Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 23

Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 23

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Chapter 22

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Recap : Raglak moments and some jealousy…

(Laksh’s POV) After spending time with Ragini, the following was going to be hectic. With the meetings and everything lined up. In the same week, On Wednesday, I got a call from someone unexpected.

(Laksh on phone) “Hello, Laksh Kapoor here.”

(Ragini) “You didn’t take the number from me.” A voice complained on the other end.

(Laksh) “Ragini! I am in a meeting. Shall I call you back?”

(Ragini) “Fine.”

(Laksh’s POV) She grumbled and kept the phone. Somehow, I tried to finish the discussion as fast as possible. I am worse than a high school kid. But I couldn’t call her until lunch break. Then after the meeting I called her up

(Laksh) “Hi. Are you busy?”

(Ragini) “No. You still use your old number?”

(Laksh) “I have been having this number since school.”

(Ragini) “Really? Its almost impossible for me. I have a number for work and another for home.”

(Laksh) “I do have a number for home. That keeps changing. I need to inform less number of people when that is changed.”

(Ragini very sweetly) “Give me your home number then.”

(Laksh) “Sure, I will text it later.”

(Laksh’s POV) We chatted about Random things, we asked each other about health as well as work. Somehow, the conversation feels like that of lovers. Whenever my ex-girlfriends nagged about my number, I always dumped them, thinking they are getting too clingy but I like this.

(Ragini all of a sudden asked) “Laksh, you really want to see Swasan and Payal?”

(Laksh) “It would be nice but I know it is not going to happen for some time at least, if not forever. Both husband and wife (Swasan) are adamant and I don’t blame them”

(Ragini) “Um…. I am not able to visit her since I have ER shifts and appointments but both said that they would visit me.”

(Laksh) “So?”

(Ragini) “Can you pick Swasan and Payal (Swasan’s daughter) up when you come over this weekend?”

(Laksh’s thoughts) I smiled. She was worried about this. And then he spoke “If they are willing, then I will pick them up.”

(Ragini) “Really? I will call and ask her. Also, my meeting with Jack went great. Thanks for letting me work the whole weekend.”

(Laksh’s POV) Saying, she hung up. Why did she have to say how her meeting with Jack went? Well, she didn’t have to feel guilty about my faults. Later, she texted me about the time to pick Swasan . This is going to be tough.

On Friday, I tried to finish work as soon as possible and hurry up to Swara’s place. She was waiting outside with Payal in a bed basket and Sanskar was talking on the phone.

(Swara mockingly to Laksh) “Well, well. Don’t you have all the time in the world to be visiting her every weekend being the CEO and President?” (Laksh’s thoughts) Her tone showed dislike. If she disliked me that much, why agree to come with me?

(Laksh) “If it pleases you, I was demoted, which you wouldn’t have heard of.”

(Swara) “Really? Uncle never said anything about that. In any case, you are just my driver today.”

(Laksh) “Yes, your highness. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable at any point.”

Sanskar also joined us as soon as his phone talks were over. He also didn’t look pleased that I was meeting his cousin Ragini every weekend.. Even when Sanskar wanted to ask
Laksh anything she would not allow him to talk. Sanskar was always soft hearted but Swara was always adamant.
Throughout the ride, both didn’t say anything, didn’t ask anything. She blared Mozart and Beethoven pieces in the car. I was surprised that Payal didn’t even wake up for the noise for which I almost got a headache. We stopped once for Swara to stretch her legs.

(Laksh tried to strike a conversation) “You have put on weight.”.

(Swara) “Tell me something I don’t know.” She glared at me.

(Laksh) “No. I mean you look good, healthy. I guess all credit goes to Sanskar. He must be taking real good care of you ”

(Laksh;’s POV) She didn’t show any reaction and Sanskar just smiled to give me an assurance. This is even more difficult than I imagined. When we reached Ragini’s house,
Swasan handed me Payal and went to hug Ragini. I was beyond shocked. All this time, she wouldn’t even let me have a peek at her, she just gave Payal to me and went. Payal looked tiny, completely cute, wriggling in my arms, pushing her way out of the blanket. She looked more like Swara than Sanskar. She twitched trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.

(Swasan) “Ragini! I missed you very much. Payal didn’t even allow us to come and meet you.”

(Ragini) “I am glad you both found a way.”

(Swara spoke) “Yes. With Laksh here, I can spend my time without worrying about her.”

(Ragini looking at Swasan and Laksh) “With Laksh? Are you sure

(Swara) “He is very good with babies. He literally took care of Kavya’s kids. Even a Mom can’t look after them like he does. He knows how to take care of pregnant ladies too. But I never expected him to make one pregnant.”

(Sanskar) “Adding to what Swara said, why have you agreed to let Laksh stay at your place over weekends. You know that none of us like him”(This was the first time he showed anger towards Laksh and Ragini was shocked because she knows that Sanskar never loses his composure)

(Laksh) “I think that is enough from your mouth. Get the luggage in by yourself if you want Payal to be in my hands.”

(Swasan) “Fine.”

(Lucky) “What is it with all this baggage, Swara?”

(Swara) “Babies need a lot of things.”

(Lucky) “I know that. Just how long do you intend to stay?”

(Swara) “One week.”.

(Lucky) “I see. One week. A long time for a woman that doesn’t like to stay away from home. How come Sanskar you have taken a week off. You are also a workoholic”

(Swara) “What do you see? You are staying with me as well. Who will look after Payal for me if I go out with Ragini?”

(Sanskar) “You have no option Laksh and you also know that you cannot deny what Swara has told and about my work, I will leave by end of this weekend so its all the more that you have to stay. You see to protect my wife and kid. You are a bodyguard and a driver that’s why I agreed to let Swara stay here for week.”

(Lucky) “Me? On one week leave? Impossible, and Sanskar even you know the pressure in the business work. How can you also expect the same” What is she talking about?

(Swara) “Do you have any complaints?”

(Lucky) “Starting off, I already used up all my vacation. I cannot take one week off the bat with meetings this week. And I haven’t informed anyone.”

(Swara) “Inform them now.”

(Sanskar interrupted) “Take it as a punishment from our side. Remember one thing I have not forgotten what you had done to Ragini and forgiveness from my side is impossible. I had agreed to come with you just for the sake of Ragini”

(Ragini interrupted) “Both you guys please stop being ridiculous.”

(Laksh cut Ragini and said) “Fine. Fine. I will tell them now. Swara, You better help me with the figures that I need to report.”

(Swasan in unison) “The Great Laksh needs help?”. (Swara is a business consultant)

(Laksh) “Is it something The Genius Swara can’t do and is it something that the business tycoon Sanskar cant understand?” I answered back.

(Swara) “Call them now.” She ordered. Payal woke up crying as I was about to make the call.

(Laksh) “Swara, take care of her for a second.”

(Swara) “Already making me work.”

(Laksh) “I am sure you can handle the small stuff.”

Handing her, I went to make the call. Manik is going to go crazy.

(Laksh) “Manik, I need a week’s leave.”

(Manik) “You are asking for the impossible.”

(Laksh) “Come on. Amuse me.” It was obvious that I was testing his limit.

(Manik) “Amuse you? Are you joking? Do you know the back log that you created by your unannounced leave for two months before?”

(Laksh) “That is why I am telling you now.”

(Manik) “So, it means that you are not going to do anything for the whole week?” He was raging mad. Because of Swara, I have to accommodate my younger brother.

(Laksh) “No. No. I will do it from here.”

(Manik) “You already took a lot of days off even if you have not even used up half your allotted leave.”

(Laksh apologetically) “Yes, I know that I already took a lot of days off. Just tolerate me for a few more months. Please?”

(Manik) “Sigh. Fine. Do what you want.”

(Laksh) “Thanks. I owe you.”

(Manik) “You better. See you the Monday after.” He cut the call. Really, what have I become?

(Swasan stood behind me and said) “You have changed.”

(Laksh’s POV) Swasan is still hostile towards me. Not that I can do anything about it. It is a rare chance that Ragini has given me. One week to soften her up. Why do I have only stubborn women around me?

(Ragini’s POv) I don’t know why but somehow Swasan accepted to come here with Laksh. I have just seen Payal, Swara and Sanskar’s girl only once. Getting time to spend with a baby is the best. Payal is absolutely adorable. She doesn’t cry much. She obviously slept most of the time. Swasan and I have been able to talk so many things, go out, just enjoy ourselves while Laksh stayed back at the house, looking after Payal. I knew that he would always be at ease because of Swara. But Laksh was completely a new person to me while Swasan was here. He took complete care of her, made sure that Swara doesn’t eat anything other than what is supposed to be eaten, she exercises, and whatever has to be done. He takes care of Payal preciously. He didn’t seem to have any problem dealing with her at all. He held her sometimes when she slept and sometimes, he laid against his chest while both slept. When I see her sleeping in his arms, I felt a tinge of pain. I always rejected him but how nice it would be to see him hold our baby, play with him/her. I didn’t think that he would take a week off because of Swara. Maybe Swara will always hold a special place in his heart. I felt jealous. I know their relationship but I couldn’t help it. Sanskar had left on Sunday and he again warned Laksh to take cre of Swara and Payal. He also warned him not to mess with Ragini. I was elated seeing my brother’s care towards me but I also wanted to tell Sanskar that he has changed. Sanskar had left that day and now it was Swara, Payal, Laksh and I at home)

Then the next day

(Ragini) “Laksh is sweet on you, isn’t he?” I asked Swara when we were out for a walk.

(Swara) “You mean Lucky Bhai? He is the meanest bully you will find in a school.”

(Ragini surprised) “Oh, you can’t be serious?”

(Swara) “He is not the type to inflict physical pain. He goes into your mind and makes you feel inferior. Sorry. That must have creeped you out. I didn’t mean to show him like that. He is, you know, intellectually strong and physically stronger. He never cared for anyone. He was trained as an heir since a child; the only thing that made him normal is his Dadaji’s moral lessons. That is why we always called him heartless and you know what, he didn’t even care that he was being called like that.”

(Ragini) “How is he with his family?”

(Swara) “Why do you ask this?”

(Ragini) “I am curious.”

(Swara) “He is close to his family, no doubt. But he is not the loyal type. He is loyal to non living things or at least the intangible things. He never lets a person know what he is thinking. The only person he shares things on his mind, is with his Dadaji. He doesn’t dislike his Dad but Uncle DP always thought how Dadaji brought him up was wrong. Dadaji is fun and gives freedom of choice and he did the same to DP Uncle but Uncle is very strict on his children. He feels some things with his children are unnecessary. It feels weird to know none of those sibling hate Uncle. I just shudder at sight of DP Uncle, menacing presence, almost like Laksh’s but Laksh can dispel the aura when he likes. And never speak anything about his Mom. He just loves her to the core but he won’t listen to her.”

(Ragini’s POV) Somehow, I feel that kind of family to be suffocating. Dad never forced us to do anything. No wonder Laksh thought the world revolved around him and that emotions expressed are not valued. Maybe that is why he acted that way.

(Ragini) “You accepted him for who he was, Swara. Why are you resenting him now?”

(Swara) “Ragini, is this you talking? Did You Forget What He Did To You?”

(Ragini) “It is not like I hated him. Maybe, even if he had confessed his love, I wouldn’t have accepted it. From the start, I felt that we wouldn’t work out. We would always be attracted to each other but never compatible. I would have been very stubborn about it without even trying to work things out. Maybe, he really didn’t have a choice?”

(Swara angered) “Ragini! Just Listen To What You Are Talking? Are You Serious About What You Are Saying?”

(Ragini) “I loved him even before all the things he did. I loved him when he was his arrogant self and I love him more seeing his kind side. I don’t think my feelings would change even if he reverts back to normal like before. I thought he would never be able to accept my feelings, so I decided to leave without telling anything. When I found out I was pregnant, though I was scared, I was happy it was his child. I didn’t stop loving him. I just couldn’t trust him anymore. Now, I just can’t think that he’s acting. He feels sincere and honest. I love him, Swara and I trust him but I am scared. I don’t know what to do.”

(Swara) “I can’t believe this! You should know that he wouldn’t be as forgiving as you are now, ever. I would have accept him if he were like this all the time but I just can’t forgive what he did. Never once has he treated a woman against her will, even when he treated them like toys. He Raped You, And You Say You Are In Love With Him No Less, Forgiving Him?”

(Ragini) “Swara……..”

(Swara furious) “DON’T! You May Forgive Him But I Can’t! I Would Have Welcomed This Change In Him Before But Not After What He Did As The Results Of His Guiltiness.”

(Ragini) “Swara, he didn’t apologise to me”

(Swara) “I Know That He Wouldn’t! He still thinks that what he did is right! Just do whatever you want with your life! I won’t forgive him! I came here with Payal, because I wanted to see how he has changed but it has convinced me to nothing!”

(Ragini’s POV) She marched off angrily towards the house. I couldn’t talk to her about what I wanted. I hope she doesn’t get into a fight with Laksh.

(Swara’s POV) I can’t believe that Ragini was defending him! After All That He Did! How Can She! I can’t even digest the fact that he did it! When I entered the house, I saw him sleeping on the couch with Payal on top of him! Without letting anger cloud my thoughts, I slowly took her and laid her on the bed I brought for her. I really wanted to kick Lucky Bhai.

Precap : Dishoom Dishoom 😛 ….Swalak talks and Swaragini talks..

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