Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 16


Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 16

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Recap : Heart to Heart talks of DP and Laksh

The next day morning, Kavya barged into my room and pulled away the blanket from me.

(Laksh sleepily) “Hey! What are you doing?”

(Kavya) “You Bastard! I was talking to Swara and guess what I heard from her?” and she slapped me straight at my face. If I was sleepy till the moment she entered, her slap straightened me up. My cheeks were hot from the strike.

(Kavya) “To Think I Taught You How To Treat A Woman! How Dare You Do That?”

(Laksh) “What is your problem?”

(Kavya) “You said that you wouldn’t even take a second glance at Ragini!” Good lord! Why is she here?

(Laksh) “Let me guess, mom was sure that I won’t talk to her. She called you yesterday and you spoke to Swara to find out what the problem is”

(Kavya on top of her voice)“Hell Yes! How could you do that to her?”

(Laksh) “I didn’t think this would happen, that because of my turning up in front of her, she would lose the baby!” It always pained me that the child would have been born if only, I never showed up in front of her.

(Kavya) “She miscarried?” She looked shocked. Who wouldn’t be?

(Laksh) “Yes. Because of me!”

(Kavya calmed down but still in a stern tone) “Laksh, are you serious about her?”

(Laksh) “Yes. I already told dad I would marry only her and no one else. I love her.” My voice was almost begging. Someone, anyone please believe that I love her.

(Kavya) “What did she say?”

(Laksh) “You think she will trust me after what I did?”

(Kavya) “I won’t even ever face you.”

(Laksh) “Exactly.”

(Kavya) “What are you going to do then? Give up and die an old bachelor?”

(Laksh) “Maybe, I could do that if she doesn’t agree. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

(Kavya) “If that is what you wanted, then you won’t be thinking about her now or ever.”

(Laksh) “I can never hide anything from you, can I?”

(Kavya) “So, what are you planning to do?”

(Laksh) “You are not going to let me even brush my teeth? Also, I need to go shopping with mom.”

(Kavya) “I will give you ten minutes to get ready. Come to the library after that. Hear me?”

(Laksh) “Yes, your highness.”

She stared at me, got up and left. Really, why do I have to have Kavya as my interrogator? When I got down, she was chatting with mom happily. She is going to question me in front of mom? Mom looked at me and smiled. It seems like Kavya didn’t tell her anything.

(Sarla) “Good morning, Laksh. Take a seat. Want coffee?”

(Laksh) “No. I will take it later. So, where do you want to go mom?”

(Sarla) “You know, to buy some dresses and sarees. Also,”

(Laksh cut her in between) “You want to talk. You asked Kavya here, didn’t you? Dad also said that you wanted talk to me.”

(Sarla) “Well, it is about Ragini Singh.” I knew it. What else is it? Everyone seems to know I went to visit her during my sudden vacation.

(Laksh with all doubts and confusion asked) “First, tell me this. How Do You All Know That My Problem Is Ragini?” Kavya and Maa looked at each other with a disbelief in their face and burst out giggling.

(Kavya giggled and spoke) “Hey, Lucky, which fiancée or girlfriend have you held on to for long? Anyone can guess it. You still haven’t taken off your engagement ring and you have her engagement ring on you.”

(Laksh bowed his head down and thought) Such an embarrassing thing. I wonder how many think I am still caught up in her memory.

(Laksh) “Well, what do you want to know?”

(Kavya) “Do you really love her?” Kavya asked seriously.

(Laksh with confidence) “Of course, I do!”

(Kavya) “Mom! This Isn’t My Brother! This is an imposter!” Kavya exclaimed. Mom also overreacted to the statement.

(Sarla) “Very True. My Laksh would never tell what is on his mind!” They went on with more outrageous statements.

(Kavya to irritate Laksh spoke) “Mom, I wonder who this is? What happened to my little brother!” Really, I felt angry enough to explode.

(Laksh) “Enough Both Of You! Don’t Exaggerate Things. You Asked Me A Question And I Answered You.” Instantly, both of them became quite serious from joking about.

(Sarla) “You really love her, don’t you?” Mom looked genuinely happy.

(Laksh) “Yes. But I made her hate me.”

(Sarla with all the love and care in her tone for Laksh spoke) “Then, do everything to get her back!” Easy for Mom to say it. She doesn’t know what I did.

(Laksh) “It is not that simple.”

(Kavya) “It is. In fact, that is. Pursue her like there is nothing else better in the world to do.” Kavya answered back. Sometimes, I wonder where my stonehearted sister disappeared
to after her marriage.

(Laksh) “Like Anant?” Kavya blushed and ceasing this opportunity I spoke

(Laksh) “Of course! He is a real sweetheart but he is not as stubborn as you because you are stubborn enough for both of you. You almost divorced him.”

(Kavya) “Oh yes! He is a gentleman and I also agree I did want to divorce him but his persistence and his longing for me made me fall in love with him and now Take back your sarcasm. You are not in a position to comment on him.”

(Laksh) “Fine.”

(Sarla) “What are you planning to Laksh?” Mom asked. I don’t know what to do.

(Kavya) “You don’t have to tell. Even if you don’t know now, you will eventually know. Okay, now that this is cleared, we can go shopping.” Mom went out of the library to get her things. Suddenly, Kavya looked cold and stern compared to the warm and bubbly person she was in front of Mom.

(Kavya spoke softly) “Laksh, is she something that wounded your pride?”

(Laksh started thinking about Kavya’s words) Of course, she did. But it is no longer about pride or lust.

(Laksh then spoke) “Maybe.”

(Kavya) “You better think seriously, Ice Prince, because this time you will not just hurt yourself or her but even others (she wanted to tell about the Kapoors and especially their mom). For now, mom thinks that the reason why you don’t call her is because you are preoccupied with Ragini. If you are going to go after Ragini because of your wounded pride, she will cry for the rest of her life. I don’t want anyone hurt for your self satisfaction.” I know that.

(Laksh) “It is not self satisfaction, Kavya. I didn’t get it wrong. And yes, I am preoccupied with thoughts about Ragini.”

(Kavya) “Then, is that the reason for the error too?”

(Laksh) “And if I say yes?” She shook her head as she laid back.

(Kavya) “Sigh. You are seriously in dumps. Get your act together. Pursue her or give up. Don’t hurt others with your indecisiveness. And do it fast. I hate looking at you like this. Next time, don’t make me kick you out.” Kavya got up and mom came in.

(Kavya) “I am starting back home, mom.”

(Sarla) “But you just came!”

(Kavya) “Yeah. I need to be back home before the kids come. I remembered I had to do something. Bye.”

(Laksh’s POV) She kissed her and left. Sometimes, Kavya can be brutal, but what she says is true. I have given more than two months time for Ragini to get back on track. I think I should start showing how serious I am. I knew from where I had to start and that would happen by end of next week.
By the end of the next week, I was back at the Singh’s headquarters for appointment with Mr. RP Singh. When I was shown to his room, he was, undoubtedly, not pleased.

(RP straight to the point) “Is there any problem at the factory and regarding research?”

(Laksh) “No. I have something personal to discuss.”

(RP) “Then, I would prefer to have it somewhere private. Do you mind?”

(Laksh) “Not at all.”

(RP) “Please wait till I finish my work for the day.”

(Laksh) “Sure.”

(Laksh’s POV) I was shown to the company’s waiting room. I preferred the library and was shown in. It was almost dinner when RP came to pick me up. Arjun stood by him. Both looked like mirrors standing next to each other except the hair colour and wrinkles. Tackling one is tough enough, having to tackle two, I don’t know what I am going to do. In his mind Ek taraf Saale Sahab (Brother In Law) and doosre taraf Sasurji (Father In Law).. It is a deadly combination I gulped in fear but still gave a confident attitude.

(RP) “Shall we head for dinner? I do hope you don’t mind restaurant food.” What did I expect? A warm cozy dinner that he offered me when I came for the first time?

(Laksh) “Yes.”

(Laksh’s POV) I went to the restaurant along with them. There was no talk either about business or why I am here. We just travelled in silence. Somehow, it built pressure I could feel. Ever since I started liking Ragini, all these new things happening to me, I couldn’t get rid off. They were directly led into a VIP room and food was ordered.

(RP) “So, Mr. Kapoor, to what do I owe this pleasurable visit?”

(Laksh’s POV) Though RP said it, he didn’t really look delighted. Arjun sat like always, calm and composed. He and I were almost the same and yet different. He possessed the control that I lacked right now.

(Laksh) “I would like to know where Ragini is right now.”

(RP) “I believe that is none of your business.”

(Laksh) “I love her.” When I said it, Arjun snickered.

(Rp) “Arjun stop laughing! Anyways, Mr. Kapoor, Ragini doesn’t want me to give you the address. Infact, other than family, no one, not even her closest friends can see her even if they want to.”

(Laksh) “What should I do to get it?”

(RP) “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

(Laksh) “What should I do to make you believe I love her?”

(Arjun) “You do remember about your wonderful affairs that flashed all over the papers and net when you were engaged to her. Don’t tell me that you fell in love with her after the engagement was over?” Arjun sneered.

(Laksh answered calmly) “Ragini refused to even chat with me when I wanted to get to know her better. She said I could do what I want! I wanted to make her jealous. They were nothing more than unnecessary dinner dates.”

(Arjun) “For a man of your reputation, I take you for your word.” The sarcasm was not just hinted, but overflowed. RP kept quiet and let his son do all the talking.

(Laksh) “I am not asking you to trust me immediately but I am asking you what I should do to make you believe?”

(Arjun) “We have no reason to ask you of anything. Ragini would have happily stayed nearby us. I don’t know what you did to her but she refuses to come back. I really don’t understand why dad even wanted to talk with you.”

The passion with which Arjun talked surprised me. After seeing him do business coolly, just like diamond cutting glass, watching him get heated over family took me back. From his actions, I always thought that he didn’t like Ragini.

(RP) “Maybe, it was a bad idea to let you come, Arjun.”

(Arjun “Dad!” RP got up and in a cold voice,

(RP) “Mr. Kapoor, I was always aware of the fact that my daughter wanted to detach herself from the family name. She felt it a burden more than anyone else but she would never
go to the extent of cutting ties with us. But like Arjun said, something has happened and she wants to live alone. I am not satisfied with it. She was stubborn about leaving. I felt as long as she would be in the business world where she would shine, I didn’t mind her being with you. The reason why I accepted the engagement offer your Dad made, was because I thought that there might be something between you two. But it seemed to have had the reverse effect. I apologise if my daughter has offended you and for using you to try to realize my wishes. I think that our talk is done.”

(Laksh) “Sir, please”

(RP) “I am sorry. I want to respect my daughter’s wishes.”

After dropping Arjun home, RP returned back. Sujatha was standing worried by the door when he entered.

(RP) “What is it, dear?”

(Sujatha) “Laksh Kapoor is here to see you.”

(RP) “I told him to meet you tomorrow, but he just wouldn’t leave.”

(RP) “Sigh. I see. Where is he?”

(Sujatha) “He is in the waiting room.”

(RP) “You go to sleep. I will be right behind.”

(RP) “Mr. Laksh Kapoor.”

(Laksh) “Sir.” He got up.

(RP) “Didn’t I say that our talk is over?”

(Laksh) “I am sorry, Sir. But I will be disturbing you till I get what I want.”

(RP) “I see.”

(Laksh’s POV) He closed the door to the waiting room and locked it. I felt my throat become dry. If I want to get rid of the mud of feelings I have, its better face them straight up and the first thing I have to do is talk with Ragini.

(RP) “Why don’t you take a seat, Laksh?” I sat down. I felt nervous for the first time.

(RP) “Though I, in my sane mind, shouldn’t be offering you anything, do you wish to have something to drink?” I tried to stay as calm as possible. I slowly wet my lips as I talked.

(Laksh) “No. Thank you.”

(RP calmly) “Why do insist on meeting with Ragini?”

(Laksh) “I love her.”

(RP) “I see.”

(RP again spoke) “Tell me Laksh, can you put yourself in others’ circumstances and try to tell what you could do or have done?”

(Laksh) “I don’t necessarily pry into others’ problems.”

(RP) “Well, do it once for me. Say suppose, your daughter, your favourite, precious thing in life, get drugged and raped, subsequently gets pregnant, which by in itself, would have made me kill the person who did it, further suffered miscarriage and you find that you could do nothing for her. How would you feel?”

Laksh just froze and was not able to say anything

(RP) “I presume from your reaction that is what happened. You should be happy that I have not struck you down myself. I was waiting for Ragini to tell me but you just couldn’t stay
out of the picture.”

(Rp continued) “I hope that you didn’t think that she would agree to your pursual. Unlike other women who date you for your money and status, you know the tall blondes who hang around you making you feel like you are an all important person; Ragini is also from a distinguished family just like you, not in doldrums and equally self-determining as you are.
Even if she were pregnant, we wouldn’t have handed over her or the child just like that to you. She is not someone who will throw herself into your arms making you feel that you are the most important to her.”

Before Laksh could speak anything, RP asked the butler to take Laksh out. At that point Laksh didn’t know what to do hence he left silently. He was determined to get back Ragini and he knew that only one person could help him out and that was Mr.RP Singh himself.

Precap: Will Laksh be able to prove his love to RP and will he get the address of Ragini from Laksh??

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