I am scolding him or pointing him out.”
Interrupting our talks, Romi entered, when we looked at him

(Romi) “What happened? He seems like he is in a rotten mood. He just ignored me on the stairs. I was just joking.”

(VD) “Romi, can you drop Ragini at her house? (Towards Ragini) You must be tired Beta, Sleep peacefully. He will talk with you tomorrow.”

(Ragini) “Good night, Dadaji.”

(Ragini’s POV) I felt feeling guilty that I may have made him upset. I didn’t want to pinpoint it like a mistake but I wanted to convey that I accept that that is who he is.

(Romi) “Don’t think too much. When things don’t go his way, he sulks about it.”

(Ragini) “You seem more mature than he is.”

(Romi) “No. I am not. It is very rare to see Lucky Bhai sulk. Take it as a privilege. I see him so different when you are involved. Just a word about you can get his complete attention. You wouldn’t know the fun I am having by it. All I have to do is get out of the room and say, ‘Hi, Ragini. Thank you for coming.’ He comes out instantly. It is so much fun to tease him. None of us would have dreamt of seeing him get so worked up about his girl. He always is an example to all of us. But seeing him like this makes him more human. Even his staffs were happy that he has become a bit more lax.”

(Ragini’s POV) I didn’t realise I brought about so much change in him. He would always say that just because he is kind and considerate to me, it doesn’t mean he is the same to others. Maybe he still hasn’t noticed the changes in him.

(Ragini) “When are you guys done here?”

(Romi) “We will be going back by this month end. I seriously don’t get it why Manik and Abhishek wanted me to come here. Even though Laksh says he wants my help, he gives me nothing worth my time. He wants me to help out with simple stuff while he takes on all the major things. I am of no use here. I don’t complain a paid holiday like this, but I am bored out of my mind.”

(Ragini) “What? He said that he has two genius by his side to help him.”

(Romi) “You mean Swara and I? Yeah right. Like he is giving us any work at all! Can you believe that idiot actually completed six months work in just three? He is pushing himself to limits. Swara and I are waiting for him to faint and get admitted in the hospital to take over his work. He simply doesn’t have the satisfaction till he does all the job or double check everything we do. Come on, we are also professionals, not kids whose work has to be double-checked. We don’t like that. Would you, Ragini?”

(Ragini’s POV) Hearing Romi complain, more than finding it funny, I find myself worrying about Laksh more and more. What is that idiot thinking? Looking at me, Romi face’s grew doubtful.

(Romi) “Don’t tell me you didn’t know what the status of his work is? From the way you talked, I thought you knew what he is doing?”

(Ragini) “I know what kind of a work it is, but I didn’t realise that he was not giving himself a break.”

(Romi) “Hey, I am sorry. Please don’t ask him anything. I thought he was talking to you about this so that he could have a stress outlet. I didn’t know. Just forget what I said. Your house is here. Please don’t tell him anything. Bye.”

(Ragini’s POV) What was that all about? That idiot is making me worry about him. Thinking about it, he never talks about anything with me. He just takes on things himself. He never shares it with me. Somehow, it makes me mad. And the way he acted today. Urgh! I doubt that he would come tomorrow. Just forget about him and get a good sleep. But I couldn’t sleep at all and didn’t know when I slept. I was woken up by the bell ringing. I looked at the time. Nine o’clock. I slept in more than usual but I got night shift today. So, sleeping in isn’t a problem but who is it so early? I forcefully opened the door. Laksh was standing outside, completely ready to go out.

(Laksh all fresh and charming) “Good morning.”

(Ragini) “What brings you here so soon in the morning? Don’t you have work?”

(Laksh) “Didn’t I tell you we are going out today?”

(Ragini) “Come in.”

(Laksh) “I know you got night shift today, but shall we go on a date today?”

(Ragini) “Are you crazy? Today is a holiday for most of the shops in the town.”

(Laksh) “That is why I am asking you out. We can relax and take our time.”

(Ragini) “Give me time. I just got up. I need to get ready.” I replied to him. “You must be crazy to go out when it is empty.”

(Ragini’s POV) I murmured. Since this is a tourist spot, most of the shops except the ones with local customers are closed. What is he really thinking? I locked the room door. I took my sweet time getting ready. Let him wait. I wore a dress that took longer to get ready. Let him wait because I knew that he wouldn’t let me come back soon.

(Laksh) “Finally!” He said as I got out. “Shall we leave?”
While we were walking on the road,

(Ragini) “What was yesterday about, Laksh? You know what I meant to say and you don’t even apologise for your actions unless I ask you to.”

(Laksh) “And you know exactly what I feel about how I was previously.”

(Ragini) “Not just this, you don’t even tell me any of your problems. You take on everything by yourself. For you, I am ready to come back to the position that I didn’t want to; the thing that haunted me all along. I tell you my problems, share my thoughts, what do you do? Nothing! How are we supposed to get along even if we get married, if you don’t tell me your problems or share your stress with me?”

Laksh just stayed silent

(Ragini) “See? Even now, I am the only one talking. How are we going to be together, Laksh? We have so many differences in our views. I want to bridge this gap. Do you want to or not?”

(Laksh) “You are absolutely right. I won’t complain about my brought up but I have been like this for so many years. It will take time for me to change but first off, we can start by saying what you want to be changed.”

(Ragini’s POV) When he told it, I was stupefied. Is he serious? I thought he would argue for sure. I was getting ready for a quarrel rather than a total surrender. He looked at me sincerely.

(Ragini) “Since you suggested it first, you tell me what you want me to change.”

(Laksh) “Well, things I want for you to change are, one, Trust me, I will never make you insecure. I will protect you no matter what and will never do anything you don’t like. So, just trust me. Other than that, I don’t want you to change at all, well maybe tone that temper of yours. It isn’t always fun if both of us are hot headed is it? So, tell me what do you want in me to change?”

(Ragini) “Well, first thing, I want you to not take things on yourself. Just talk with me. And if you think you are wrong, just apologise to me. I don’t like it when you just carry on like nothing happened. Please, I may not be able to help you with company work yet,but if you have trouble, get help. Don’t push yourself. Romi and Swara were laughing when they told me that you were pushing yourself. I don’t want you to end up in the hospital. It may be a joke to them, not to me. And……”

(Laksh) “And? You still have more?” He smiled.

(Ragini) “Don’t laugh it off like they did, Laksh. I am not joking here. Take care of yourself. Don’t be an idiot and overwork yourself. Delegate, split the work, to someone else and Also.”

(Laksh) “Yes. And you have more my princess?”

(Laksh’s POV) I smiled, looking at Ragini worry so much. I know my family worries about me but that is normal. They are your family. Nevertheless, seeing her worry makes me happy beyond words. It feels like I should not make her worry, at least, not too much.

(Ragini) “Also?” She hesitated fidgeting with her covered hands.

(Laksh) “Also what?”

(Laksh’s POV) She was blushing furiously. I found it so hard to control myself from taking her into my arms and kissing her. I gently swayed her into my arms. I kissed her nose. She looked up at me anxiously.

(Ragini) “Whenever you drop by, just call me and tell me. I want to be there with you in all your problems and happiness” she blushed

(Laksh) “Well, I don’t mind calling you. But if I hear your voice, I would want to see you and touch you, embrace you and a lot more.”

(Ragini) “You dirty old man!” She pushed me slightly.

(Laksh) “I won’t deny it. But I don’t like being called old man. I am not old, am I?”

(Ragini laughingly) “Is that receding line I see in your head?”

(Laksh) “Hey, I take over my Dadi. Dadaji maybe a bald man, but I certainly will not be.”

(Ragini giggling) “Yeah, yeah. Sure. If you say so”

(Laksh) “Well, you want me to call you and tell you what?” I grinned at her.

(Ragini) “Don’t tease me, Laksh!” She rebuked me.

(Laksh) “I am not. You want me to call and tell you what?”

(Ragini whispered) “I want you to tell me how much you love me.”

(Laksh’s POV) A whisper. A whisper that gave me all the happiness I need. I held her tight, sweeped her to a kiss, first it was a slow one and then the kiss grew to be a passionate one. She didn’t push me away. She responded to me and yearned for me as much as I did. Both of us were dazed when we parted. As if she just realised where we were,

(Ragini blushing hard) “Oh my! Laksh, we are in the middle of the street! What did you think you are doing?”

(Laksh) “You said its a holiday. No shops are open, there is no one on the road.”

(Ragini) “But still,”

(Laksh) “What is wrong with your husband kissing you in the middle of the road or anywhere? No one is going to care in this town.”

(Ragini) “What husband? Wait, how do you know?” Her face flushed, she couldn’t become any more redder than that.

(Laksh) “Charlie told me. Apparently, everyone in the town, thinks I am your husband who comes over on the weekends.”

(Ragini) “Just leave that.” She hid her face in my chest, shyly.

(Laksh) “In that case, I will fully utilise the freedom that position gives me.”

(Laksh’s POV) I cupped her face to another kiss. Never would I have thought that a kiss could bring me this much happiness and rouse the desire in me. Having her in my arms, never would I have imagined that we would be together so soon. For what I have done, I feel like I have been forgiven soon. I swore to protect her and cherish her forever in my mind. We roamed around the town, talking silly and unnecessary things. The idle chatter which I usually found irritating, I wished for it to continue long. But it couldn’t. It was already evening by the time we realised it. We stood outside her house, I still unwilling to let go of her hands.

(Laksh) “I almost forgot. This is a gift from Dadaji and Romi. A necklace. Hope you like it.”

(Ragini) “They already gave me one. Why one more?”

(Laksh) “Why do you care? They are willing to spend their endless money.”

(Ragini) “Thank you. What about yours?”

(Laksh’s POV) I half wanted her to ask it but also wished that she wouldn’t.

(Laksh) “Well……,” I came closer to her. There was almost no distance between us. “Well, I was hoping that you would accept this again.”

(Laksh’s POV) I took the diamond ring I had in my pocket; Sat down on my knees having the ring in my hand. It was the same ring that we had got during the fake engagement and which she sent to me. She didn’t show any expression, or I didn’t know what she looked like.

(Laksh still on his knees) “I don’t want to make you insecure any longer. I want you to have this as a sign that you belong to me. I don’t know the meaning of forever, but as long as you are there, just be by my side as I will be by yours. I also know that this is not the ideal proposal you might be accepting. But I am like this and this is my style”

(Laksh) She was trembling. I hope it is due to happiness. “Just wait a little while longer before I can get the wedding ring for you. Will you accept it, Ragini?”

(Ragini in tears) “How would I not?” Tears brimmed in her eyes, but she smiled. Laksh got up from his knees and both hugged and kissed each other. While they were standing in each other’s embrace,

(Laksh) “Now, tell your friend Jack to back off. No one can take you away from me.”
I told her. Really, I could never let my guard down when the woman I love is so popular. She laughed out loud.

(Laksh) “What is funny?”

(Ragini) “Nothing. Nothing at all. I will show off to all that this hunk is my man.” She kissed Laksh playfully.

(Laksh) “You better.”

(Ragini) “And you better stay faithful to me.” She wagged her finger at me.

(Laksh) “From the day I met you, I am. Those women are more like accessories to make you jealous. Not once did I touch them. I wouldn’t. Now, all I can do now are work and sleep. Its so rare that I get to see my apartment.”

(Ragini) “That is why I am telling you to take it easy.” She poked me.

(Laksh) “I will. I will from now on. I am leaving back to the city this month end.”

(Ragini) “I heard.” She looked a little depressed. She hugged me closer. I hugged her back.

(Laksh) “As promised, I will try to drop by as much as I can and call you often. But I was thinking, when you get a break, why don’t you come and see me?”

(Ragini) “You mean”

(Laksh) “Yeah. Come to see Swara, Sanskar, Payal. Come and stay at my place. You still haven’t seen my wonderful apartment, have you? Also, don’t worry. I have enough rooms to house all my brothers and my parents. So, you can stay in a separate room, if you want.” “It may be nice.”
Still in embrace, I didn’t want to let her go. I wanted her by me always.

(Laksh) “Well, I better get going. I wonder what Romi did today.”

(Ragini) “Hey Laksh!” as I was leaving.

(Laksh) “Yeah?”

(Ragini) “Don’t cross check Romi’s and Swara’s work. They don’t like it.” Smile sported my face instantly.

(Laksh) “And they complained to you? They found the correct person to complain to all right. Take care. I will call you later and “I LOVE U” ” Waving, I walked away.

(Ragini) “I will be waiting and always “LOVE ME LIKE U DO” and I too “LOVE U” ”

Precap : Ragini visiting her home and trying to convince her family to accept Laksh

how was it??? i know it ws not tht romantic but i gave my best….. inputs always welcome

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