Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 24

Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 24

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Recap : Swasan’s hatred towards Laksh

Swara had marched towards Laksh and she saw him sleeping. She got angered seeing him and scowled but before that she placed Payal in her bed

(Swara angered) “Get up, Laksh! I want to duel (she is asking for a dual fight with Laksh. All the friends group of Swalak and their brothers are martial experts and they generally fight physically by keeping tournaments. But here she wants to fight is to vent out her anger) with you now!” He woke up, still looking sleepy.

(Laksh) “What are you talking about? You can fight with me in your situation. Besides, I was up all night. Let me sleep under this nature for sometime please.”

(Swara) “Get up and please don’t test my patience .”

(Laksh) “Please Swara.” He shrugged and turned the other way.

(Swara) “No.” He finally got up.

(Laksh) “Seriously?”

(Swara) “Yes”

(Laksh) “You know that Ragini would kill you if she sees you fighting?”

(Swara) “She is not my doctor. Doc said I was fine to exercise. Get up”

(Laksh)“What about Payal?”

(Swara) “She won’t get up till evening. Don’t worry about that.”

(Swara’s POV) He came with me grudgingly. As soon as we went to the back of the house, I struck him immediately. But he blocked my attack. I didn’t give him space or time for offense. All he could do was defend himself.

(Laksh) “Hey, slow down a bit. Give me time to get into position atleast.” He said, backing away.

(Swara) “No” I went at him another around.

(Laksh) “Come on. Go easy on me. I cannot hit back at you even if I want.”

(Swara) “I don’t care. If you find it too troublesome, then don’t block.” I concentrated on kicking him. Hitting him won’t give him as much pain as I kick him.

(Laksh) “You know I can’t do that with you trying to kick me so intensely.”

(Swara) “Then let me hit you!” For a moment, he let his guard down. I stuck him in his abdomen. He fell back in pain. Finally, I feel a little satisfied. I really wanted to strike at him with all my strength.

(Laksh in pain) “You Dumbest Fool! You just delivered. Don’t go kicking people like this. Ouch….” He said getting up. He was feeling the pain.

(Swara) “You don’t have to worry about that. My doc allowed me to practice since I was already practicing when I was pregnant and before that too.”

(Laksh) “You practice regularly?”

(Swara) “Of course, if not, I can’t even land an attack on you.” He laid back and closed his eyes.

(Swara) “How serious are you about Ragini?” I asked him. He didn’t seem surprised by it.

(Laksh) “I thought you understood as you are staying with me.”

(Swara) “I don’t. I was so sure that you would fail that I left you. If I even thought for one moment that you would enthrance RP Uncle, I would have dragged you back with me.” I sat beside him.

(Laksh) “You make me sound fake”

(Swara) “Well, you aren’t who I know. So, aren’t you a fake?”

(Laksh) “Then, I can say the same to you as how you are when you are with Sanskar. You are a girl I don’t know when you are with him. So, does that mean you are fake?”

(Swara) “You still argue well.”

(Laksh) “Not as much as you can.”

(Swara)“Just answer my question, Lucky Bhai. Are you serious about her?”

(Laksh) “I intend to marry her and live with her for the rest of my life. If not, I believe a bachelor life with a dog maybe, suits me fine.”

(Swara) “You have thought that far?”

(Laksh) “Well, if didn’t, I wouldn’t have even turned up in front of her. I thought it was infatuation but if I am suffering this much, it can’t be.”

(Swara) “I can’t believe how you can answer so coolly.”

(Laksh) “I don’t care if you believe or not. Also, I don’t care if you forgive me or not. I only need to convince Ragini. None else”

(Swara) “Brave words coming from a man who none trusts anymore.”

(Laksh) “Whatever. I know that you are not going to forgive me nor are you going to help me.”

(Swara’s mind) I was shocked to hear the words from him. I thought he wouldn’t notice.

(Laksh looking at her expressions)“What are you looking all shocked for? I have known you since you were a kid. I know you can’t forgive me. In any case, I would prefer it if you just pretend we get along for Ragini’s sake.”

(Swara) “Why?”

(Laksh) “She thinks she is the reason why we are fighting but both of us understand the main cause of it. Just tolerate me for her. After you get back, you don’t have to see my face again.”

(Swara’s POV) He turned away from me. I got up and left him lie. He seems like he genuinely cares for her. Does he really regret what he did? Did he really torment himself over what he has done? He looked like it. If Ragini really forgives him, should I too? I needed time to think.

(Ragini’s POV) I couldn’t talk to Swara at all. How can she help me if she doesn’t even listen to me? I have to have another talk with her. I saw the back of the house from the meadows. Laksh’s sleeping on the grass. Why? Did they fight? I rushed up to him to see.

(Ragini) “Hey, Laksh, what happened? Why are you lying here?”

(Laksh) “Nothing. I was just talking to Swara out here. Had a nice walk with her?”

(Ragini) “Yes. But she marched of angrily. I was thinking that she may have gotten into a fight with you.”

(Laksh) “Whatever. Why don’t you go out for dinner with Swara?”

(Laksh saw Ragini’s surprised face and quickly said) “You don’t have to look so surprised. It is obvious that both of you want to talk about something. Seeing that Swara walked out of the conversation, means you both didn’t talk about anything. She is like that. She walks out of the topic when she doesn’t like it.” I was really surprised. He knows her in and out.

(Ragini questioningly) “You will take care of Payal?”

(Laksh) “Isn’t that what I have been doing till now and still here for? Go on with her. She is mad but she won’t refuse you.”

(Ragini’s POV) I smiled back at him. Was her really this understanding before? Or this side of his was shown only to his family and close friends?

(Ragini) “Okay. What about your dinner?”

(Laksh) “I will make something for myself. Don’t bother. Go and get ready for your dinner.”

(Ragini) “Aren’t you going to come in?”

(Laksh) “Nah. If I come in, she may burst. Get ready. Tell her to feed Payal and when you are ready, I will take Payal from your hands.”

(Ragini’s POV) He closed his eyes after saying it. When I went in, Swara looked comparatively calm.

(Ragini announced to Swara) “We are going out for dinner.”

(Swara Surprised and asked) “Why?”

(Ragini) “Because I need to talk to you. You walked off when we were talking.”

(Swara) “Can’t you do it here? I am still mad.”

(Ragini) “Please, Swara and also one more request please listen to whatever I say with patience.”

(Swara) “I can’t believe myself. I will try to stay calm through our conversation. We will talk when we come back from dinner. Laksh will drop us. I hope it is not a fancy place to his liking?”

(Ragini) “(Giggle) No. Its a cozy place and good food. You don’t have to worry about it.” We left by seven thirty. Laksh dropped us outside the place.

(Swara) “Now Payal. Be a good girl and sleep till I come back. Here you go. She won’t get up till midnight. So, you can have your most wanted sleep.”

(Laksh) “Are you sure you don’t want me to come and pick you up? After all, its just you two girls….”

(Swara) “We will be fine, Laksh. Don’t tell me your tummy is alright already?”

(Ragini’s POV) What did she say Laksh’s tummy is hurting, he didn’t even tell me about did Swalak fight physically?? I don’t know let me ask Swara later as I know she will neither tell me what happened now and neither will Laksh allow Swara to tell anything.. I will talk to Swara alone

(Laksh) “Thanks to you, I can’t have my dinner.”

(Swara) “See. Do you still have to worry? Get going. Don’t wake her up or you are going to be having a very hard time.”

(Laksh) “Fine. See you tonight. Enjoy yourselves.” He raced back home.

(Swara) “Man, does he love to show off!”

(Ragini) “Hey, what was that about? Does he have a stomach ache? I could have given him medicine for it…..” She smiled deviously.

(Swara) “What makes you think eased my anger? We fought naturally. Not with words but legs and hands. Since I know that he can’t hit me, all I had to do was hit him. He defended so well, but when I only had to attack, obviously, I will attack faster with all I have.” What?

(Laksh) “He said that you guys didn’t” Why would he say that?

(Swara) “He lied.”

(Ragini tensed for Laksh, asked Swara) “Why? I don’t get it? Why did you fight?”

(Swara) “Isn’t it simple? I needed a punching bag to get rid of my anger and that was him. Come on, lets go and eat.”

(Ragini’s POV) We had a nice dinner. We talked random things. How am I going to tell her?

(Swara) “Its already getting cold in September.”

(Ragini) “I thought you were an outdoor person.”

(Swara) “I am but I can’t stand the cold.”

(Swara again spoke) “You know, you should probably forget about Lucky Bhai, Ragini. I am not angry or anything. I am just telling you. Being in a relationship with him will not be easy.”

(Ragini) “No relationship is easy.”

(Swara) “True. But it is not easy at all with him. He wouldn’t put almost any effort on his-part. You would have to struggle to keep up with him. At least, that is how he has been from what I have seen. And don’t argue on that. I am so sure because he and I are similar. We don’t trust people. In my case, Sanskar did everything he could to gain my trust while I had to just get rid of my insecurities. It is not an easy job for me but Sanskar put more effort than I ever would have. If you are with Laksh, it would almost be the same.”

(Ragini was about to cry thinking about how bad is Swara saying about Laksh, controlling her tears she spoke to Swara) “He is not like that at all.”

(Ragini’s POV) I was about to cry. He is not what she paints him to be. He has been working so hard to make me feel comfortable, she just like that dismisses his feelings. I was thinking that I was confused but, here I am, sticking up for him.

(Ragini again) “He is not like that at all. He is working so hard to gain my trust and… and…… Swara, there is something I need to tell you.”

(Swara) “What is it? And please don’t tell me something about Lucky Bhai.”

(Ragini) “I am scared of touch.”

(Swara) “What?” She looked surprised.

(Ragini) “I am scared of touch. I cannot even bear a casual handshake.”

(Swara) “What are you blabbering? You are perfectly normal. You could hug me?”

(Ragini) “No. I cannot. Even now, I had to suppress all my urge to push you away when we hug. Not just you, anyone.”

(Swara) “Why?”

(Ragini in a soft and sobbing tone) “I was gang raped when I was fifteen.” (Terrified, Ragini slowly looked at her face, she was shocked no doubt. I didn’t want her to know, I didn’t want her to change the way she treated me but she has to know.) “Ever since then, I just couldn’t trust people to touch me. I had undergone treatment and it was a long time before I could even hug mom. Just when I thought I could get over it, I was forced again by my first fiancé. Every since then, I decided, maybe the best way to overcome this fear was tolerating contact, especially the opposite gender. It was foolish but I couldn’t see any other option out of it. I dated so many people but usually when they touch me, it felt like worms crawling all over me. Somehow, I was able to endure it. Please Swara don’t hate me after knowing this and also please don’t blame Sanky that he never told you about this because I never wanted anyone to know”

(Swara’s POV) I was stunned, horrified to hear what Ragini was saying. She has to be lying. A cheerful girl like her had… I can’t even imagine it. I always prided myself that I could comfort people with words but I am at loss as to what to tell her. I could only listen to her, nothing else. Not a single word came to my mind to tell.

(Ragini continued) “Ever since Laksh did that, I got that fear again. I didn’t dare to face my family like that again. I didn’t want them to find out. They would be hurt if they knew I was…., you know… because I was a Singh. So, that is why I didn’t want you to tell dad. But it got worse over time. At one point, I couldn’t even touch my patients. I forced myself and still am. But,”

(Swara) “But?”

(Ragini) “But, if it is true, I should be scared of Laksh. I shouldn’t feel comfortable in his presence. When I think back what happened when I was teenager, I would vomit every time I think about what happened. But its not the same for Laksh. I thought if he touched me, I would repel and feel nauseous. Instead, I felt safe. I don’t feel frightened. I want to stay with him more. Yet, I am scared. I don’t know if it is my feelings covering up for him.”

(Swara not able to take it anymore spoke) “Just stop”

(Swara’s POV) I couldn’t bear to listen anymore. She is torturing herself with these things. Seeing Ragini look lost, I couldn’t believe this is the woman I knew. She really loves
Laksh. I would be fool if I didn’t notice what is happening between her and Laksh. They are almost like they have lived together for years.

(Ragini) “What?”

(Swara) “Just stop. So, you love Laksh?”

(Ragini) “Yes.”

(Swara)“Sigh. You are scared what will happen, right? You are scared if Laksh will change in future or that he is just infatuated. I will talk with him. Although, I usually say that people in love should deal with their problems and feelings themselves, I will make an exception this one time. Don’t look surprised. Although I don’t like it, if you truly feel for Laksh, I will help you.” (Swara doesn’t know at this point of time that Laksh knows everything)

(Swara again) “Ragini, Laksh would make you cry.”

(Ragini) “I am crying even if I am not with him. I feel worst and depressed without him and one more thing Swara, Laksh already knows about my fear. He knew even before he raped me. Maybe, that is why he got me drunk.”

(Swara’s POV) That heartless @#$! I wish I could have punched him also. At least, he didn’t want to harm her emotionally but I still can’t forgive what he did! (At present Swara is of the assumption that Laksh only knows that she has fear of being touched so she asked)

(Swara) “Does he know the reason for your fear?”

(Ragini) “Uttara told him when she came here.”

(Swara’s POV) She said almost like a whisper. Why do I get myself in such situations? I really want to protect this girl from any harm to come and Lucky Bhai may be the biggest boon or biggest bane for her.

(Swara) “Fine” I replied grudgingly.

(Ragini) “Thank you, Swara. Please ask Laksh what’s in his mind once for me”.

(Swara) “Don’t thank me yet. I do not favour Laksh. I am doing it just for you.”

(Ragini) “In any case, thanks.”

(Swara) “Its locked. I will ring the bell”

(Ragini) “Hey, Wait! I have the key.”

(Swara) “Lucky Bhai will open the door.”

(Ragini) “No. He has not been sleeping at all. Let him sleep a little.”

(Swara) “You both are already behaving like husband and wife. I don’t see why you can’t ask him directly.”

(Ragini) “Swara”

(Swara) “I got it. I got it.”

He was sleeping in the sofa cum bed when we entered. Payal was by his side. I took Payal with me to Ragini’s room. Later, she came in to sleep.

(Swara) “The sofa is new”

(Ragini) “I got it about two weeks back. It seemed like he would be coming over again and it would be uncomfortable sleeping on the couch.”

(Swara) “He seemed to behave like a gentleman though he could have decided to be like that from the start.”

(Ragini) “Please don’t start again, Swara.”

Both wished each other Good Night and slept peacefully…

Precap: Swalak Talks….

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