Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 17

Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 17

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Chapter 16

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So let’s begin our journey

Recap : Laksh and RP at swords.

(Laksh’s POV) There is no way I am letting her out of my life. I got ready and went again to the Singh head office. I don’t care even if I am thrown out. My pride got the better of me the first time. I made that mistake once and I am not going to do it again. I am not going to let my pride be the ruin of me. It was tea break at the Singh place when I turned up for another go. The secretary threw a doubtful look at me and dialed RP’s number which I presumed. I tried to clear up as much as I could but my hangover (last night he had drank to his heart’s content) was noticeable.

(Secretary) “Mr. Singh says he has no appointment with you.”

(Laksh) “Yes. I know that. I was wondering if he could see me.”

(Secretary) The secretary had asked something to RP and put her intercom down and said “Please wait for sometime.” The lady in her mid-forties spoke too short for anyone to understand. “He will see you but just for few minutes. Please make it short.”
When I entered, he looked up and got up to get ready.

(RP) “I thought your business here was over? If it is about the venture you want to talk about, you should contact Arjun.” He threw his coat over him.

(Laksh) “No. The venture is going fine without my intervention. I wanted to talk to you about Ragini.”

(RP) “Isn’t that already done?” He threw a curious glance at me. An unharming glance but it almost made me cringe.

(Laksh) “I am not going to take no for an answer”

(RP) “You have got no choice.”

(Laksh) “I would like to decide if I have a choice or not.”

(RP) “You are disturbing me, like now, not letting me go to my discussion.”

(Laksh) “I will keep coming to you again and again but please let me not hold you back.”

(Laksh’s POV) I opened the door for him. He didn’t care and went out. This is going to be tough. I went back to the hotel but made an appointment for the next day before that. I did all my work from the room. This is not time to be getting dejected. For almost next four days, RP Singh didn’t care to answer me. The fifth day when I was in his room again, his secretary came in.

(Secretary) “Sir,”

(RP) “Yes, Mary”

(Secretary) “Um, there is a problem in HR.”

(RP) “Tell me. Don’t care about the person here.”

(Secretary) “Mr. Arjun’s secretary quit due to family problems.”

(RP) “So, ask them to replace him. Don’t bother to bring such matters to me.”

(Secretary) “Yes, but there isn’t anyone to spare.”

(RP) “I don’t need this now.”

(Secretary) “I have instructed them to hire someone soon.”

(RP) “How long with the replacement take?”

(Secretary) “At least five days. If I may Sir, I talked with Master Arjun’s assistant. He said he can spare a person to take care of the technical part and I can take care of both your
letters, emails and schedules but I can’t devote my complete time here.”

(RP) “Great. I will take it into consideration and tell you. Tell them to get someone soon enough.”
After she closed the door,

(RP) “Hmmm, she can do a wonderful job managing both our jobs but not right now, with all the board meetings and new contracts.”

(Laksh) “I don’t think a secretary’s job is too demanding.”

(Rp said sarcastically) “No. Not at all, unless they wet the contracts and do notes for us before our meetings and fulfilling all the social ceremonies. She is an exceptional secretary but it creates problems for me.” He looked at me thoughtfully. I didn’t realise that their secretaries were to be given so much work and trust considering they head to a meeting based on secretary’s knowledge on the documents.

(Rp) “Are you planning on wasting your time here by coming daily till you get the address?”

(Laksh) “Ah…. Yes.”

(RP) “Then do me a favour, please do notes on the the XXX type contract to be entered?”

(Laksh) “I am sorry?”

(RP) “You are aware of things. Since, you are wasting your time, do me a favour while I am lending my secretary to Arjun. I need to discuss terms with a company about that
specific type of contract. Create notes on what are to be discussed foremost.”

(Laksh) “Are you serious?”

(RP) “Never been more. Since you would be doing me a favour, the least I could do in return is give what you want. The place where Ragini is living.”

(Laksh) “I am from another company.”

(RP) “Yes. I am not an idiot to tell you with whom and how we are dealing. You wouldn’t be dealing with the company’s internal information. Just the basics like what I have asked. Tell me soon. I have an appointment schedule.”

(Laksh) “Yes.”

(RP) “Well, you can take that room connecting here. I will tell Mary what she is to do. Be here everyday at eight. Mary will give you a list of what you have to do.”

(Laksh’s POV) I was asked to make comments for at least three contracts today, obviously with only the general terms; nothing that disclosed anything about the other party or the company’s stand on it. I still couldn’t believe Ian Singh’s actions. At least, I have a chance to show him how serious I am. The next day, I was given work as usual and I could see that Mary Manning, his secretary, didn’t like me one bit. When it was almost lunch time, RP invited me to his room for lunch. It felt odd having lunch in silence.
Two days later when I entered RP’s room to go to mine, I saw a huge parcel on his desk. Strange! I could notice that it was a bundle of papers from the size of it. When I saw the address, I was anxious and happy. It was papers packed up that required Ragini’s approval with her address. Before I realised, I took a snap shot of it in my mobile. I can meet her now, but I still don’t have her Dad’s approval. Do I need it? In the end, it is Ragini who I have to convince. My mind waged a war between running off right now to meet her and waiting for her Dad to give it to me. Exactly when I was battling my thoughts, RP came in. I drew back immediately.

(RP) “Good morning.” He told me. I took a moment to reply to him.

(Laksh) “Good morning Sir”

(RP) “Please hand over the Bundles of Paper and then you can go on with your work.”

As I was packing for the day and heading outside the Singh’s building, I saw Abhishek outside.

(Abhishek) “Hi, dear brother! What a coincidence to find you here!” Is he here on business?

(Laksh) “Hey Abhishek, what are you doing here?”

(Abhishek) “Waiting for you”

(Laksh) “Then, it is not a coincident. It is an incident.”

(Abhishek) “Yeah yeah. Going back to your room?”

(Laksh) “Yes.”

(Abhishek) “What about dinner?”

(Laksh) “Let me make it clear, Papa wanted you to pick me up, right?” He grinned broadly.

(Abhishek) “Papa, uh?”

(Laksh) “Well, Dad wanted you to pick me up?” He sighed as if the world was about to end.

(Abhishek) “In a way, that is correct. But I know you are too stubborn, so I won’t waste my time and energy on you unlike Swara.”

(Laksh) “Good for you.”

(Abhishek) “I try to be. Dinner?”

(Laksh) “In the room.”

(Abhishek) “Good. I am starving.”

(Laksh) “You seem in an awfully jolly mood, what is the reason behind it and also are you planning to stay here”

(Abhishek) “Yes I m staying here with you and also yes that I m in a jolly happy mood because I got praised by Papa for what I just completed. It is almost next to impossible to get one from him.”

(Abhishek continued his masti) “Oops! I also called him Papa. Well, Papa has become less rigid with us. Is it your miracle, Lucky Bhai?”

(Laksh) “Just keep quiet and order food.” I changed my clothes.

(Abhishek) “Yes. This feels like I am back at your apartment when I was in college. Dad wouldn’t tell why you are here, so I am asking you.”

(Laksh) “What?”

(Abhishek) “I asked, why are you here?”

(Laksh) “None Of Your Business” I barked at him.

(Abhishek) “Hey, don’t bite my head off. I need to visit the factory tomorrow. Any advice on people over there?”

(Laksh) “You can handle it.”

(Laksh’s POV) I just wanted him to leave. He is not even giving me time to think on my next actions. We spoke on every other topic except the reason why I am here. If Dad is serious enough to send Abhishek to follow me up, I need to finish what I came for sooner. The next day, Abhishek started to the factory.

(Laksh looked at him questioningly) “Hey, isn’t that my Ferrari?”

(Abhishek) “Yeah. So?”

(Laksh) “What happened to yours?”

(Abhishek) “Well, I am out here for you. So, don’t care about it this time. I will pick you up in three days. Get this sorted before that. I can’t go home without you and I am serious.”

(Laksh) “Yes. Got it.”

Laksh had gone to Singh’s company. RP saw Laksh and he was shocked.

(RP asked) “What are you still doing here?”

(Laksh) “I will be returning soon.”

(RP) “Returning?” If he looked confused, he didn’t show it except in his voice.

(Laksh) “Yes. Home.”

(RP asked) “You aren’t going to see Ragini?”

(Laksh) “I still haven’t got the address or location from you.” Suddenly, RP roared with laughter. The secretary peeked in.

(RP) “Its nothing, Mary. Continue with your work.” After she closed the door, “Has anyone ever told you that you are one piece of work?” He said trying to control his laughter. I still didn’t understand what he meant. I could feel myself getting angrier.

(Laksh) “I was told that I am unique.”

(RP) “Unique nowhere comes near it. Well, why don’t we go and have a chat outside?”

(Laksh) “Yes.”

(RP) “Shall we leave?”

I just nodded and followed him. Arjun, who just entered as we were leaving, didn’t look pleased to see his Dad in a good mood and with me. He just glared and went inside.

(Laksh) “Is it alright for you to go out now?” Not that I was really concerned for him.

(RP) “It is fine. Shall we sit at that park?”

He just went right ahead. I could only go behind him. He came with two cups of coffee and sat beside me.

(RP) “Nice weather, isn’t it? If only I were not the Chairman. Well, did you see the parcel on my table yesterday?”

(Laksh) “No” My first instinct was to lie. After I said it, I regretted the reply. RP leaned back on the bench staring into the landscape.

(RP) “I see. I wonder why I was sure I felt a flash when I entered the room.”

(Laksh) “The flash was turned off” I shut my mouth instantly. He grinned widely like he caught his kid stealing candies.

(RP) “You got her address, didn’t you? Why didn’t you leave?”

(Laksh) “I most likely would have.”

(RP) “So did I stopped you?”

(Laksh) “I just felt that if I get it from you, it would feel like you have approved me.” I sat silently waiting for him to reply. This is more nerve wrecking than my first board meeting.

(RP) “It is not about my approving of you. Ragini must love you back. She is a stubborn woman. Once she decides on something, she wouldn’t change it. I can see that you love her. I am not going to forgive you, but I didn’t think you are this serious about her. I am not encouraging you here but I won’t let you have hopes. She is just that kind of a person. In any case, I just hope your feelings for her don’t change, the more you get to about her.”

(Laksh) “It won’t. If it means anything, no woman has affected me as much as Ragini and I do not intend to let go of her just because she wants it so.”

(RP) “Good. Well, Arjun’s got his replacement. Since it is Friday, if you start now, you can reach Ragini’s by nine.” I couldn’t help by smile. “Don’t tell her I gave you the address or I am in for hell.”

(Laksh) “Yes, Sir. Thank you.” He just went back without turning, waving to me. Finally, someone believes me. Now, it is time to make Ragini also believe.

Precap : You all know what will happen but please continue reading and don’t get bored.

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