Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 11


Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 11

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So let’s begin our journey

Recap : Ragini’s fear of touch… Ragini avoiding Laksh

(Ragini’s POV) Next when I woke up, I found myself in my bed. How? I got up and checked the time. It was ten in the night. How did I get here? I don’t remember anything.

(Laksh) “Are you okay?” I saw Laksh come in from the small waiting room before the bedroom.

(Ragini) “I am. You carried me here?” I was surprised but I hope I didn’t show it in my face. His face softened. Did he take care of me? He pulled up a stool near my bed and sat down.

(Laksh) “You are One Crazy Lady! You worked until you got exhausted and got yourself a fever. How long has it been since you slept? The security told me it has been days since you slept in your room? Were you sleeping at the lab? Are you nuts? Aren’t you a doctor? Take care of yourself better.” He scolded me softly in a concerned tone. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Am I dreaming? Is it Laksh talking to me? Before I could answer him, my stomach grumbled. He chuckled and got up.

(Laksh) “Your food is in the waiting room. Since you are fine enough to feel hungry, I will go back to my room.”

(Ragini) “Um, Laksh.”

(Laksh) “What?” He asked unassumingly. Why did I call out to him? Why do I feel like I need him here longer?

(Ragini) “Thank you.”

(Laksh) “No problem.”

(Ragini) “Wait!”

(Laksh) “Yes?” He turned back. Did he come into my cabin to discuss something then?

(Ragini)“Did you want to talk about something before in office?” He looked shocked.

(Laksh) “You knew it was me?” He asked softly.

(Ragini) “Since you said you carried me here” His face suddenly looked rigid.

(Laksh) “I didn’t come in. An administrative staff came in. Seeing you sleep, he got scared and called me. I just brought you back to your room. Take care of yourself.”

(Ragini)“Okay.” He left without looking back. Wait, he asked if I knew it was him, then he was the one who came into my cabin. Why did he lie? What is happening between us, I don’t know.

(Laksh’s POV after coming out of Ragini’s room) Why the blo*dy hell did I go to her office room? thought I heard some noise and when I came out, I saw Samuel Parkson walk out. I just wanted to see her. I couldn’t stand not seeing her. No matter who I was with, she was always in my thoughts. I thought I will go in and talk something about the progress and found her fainted on her chair. I got scared that something like what occurred at the party happened. If I didn’t realise that she was just sleeping, I would have thrashed Samuel.
No matter how many others I go out with, it never went beyond dinner. I cannot do anything about this feeling and it is getting worse. I would have never imagined that I would dare to beat up someone who hurts a girlfriend or get jealous over her. This unknown feeling of love is ruining me. And when she stopped me from going back to my room, my heart almost jumped out. She looked so defenseless. I just can’t control this anymore. Once the progress is confirmed, I am going out of this place. I have to try never to meet her unless it cannot be avoided, even if I feel otherwise.

Next day, when I went to my cabin, I saw her cabin occupied.

(Laksh) “What are you doing here?” I asked her.

(Ragini) “Back to work. I had to send some files to the head office and”

(Laksh) “I meant, what are doing coming back to work? You just had high fever yesterday.”

(Ragini) “Which I assure is due to exhaustion. I am perfectly fine now, Laksh.”

(Laksh) I wanted to argue with her and make her return but I decided that I should distance myself from her, hence didn’t talk anymore. “Anyway, what about the research’s progress. How is it?”

(Ragini) “Its going fine…………..” She explained me in detail.

(Laksh) “I guess it will get over in another two-three months.”

(Ragini) “That’s the plan.” I looked at her with thought.

(Laksh’s POV) I left from the site. I wanted to linger there more, but I shouldn’t give into my emotions. As I was driving back I recalled that talk mom and I had after Ragini was introduced to the family. Mom was elated to see Ragini. She noticed the tension between us and said that I would surely fall for her. I should have taken it as a warning. Mom is never wrong about these this. I should have realised something of the attraction I felt was going to lead to this. But no, I was stubborn saying that I can overcome it. Now, I can’t and I stuck like in a muddle. I still believe in infatuation and lust. Given the time, I can forget about this miserable feeling. I don’t want to live like this. It would be better to be alone. Just few more months. Then, she will disappear from my life.

(Ragini’s POV) Two days later, Samuel came up with a challenge of doing a research work that he had submitted earlier and take it to the next level within a week. When I saw the paper, I was amazed by the work and dedication he put in as a doctor and a loyal scientist. Tough work. ‘Impossible but doable’ I love that phrase from the movie. Better get to work.

Four days later, Samuel got what he wanted. I lost my sleep and spent every free time I had on it. He really did a great job with his paper. When he saw mine, he was no doubt amazed but he finally conceded me as a superior. A satisfying victory after a long time. Now, he was easier to get along. He joined us for lunch. Became more open about his opinions and approach. It looked like he finally opened up. When I told him that he could get a girlfriend easily now, with his current attitude, he blushed like a middle school kid. So cute! When my professor arrived, the work got completed faster because of the excited scientists.

Before I knew it, it was already time for our company’s Annual party. It has been almost a year since first I met Laksh. Laksh was decided as a representative for Kapoor in our company party while Arjun did the same in Kapoor’s. Laksh was selected as my partner. I really don’t want to see him. My work was getting over soon and I wish we could never meet again. Maybe I should talk out the stress with someone and I just know the correct person. When I went back home, the first thing I did was call up Shefs. Taking it with mom or Uttara would only worsen things.

(Shefali) “Hi. Why haven’t you contacted me for so long?” Shefs said throwing her bags on the table of the cafe. The medium height brunette, with fierce eyes, sat down with anger.

(Ragini) “Sigh. I was busy.” She narrowed her eyes.

(Shefali) “You were busy? Is that all we amount to? You and I?” To an outsider, it would sound like a lover’s quarrel but in actual, she just cares too much.

(Ragini) “I have been working day and night to finish the work. I chat with you almost daily. Didn’t I tell you that?” I slumped on the table.

(Shefali) “Yeah, yeah, so that you can finish it sooner and set up practice. I know. Have you decided where you are going to practice?” She ordered herself some sandwiches.

(Ragini) “I was thinking of taking a break after this and few days later, start searching.”

(Shefali) “Well, you have an offer. When dad heard of your arrangement, he said he would be happy to take you in.” Shefs’s dad is also a general practitioner while she specialized in cardiology.

(Ragini) “Really? That is the first good news I have heard after long.” I felt happy after a long time.

(Shefali) “What do you mean? Did something happen between you and ‘your fiancé’?” She is sharp. She struggled to keep up with studies when we were in college but she is very handy when it comes to practical work, like her hand works, precision and intuitive of human emotions.

(Ragini) “I don’t know. He has been making me tired.” Tired beyond my expectation. Only when I work, I don’t think of him.

(Shefali) “With all that affairs? Can you even call if affair when he is with a new girl every night? I can’t imagine how guys can do these.” She snarled.

(Ragini) “How did you know that? Papers don’t know these.” She looked furious.

(Shefali) “Is That Your Answer, Stupid? Papers Don’t Know These? Are You Even In Your Sane Mind? You Are Supposed To Blast Him For His Actions. Not Ask How Do You Know!”

(Ragini) “Why? I told him to do whatever he likes.” She looked like she was about to explode but instantly calmed down.

(Shefali) “Sigh. Ragini! Can you not be a more obvious fool than you already are?” She nodded her head in reproach.

(Ragini) “Don’t call me a fool.”

(Shefali) “Then What Else Shall I Call You? A Genius? Why do you say he is making you tired?”

(Ragini) “You know. Not trying to meet, that is avoiding each other. Not communicating. I never realised that we had to talk so much because of one common project.” She didn’t look convinced.

(Shefali) “Ragini, tell me what happened from the first.” She already knew how we met and how we are attracted to each other though we hate each other. I told her everything from how he decided not to care after he forcefully kissed me.

(Shefali) “You don’t want to think about him, you work hard till you faint, you avoid seeing him. WHY? It Is Obvious, You Dummy! You Like Him. Infact, you like him more than you can imagine. You love him. You don’t want to submit to those feelings because of your pride. That Is Your Problem!”

(Ragini) “No, I”

(Shefali) “Don’t even say it! It is me you are talking with, not someone else and I know you better than anyone. The instance is that you are resisting the problem means that you like him.” Impossible but what she says is true.

(Ragini) “What to do? I don’t want to like him. I don’t want to be miserable.” I am miserable as it is. I don’t want to love a man who doesn’t even believe in love.

(Shefali) “Ragini, I know why you are scared of touch or contact, but if you just let go of yourself, he may be the one.” She tried to convince me.

(Ragini) “No no”

(Shefali) “Ragini! Fine. You don’t have to tell him that you love him but why are you not accepting it? You know what you are feeling. You are confused. I am asking you not to pursue it but to accept it. Just accept it and move forward. You will be more at peace then.” Accept that I love him and not do anything about it?

(Ragini) “Are you sure about it?”

(Shefali) “I am positive. You won’t suffer like you do now. I would do anything to see you happy and have I ever told you something impossible to do?” I couldn’t control the fear I have inside me.

(Ragini) “Shefs…………, I do love Laksh. As much as an arrogant fellow he is, he is sweet, kind and caring. Seeing him care about those people he loves, made me envious. I wanted him to care for me but when he did, I got scared. I was scared that I would fall in love with him. I don’t want a person I love to reject me.”

(Shefali) “He won’t necessarily reject you. You cannot judge for him.”

(Ragini) “He will, when he knows. He is a heartless person. He wouldn’t care if I told him I love him. It would only increase his ego. Even if does accept it, even if he did find a way to his heart, in the end, he will think I am disgusting if he knew why I am scared of touch. Why did I fall in love with him? Of all the people, why him?” She stroked my head as I whimpered.

(Shefali) “Cry all you want. Cry your heart out. You will feel better.” I cried for how long, I didn’t realise. I should thank that she chose a cafe where no one can see you; tables separated by cabins, giving privacy. When I finally calmed down,

(Shefali) “Are you feeling better now?” Indeed, it felt lighter. I have been thinking too many things that I didn’t know what to do. Saying things out as I cried, really took a burden off me.

(Ragini) “Yes. Thank you.”

(Shefali) “What is it between friends? Now, pay the bill and lets leave. Before that, lets go to the restroom and fix your makeup. Thank god, I got my makeup kit. You look horrible!”

(Ragini) “Yeah, thanks for that too.” I told her sarcastically.

(Shefali) “Always welcome.” She smiled back at me.

Precap: Annual Party of the Singh Company, Nisha’s wedding and a shock to Ragini

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