Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 10


Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 10
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So let’s begin our journey

Recap : An insight into Laksh’s life nd Laksh’s shopping with Swaragini

(Ragini’s POV) Spending weekend with Laksh proved to be very different. I never expected him to open up about his family. He seemed kind of sweet. Not a cynical ass that he shows himself to be. He looked happy; not all irritated and ice cold. If he were like that even a bit social as he was with his family, I would have fallen for him long back. My mind wavered. He is attractive. He was completely in formals for dinner but very casual when he came to take Swara for shopping. A T-shirt and Jeans has never suited anyone better compared to people I have seen and been with. He carried himself so well, there was something raw and sensual about him. On top of that, spoiling Swara was indeed a sight to see. I don’t think even Sanskar would do that. He treats his loved ones completely opposite to how he treats others.
As much as I am attracted to him, I cannot afford to fall in love with him. He will only hurt me and make me cry. Besides, I don’t think I can ever have a normal relationship, not with him, not with anybody. Everytime I thought of that, I became depressed. I resolved that I would never feel why me at any point of time I life but being with Laksh brings out my fear, my insecurities, my inferiority complex. I don’t know how many times I felt helpless when I am with him. Why do I have to deny myself from falling in love with him? Why am I such a coward? Why do I hide myself among the glitters of this society? Everytime I think about this I feel like crying. I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I just hope that I will split away from Laksh as soon as possible. I shouldn’t get too close to him.

After we got back, work got the better of us. We ate our food together and stayed formal to each other. That ease and comfort we felt when travelling and in the city was nowhere discovered after which maybe for the better. Not maybe, it is for the best.
Few days later, he suddenly started to talk during lunch that we had together as usual.

(Laksh) “So, Ragini, what are your hobbies?”

(Ragini) “Why?” Why so suddenly?

(Laksh) “Nothing really. Actually, I have a request to make.” As if it would have been his genuine interest!

(Ragini) “And that would be?”

(Laksh) “Can you be my partner for the Company’s annual party?”

(Ragini) “Get an escort.” Oh my! I shouldn’t have said that. His face grew rigid and eyes looked distant and cold.

(Laksh) “I would, if I had not been engaged for sometime. So what is your answer again?” I could only bite my lips. His attitude sent shivers in me. All because of my reply.

(Ragini) “I will come. I will stay at Sanskar’s place.”

(Laksh) “The event spreads over three days. You cannot leave until the party is over. Hence, room has been booked for you.”

(Ragini) “Fine.” He didn’t talk after that. It felt like he didn’t want anything to do with. All I could do is stay grumbly and dejected. All because of dad! No, I cannot blame him. He
asked me whether I wanted to get away from this project. Like a fool, I said no. Really, why me!

(Laksh’s POV) About a month after visiting my home, Ragini and I started travelling together again. I can say that the relationship has not worsened. What do I want from this, I don’t know clearly now. But feelings as muddled still grow. Three day stay and parties and get-togethers, an irritant but a necessity. It is hosted in our family hotel and rooms were booked for our family.

First day was for present and future business associates.

While waiting in the hall, talking with people, Ragini came down rather quietly, dressed absolutely stunning, went straight to Sanskar. Even if he is her cousin, I am her fiancé. Isn’t it natural to come to me first? I went to get her. She didn’t resist joining me but she definitely showed her reluctance. She was introduced to many people. I don’t know what I am doing! Why am I introducing her when I have no intention of committing to the engagement?

(Froster) “Mr. Laksh, how nice to see you again.”

(Laksh) “Mr. Froster! Nice to see you. Hope you are enjoying yourself.”

(Froster) “Immensely. Kapoor Group never fails to amaze me at the grandeur that you celebrate in.”

(Laksh) “Thank you. Have you met my fiancée? Ragini!” I called her to my side. She came smiling.

(Laksh) “Ragini, this is Mr. Froster, Chairman of the F Bio. This is Ragini Singh, my fiancée.” I pulled her up closer to me with my arm around her.

(Ragini) “Nice to meet you, Mr. Froster. I have read so many of your research papers, published and unpublished. It was simply just wonderful.” Mr. Froster looked surprised.

(Froster) “Oh my! Thank you. I never expected someone who appreciated Medical work in business meet.”

(Laksh) “She is also a doctor, Sir. Please, excuse me for a minute.” I left them to talk while I exchanged formalities with others. By the time I returned, Swara and Sanskar and another woman were with Ragini.

(Laksh) “How is the party, Swara?”

(Swara) “Great. But I am feeling sick. So, Will and I were thinking of leaving.”

(Sanskar) “What about you, Ragini?” Sanskar asked her.

(Ragini) “I am staying here. He has got a room separately for me.”

(Sanskar) “Very well then. See you later.” Both of them left.

(Laksh asked) “And this charming woman is?” An average height woman in a conservative evening gown, with serene smile greeted me. Ragini hugged her instantly,

(Ragini) “She is my partner in crime, my best friend Shefali. Shefs, this is Laksh Kapoor, my temporary fiancé.” I didn’t like the way she introduced me, even if they are the closest
of friends.

(Laksh)“Nice to meet you. As you can see, as temporary as I am, for now, I am her fiancé.” I made sure that Ragini was close to me, which made her squirm. She didn’t resist
before. Why now? Her friend looked at me unsure.

(Shefali)“I can see that. So, I will leave your darling to you while I go catch up with others.” She said lightly as she left. Ragini whispered angrily.

(Ragini) “What Was The Meaning Of That?” She broke out of my hold and walked out furiously. I went up behind her irritated. What does she think she is doing? I caught her and pulled her to the corridor where lesser people pass by.

(Laksh) “What is your problem?”

(Ragini) “Why Are You So Clingy All Of A Sudden? And Why Did You Hug Me In Front Of Shefs!”

(Laksh) “What is wrong with it?”

(Ragini) “I DON’T LIKE IT!”

(Laksh’s POV) An uncontrollable anger came over me. I held her hands tight in mine and I kissed her soft lips forcefully and passionately. She writhed, twisted,resisted as much as she could but stopped after we parted. She dropped down unconscious as I caught her in my arms. What happened?

(Laksh) “Ragini, Ragini!” I patted her face. “My God!” What happened? Does she hate me so much that she couldn’t accept it? I decided to carry her up to her room, her friend Shefali came out searching for her.

(Shefali) “Ragini!” She ran over. “Oh my god! Ragini! Wake up! Is there a room she can be settled in?” Worry reflected in her voice. Does she know why Ragini is like this? I nodded as a reply and up with her. I called up Manik and told him to cover up for me the rest of the party. Whatever this is, I have to know what happened. Settling her down in the bed, her friend pushed me out. After sometime, Shefali came out.

(Laksh) “How is she?” The next thing I knew was that I was slapped.

(Shefali in all anger screamed at Laksh) “What Did You Do To Her? It Has Been Years Since She Has Had Such A Strong Reaction To Touch! Years, I tell you and here I thought she was finally getting normal!” She shouted.

(Laksh) “What the! I didn’t do anything. I just kissed her! Is it a sin?” She looked shocked and went quiet all of a sudden.

(Shefali) “Sigh. So, you don’t know” she almost whispered. She took a deep breath and talked out loud. “It is not a sin. It is just that you can’t pull that on Ragini. She was…. I mean…. She is scared of touch. She cannot bear to touch or be touched by people. When you force her, she shuts herself out.” I didn’t say anything. “She is still not used to normal skinship. She grits her teeth and smiles outside but more intimate moments are not for her. She can’t stand it. Even when she hugged me, she was forcing herself. In any case, she will wake up in sometime. If you want to ask anything, ask her. Are you staying here or going back?” She looked at me almost expecting me to go but,

(Laksh) “I am staying here.” She nodded and left. Strangest thing I have heard. Scared of touch? She seemed fine. She doesn’t look like she has a problem. Now that I think about it, she never gets close to people. Always maintained her distance. It was no wonder the reason for the break ups of her numerous romances. But I don’t understand, why get into relationships if you know that you can’t keep it going. I got in, removed my tie and cuff, threw my coat on the chair and sat beside her, watching her. Thoughts flew in and out of my mind, not fixing on one. Questions filled my head for which I knew I wouldn’t get a proper answer. She tossed her head uncomfortably sleeping.

(Laksh) “Hey, Ragini!” I kept my palms on her forehead.

(Ragini) “No….. No……” and she kept murmuring it again and again.

(Laksh) “Hey, Ragini, wake up! Its a dream. Wake up!”

(Ragini) “NNNNOOOOO!” She screamed and woke up abruptly, pushing me aside. She was breathing heavily, sweating immensely. She was tensed, bundled herself to a small ball, shivering like a frightened animal.

(Laksh) “Are you okay?” I gave her a glass of water. She took it cautiously. She drank it slowly as if it were poisoned. She tried to compose herself.

(Ragini) “Who changed my clothes?” She asked loudly but her voice trembled.

(Laksh) “Shefali did.” She looked more scared because of what I said.

(Ragini) “What did she say? Did she tell you anything?” She asked hurriedly. What she said? Why is she concerned about that? She looked anxious.

(Laksh) “That you are scared of touch.”

(Ragini) “That’s all?”

(Laksh) “That’s all.” Suddenly, there was a sense of relief in her face. What more is there that I shouldn’t know?

(Laksh hoping that Ragini would answer asked) “But why? Why are you scared?” I sat by the side of the bed and looked at her with concern while she looked away. “Why did you
faint?” I wanted to hug her softly and calm her down but I couldn’t.

Ragini was angry by his act and she asked him to do whatever he likes and she was not a pr*stitute that he could kiss her whenever he liked.

(Laksh in anger) “I Got It. I Will Do Whatever I Like! You can stay for the next two days of party if you want. Good Night.” I went out banging the door. Thank god, I realised that I like her before it was too late. I can still get out of these wretched feelings.

(Ragini’s POV) I couldn’t stop trembling. I was shivering before but seeing Laksh’s face look furious, I cowered. I have never seen anyone look enraged as he was. When he banged the door and left, I jumped up. I tried to hold myself and calm down. Why was he angry? I told him clearly I was not interested in a relationship. So, why? I have never cared who knows about me, but please let Laksh never know. Even though I don’t want to be involved with him, please let him never know my past. I don’t know when I fell asleep while crying, it was noon when I got up. Laksh’s sister, Kavya was going out when I came out of my room.

(Kavya) “Ah! Ragini! Nice to see you again.” She beamed at me. Kavya, I met her just once before. A beautiful, vile tongued person. It was hard to think that she is married and has three children.

(Ragini) “Hello.” I answered her, guarded.

(kavya) “You don’t have to be uptight around me.” Yeah, right! You can casually insult a person without even the other realising it.

(Ragini) “I am not really. Today’s party is for?” Its not that I couldn’t look up the itinerary.

(Kavya) “You are attending today’s party?” She looked surprised.

(Ragini) “Yes. Anything wrong?”

(Kavya) “Laksh changed his partner for the evening before he went out.” Really? He changed it. Was it because of yesterday? Was he angry? Why? I couldn’t understand. Seeing me silent,“Are you still attending?” I have no choice.

(Ragini) “Yes. I am. I am representing the Singhs also.”

As we went out for shopping,
(Kavya) “What happened between you and Laksh?” I knew that she couldn’t keep it in her.

(Ragini) “Nothing.”

(Kavya) “Nothing which is so serious, that he changed partners?”

(Ragini) “It is not serious. Its just a partner.”

(Kavya) “I know Laksh. He wouldn’t mind having affairs or one night stands when single but not when engaged. He will make sure he breaks it up before he moves on.”

(Ragini) “So,”

(Kavya) “What happened?”

(Ragini) “If you are worried about that, I already told him that I don’t mind him having affairs or scandals. Let it publish, splash all over, I don’t care.”

(Kavya) “It would affect you.”

(Ragini) “Even if it does, he is not the first one to do it and I pretty sure that he wouldn’t be the last one.”

(Kavya) “I am not sure what kind of relationships you have had, but I know that you pushed Laksh to this.”

(Ragini) “I don’t care even I did.”

(Kavya) “Ragini! What are you not telling him?”

(Ragini) “I would have told him if I wanted him to know.”

(Kavya irritated) “Talking with you right now, feels like hitting the wall. If I were you, I would drag him back to the backwaters factory.” She cares a lot about Laksh. I could see. But,

(Ragini) “That’s the difference. You are not me. Don’t worry, Kavya. Your brother won’t be hurt, nor would I be.” I just hope I wouldn’t be hurt.

Finally, the party that day got over. Laksh didn’t even look at me. I don’t care. He didn’t look like he was close with the woman escorting him. During the middle of the party, he disappeared. It was almost at the end of the party when I realised it. He said I as his fiancée had to stay till the end and he disappeared! I decided to leave. My room was at the end of the floor where all his family had their rooms in. When I crossed Laksh’s room, the woman who was escorting him came out. It is not a mystery as to what happened. I was shocked. I don’t know what to say or feel! I know I shouldn’t be but seeing him actually do it, I never expected it like Kavya.

(Woman) “Oh! Hello. You are his fiancée, aren’t you? He showed me during the party. Are you going in?” Asked the blonde girl, who looked like a model, stepping aside.

(Ragini) “No. I am going to my room.”

(Woman) “I see. No wonder he is like this.” She chuckled. “Well, see you later, Ms. Fiancée.”

(Ragini’s POV) What the hell was that! Why should I hear from her? I was beyond angry. This is humiliating. I know what I told him but I don’t have to take this. I walked away from there and packed my bags. I am not going to stay here anymore. Let him do whatever he wants and I returned back to the factory without attending the third day of the business meet of the Kapoors.

When I returned back to the factory, research work got the best of me. Even if Laksh had come, I wouldn’t have known. I had been sleeping at the lab. Life is more than pressuring. I just don’t know what I am going to do! Laksh is always in corner of my mind, Samuel being stubborn and getting harder to deal with. In Samuel’s case, I could ask Arjun whom he idolizes for help. Should I ask Arjun for help? He will help me but he would also mock at me. How am I going to deal with him? I was lying back on my chair, thinking when someone banged my table. I knew who it would be and I didn’t even care to take the book from my face.

(Ragini in utter amusement) “What, Samuel? What do you want?”

(Samuel) “This paper, look over it.” I finally sat straight and looked at it.

(Ragini) “Have you shown it to Naitik? Isn’t he also a part of this? He has to correlate with you.” I gave it back to him.

(Samuel) “That is what you are here for, aren’t you? Correlating and smooth running.” Irritating ass. Why do I have only such people around me!

(Ragini) “Shall we go to my room to talk?” I said calmly.

(Samuel) “Why?” I looked out from my cabin and pointed him to them.

(Ragini) “I do not wish to humiliate you in front of colleagues who respect you.”

(Samuel) “They don’t anymore. Not after you arrived.” He said with contempt.

(Ragini) “What a petty man you are, Samuel! Is that how much you trust your friends? I pity you. To think they even stood up for you and asked me not to throw you off the project;
and you don’t even want to talk to them after.” For the first time, he shut his mouth. He looked stunned. “So shall we go?” I got up and went ahead to my office room. Of all the times, I just had to suffer from headache now. He followed me. Glad that I can atleast sort this out now.

(Ragini) “Take a seat, Samuel.”

(Samuel)“Thank you.”

(Ragini) “So your complaints?” He glared at me.

(Samuel) “Didn’t you have them? To the extent you wanted me out of the project?” I hate people without an ounce of management skills in managerial positions.

(Ragini) “Let me tell you this. I am not a narrow-minded person to throw out someone with talent and skill just because they want to act on their own, ignoring superiors. I heard you
idolize my brother.” He twitched in his seat.

(Samuel) “Not really.” What a lie! I have heard endless praises of Arjun from his colleagues.

(Ragini) “Well, if you do, let me make it clear what Arjun would have done. He would have fired you and made sure you don’t get another job in your life. You would have died
homeless and penniless. To avoid his anger being projected, it is exactly why trouble makers are sent to me.”

(Samuel) “I wonder if your brother knows about your small talks on him.” Arjun never cared about and never will.

(Ragini) “Infact, he does. I have no intention of hiding things from my brother. Getting back to the problem, your colleagues still trust you and your work. They want to get along with you as before but you are making it hard for them to work with you.”

(Samuel) “That wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t mope up to their boss.”

(Ragini) “Samuel, these things are getting you nowhere. I don’t know what you have against me and I do not care to know it. As far as I am concerned, I need the job to move properly without any frictions in the working environment. If you persist on creating frictions, I would have no choice by to transfer you. So, to make things easier, lets us meet in a common level. Is that fine?” He grunted and nodded his head.

(Ragini) “You have any suggestions to make our cooperation better?”

(Samuel) “You have something in mind?”

(Ragini) “Actually, plenty; but I need it out of your mouth. I am not going to change the way I administrate. You need to accept the fact that different people have different ways of
governing. So, tell me what I do would satisfy you and make you accept me to be your boss?” He looked at me with disbelief.

(Samuel) “Are you joking?”

(Ragini) “No. I am completely serious.”

(Samuel) “You would listen to a person working under you?” He must be thinking that I am an idiot to do so, but I don’t seem to have a choice except hear out what his problem is.

(Ragini) “I absolutely will.”

(Samuel) “Why?”

(Ragini) “A good question. If I don’t do this, would you ever accept me?”

(Samuel) “No.”

(Ragini) “Nice. Samuel, you are an honest person. Now that we have reached an understanding, what should I do?”

(Samuel) “Give me time to think about it.”

(Ragini) “Yes. I won’t be returning back to the lab for today. Please inform the others. They can contact me through mail. You may go now.”

After he closed the door and left, I threw my legs on the table. Why do I feel so tired? I never felt tired even I worked in ER.I saw the gossip columns in the community site. Laksh certainly has been busy. He didn’t even think about being discreet. Talks about me being uncaring about these, has created problems at home. Dad definitely didn’t like it when I told him about what I said to Laksh. Sigh. Just nonsense after nonsense, I can’t take it! Just few more months. I noticed the door knock, but didn’t get up. I felt tired and exhausted; I just wanted to sleep. If they see me like this, they will go away. Someone came in. It must be one of the office admin staff, they will go away taking what they want. Go out soon.
The door closed. They left. I feel like it has been ages since I slept. Cold cloth over my eyes and head. Ah…. It felt so nice. I didn’t feel like opening my eyes. I want to sleep. Forget everything for now. I can think all I want when I wake up again and Ragini Drifted to her beautiful and sound sleep.

Precap: Work.. Ragini trying to avoid Laksh… Ragini’s sweet talk with her friend Shefali

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