Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 27


Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 27

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Chapter 26

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So let’s begin our journey….

Recap : Raglak confess each other’s feelings..

(VD’s POV) The sole reason why I came to this place was because Swara had told me that Laksh and Ragini like each other and all the business mistakes was made by him just because Ragini was not ready to accept him. Now things have changed he is managing both personal and professional life well. When I met Ragini I was happy. She was straight forward and she spoke her heart. She didn’t want to be blamed for Laksh’s present condition though I understood that she was scared and bothered for him. One thing was common between Laksh and Ragini. They both have a little pride and that is not for each other but for rest of the world.. All in all they complete each other. To bring them more close I have decided to ask Laksh to come to me saying I am getting bored. Though I know he would be engrossed in work, I am sure he will get to meet Ragini also or even she could come. I want this pair to be stuck to each other like Fevicol because both will support each other well.

(Laksh’s POV) Its been long since I have met Ragini. Even phone conversations are hi, hello and bye. The work is taking my life out but I have to complete is as fast as possible, so that I can complete y promise given to Ragini. While I was busy, Dadaji had called Papa and complained that he was bored and those three younger brothers of mine said that I was too busy, they asked Dadaji to interfere with my job. The only benefit is I get to stay here for around two weeks. After that, I didn’t get a break till it was two weeks before Ragini’s birthday. Even that was ruined because my brothers talked with Dadaji and all of them insisted that I check up my plans with him. To make sure that I actually do what they want, they pushed Romi on to my head. Romi is tall as I, lean not skinny, relaxed, boyish face, in complete contrast to my body physique except the eyes.

He is a good and all, but when it comes to me, his admiration is obvious and he fully utilises the position of the youngest brother and acts spoiled. As much as he acts childish, he is talented, very talented. Something that I struggled with for days together, he learnt them in two or three days. Four days since Saturday, I still was not able to step out to tell Ragini I was in town. I really want to meet her or atleast talk to her but Romi took away my phone and they locked me up in the study! How could they! Before tea break, I was breaking my head with the employees shuffle plan, when someone rung at the entrance. I got up when Romi pushed me back.

(Romi) “I will get it. You, figure this out. I have no intention of helping you with this.”

(Laksh’s POV) True to his word, he could finish this in far less time than I ever could but, he just wouldn’t help me. What has he been doing since he came with me? He went sight-seeing, rode the horse in the almost freezing wind though it was spring and did everything else other than assisting me and I said he’s my miracle worker. Even Swara would help me much better than he does. He went away. I could hear him chatter. I just peeked outside as an excuse for stretching my legs.

(Romi while opening the door) “Hi! You must be Ragini. Dadaji was expecting you.”

(Romi) “ You must be not knowing me. I am Romi Kapoor, the youngest of the Kapoor siblings, the only one who hasn’t seen you yet.”

(Ragini) “Hi. Nice to meet you.”

(Romi) “You don’t have to feel odd. Come on in. So, how does it feel to fall in love with Lucky Bhai?”

(Ragini) “Excuse me?”

(Romi) “Well, Laksh usually spoils his girlfriends and doesn’t really care about them but I heard you are different from them. You are not his girlfriend but his lover. I am right, aren’t I? How did that workaholic charm you?”

(Laksh coming out of room without noticing Ragini) “Hey Romi, what is taking you so long?”

(Laksh on seeing Ragini but asked her casually) “What are you doing here?”

(Laksh’s POV) I casually asked her. It is my fault for not going and seeing her and it is all because of those two, one Dadaji and one Romi. I know Ragini is going to be angry especially the way I have asked her so casual. Oh my God I have to wait for the wrath. I am scared but I didn’t want to show.

(Ragini in a monotone) “I am here for my afternoon tea. Why are you here?”

(Laksh’s POV) It meant that she is angry.

(Laksh) “I was planning on surprising you later but just my luck. It will take some time to finish what we are doing. Why don’t you come here and wait?”

(Laksh’s POV) Dadaji, Romi and I took our places and continued working. She sat down with a book from the shelf. Suddenly, Ragini loomed over us.

(Ragini) “Laksh, clear the place for the tray. Lets have our tea first.”

(Laksh in a raised voice) “What Are You Doing? We Are Working Here!”

(Ragini) “If you understand what I am doing, then do what I say.”

(VD) “Ragini dear, why don’t we go out and have tea?”

(Ragini) “And let your minds stay here? No. Take a break, a real break. I don’t know what you guys are doing but I know how tough work can be. I am not an ignorant doll.”

(Laksh’s POV) When she said it, Dadaji and Romi were surprised. Why wouldn’t they be? Unlike other girls, she knows how to run a business though being a doctor. I wonder if they realised the silent threat she signaled of pouring the drink on our work. Romi started cleared the place.

(Laksh pleadingly) “Ragini, can we go out? Or what about the garden or the beach? Please I need to start working once again when I come back. I need to leave the papers be as they are.”

(Ragini) Fine.”

She grunted. Romi took the tray from her all of went outside, to sit in the garden.

(VD) “Thank you. I am sorry that I called you here for tea with me and left you alone.”

(Ragini) “That’s not a problem, Dadaji. I will be sure not to come next time or at least call before I drop by.”

(Romi) “Hey, are you really Ragini? Mom said you were the most polite girl.”

(Ragini) “She wasn’t lying but out here, I have no need to be polite, do I?”

(Ragini’s POV) He looked speechless. She continued. “You didn’t understand what I meant. I am usually polite but sometimes, people don’t understand things until you tell it to them bluntly, for example, the way I threatened to spill tea over your work?”

(Romi) “You are not serious?”

(Dadaji) “That is exactly what Sarla would do. I wonder if all women are like that? Sometimes, it is so scary.”

(Romi) “You mean she meant to do it, Dadaji? When did she say it?”

(Ragini cutting Dadaji) “Obviously. It was when ‘if you understand what I am doing’ You still have much to learn about women.”

(Romi) “You are joking?”

(VD) “I am not.”

When Ragini was about to leave

(Laksh immediately) “I will see her out.” Romi didn’t look pleased but why should I care about him! Dadaji just nodded. As we went out of the room,

(Romi) “Why is he getting up?”

(VD) “Let him be, Beta. He is seeing his lover after a long time. Giving him little time together won’t kill him or you.”

(Romi) “As usual, you are always soft on him.”

(Laksh) As we walked out of the door to the main gate, “I am really sorry that I didn’t tell you I was coming here.”

(Ragini in anger) “No, its fine.” She is angry, though she sounds calm.

(Laksh) “Its just that I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to worry you. I always knew that the group’s management is going to be entrusted to me but I didn’t expect Dad to split it up into two. I am having a tough time redoing the numbers and Romi isn’t helping me one bit.”

(Ragini) “Aren’t you a genius? Why do you need help?” The sarcasm in her voice was obvious.

(Laksh spoke tiredly) “There are times even I need help.”

(Ragini) “Really now?” Her response irritated me.

(Laksh) “Ragini, what is the problem?”

(Ragini) “Its nothing.”

(Laksh) “It is not nothing. You are annoyed about something.” She didn’t reply. “Ragini!”

(Ragini) “You Never Even Asked Me How I Am Doing? Do You Think I Am Just A Doll For You?”

(Laksh’s POV) I couldn’t control my laughter and I burst out laughing.

(Ragini in anger) “That’s it. I am leaving. Don’t show your face to me ever again.”

(Laksh) “Hey, wait up.” I pulled her to me. “I am sorry. I haven’t had any time; really. The company is being split into two with two different management. Only thing that is not changing is the name. It is pitiful but none of my brothers trust me with the figures. They pushed Romi on to my head to make sure I don’t do anything stupid. Infact, I always have someone overseeing my actions, so that I won’t cross the limit to being cruel or cold hearted.” She didn’t talk for some time.

(Ragini) “So, you know you are cruel.”

(Laksh) “I still am. But just for you, I can moderate it down.”

(Ragini) “No, Laksh. You don’t have to moderate it. You become the cruellest to me. I won’t say I hate you because this is the man I fell in love with and still am in love with but, think over. You can see me when you see it fit. Bye.”

When she left, Romi from behind,

(Romi) “Are you an idiot?”

(Laksh) “I don’t want to hear that from you. Who is the reason that she is mad at me now? You Didn’t Even Allow Me To Make A Call!”

(Romi) “Fine. I got it. You can’t do anything now. Just go and finish rest of the work. Atleast you can spend Christmas together.”

(Laksh) “Yeah, right! Like she is going to come anymore! I do everything to appease her anger and you guys just keep flaming it up.”

(Romi) “Just Go!”

(Laksh) “Shut up, Romi!” He went out to the horse shed and Laksh asked again, “Where are you going?”

(Romi) “A ride. Do you have a problem with what I do?”

(Laksh) “You are having a paid holiday in my name! Romi! You came to help me out! Not enjoy and relax!”

(Romi) “Cheapster! Don’t take your anger out on me! I pity your employees and subordinates who don’t know this side of you! I wonder if Ragini does.”

(Laksh) “Whether she does or not is not your problem. Come back here right now!”

(Laksh’s POV) By the time I could call out to him again, he went out of the gate. Really! This is a bad day for me. I went back in. No one understands anything. Ragini is angry because that idiot of a brother I have didn’t let me out of the room!

(Romi shouted) “Hey, Ms. Singh! Ms. Ragini! Doctor ! Wait up!”

(Romi again) “Thank god I caught you. I heard your house was nearby, but I didn’t know which.”

(Ragini’s POV) He got down from his horse. He was taller than me, lean not skinny, relaxed, boyish face, in turtleneck sweater and kaki trousers, almost completely different from
Laksh, who was athletic and almost stiff but except for the amber eyes that looked at me, deep and studying me. He sure had the charm; not like Laksh who oozes with maturity and arrogance but a light and bright aura. To think brothers have such difference, I can only say I am shocked. All of Laksh’s brothers had an atmosphere that can relax anyone except Laksh himself.

(Ragini) “Its the last one of the houses you see there. Why did you…”

(Romi) “I am sorry. Lucky Bhai was about to call you but I took his phone from him. I didn’t want him distracted because of meeting calls. I didn’t realise that he was about to call you. Dadaji and I haven’t let him out of the manor at all.”

(Ragini) “Okay.”

(Romi) “Aren’t you angry with Lucky Bhai?”

(Ragini) “Not really. He told me about this already. I just didn’t like his attitude and treating me like a problem solved.”

(Romi) “Lucky Bhai is never like that. He has been constantly asking for his phone or to go to town. He didn’t tell why though. If he did, I would have happily given it to him. He is just embarrassed to say what he is feeling. Actually, we are all happy to see Lucky Bhai change. He was never open with his feelings though we understood what he felt and meant. All of them have seen you. I was the only one who didn’t. I am his favourite. No matter what I do, he always spoils me, like he does for Swara but there is obviously I rank higher.”

(Ragini) “I see.”

(Romi) “He was like a robot before. Working under him was so stressful; now, I am enjoying myself. And don’t think it is your fault for the position he is in. Dad wanted to test his abilities before Laksh takes over. So, what I wanted to tell was, don’t be mad at him for too long. No one knows what he will do when he gets really angry. You are here already. See you later. Bye.”

(Ragini’s POV) He left like a storm. He said whatever he wanted to and just left. The reason I am angry with Laksh was not because he didn’t call me, but he didn’t apologise at all for not telling me so. I also realise that I shouldn’t even complain. All three of them immersed in work like I saw, I could just imagine the extent of seriousness. I have never seen
Laksh with such a serious face even when we were working together. I had doubt if they would have heard me even if I played a brass band. Even Romi, playful looking, also sported the same look as Laksh. I know it was petty fighting with him like that but if I don’t tell him, he would never get it.
Sometime after I reached home, my phone rang.

(Ragini) “Ragini Singh, here”

(Laksh) “Hey, are you still mad?”

(Ragini’s POV) Its Laksh. I guess his brother finally gave him his phone. I don’t have the energy to be mad at him anymore. I guess it is true when people close to him say that he is no different from a robot.

(Ragini) “If I am, what are you going to do?”

(Laksh) “I still don’t get it. Why are you mad?”

(Ragini) “First thing, I am not mad because you didn’t tell me that you are here, I was mad because you acted like it was nothing.”

(Laksh as if he realized said) “I see.”

(Ragini) “Well, what is it?”

(Laksh) “Your birthday is coming up. Are you going back home?”

(Ragini) “No. Besides, I have work at the hospital on that day.”

(Laksh) “How come?”

(Ragini) “Simply, didn’t have much to do.”

(Laksh) “Well, I have video conference until that day morning. Um, so lets celebrate in the evening here and next day we can go on a date.”

(Ragini) “Laksh, there is really no need. I can’t take a day off just like that for a date.”

(Laksh) “For me, please? Take off. I really want to take you out on your birthday but I can’t. So, please?” When he almost sounded like he begged me, I couldn’t say no.

(Ragini) “Okay.”

(Laksh) “Talk something, Ragini.”

(Ragini) “I wonder if you really have the time for it. Go and work. Don’t forget your promise”

(Ragini’s POV) Saying, I hung up. I didn’t wait to hear his reaction. I know what it would be. It was not too long before my birthday.

Precap : Ragini’s simple bday celebration…

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