Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 1


Raglak : Love me Like you do : Chapter 1

Hello Ppl I am back with my new FF on Raglak… And if you are wondering who am I then I lemme introduce myself. I am Crystal.. I had written the FF Swasan_Journey from being stubborn to falling in love. I hope u guys give the same love and affection that I had got for my previous FF. Being a lil selfish, I wish I get more love and affection for this FF.. I know I am being greedy.. But anyways let’s start..Do lemme knw how u felt abt it.The link of who are all the characters are below


Spl thanks to those who have commented on the character sketch post.. I am overwhelmed.. Personal comments have been dropped.. Do read it and support me.. SO thanks to
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It was a bright day and I was recalled back to the headquarters I didn’t know why. I went straight ahead to the receptionist and asked for Mr.Singh. I had worn a dark blue knee length frock that showed my perfect curves. The receptionist stared at me. The reason was quite obvious I was a misfit in the office environment but I was least bothered. I was just bothered as to why they had called me back.

Receptionist: “Mam, are you looking for Senior Singh or Junior Singh.”

Girl: Seeing her I realized she was new as she did not recognize me. So in a calm tone I told her seeing her name “Ms. Layla, If I am not wrong both would be in Senior Singh’s cabin”

Receptionist: Immediately started turning pages to get the extension number of Senior Singh and she was hell nervous.

Girl: “I calmly told that the extension is 101”She looked at me for a while confused and then dialed the number

Receptionist: “Mr.Singh Sir, there is someone here to see you.. Her name is ?”

Girl: I immediately told her “I am Ragini”(I told her in a low voice so that Papa doesn’t shout at her for not asking the name earlier”.

Receptionist: “Her name is Ms. Ragini, Sir”

On the phone: “Send her to my cabin immediately”

Receptionist: “Yes, Mr.Singh Sir”

Receptionist to Ragini : “Mr.Singh Sir would like to see you immediately”

Ragini : “With a smile told her, never use Mister and Sir together and she waved back and left”

While I was walking towards my dad’s cabin I was thinking, I just ran away to AP chachi and Sanskar’s house to be away from my responsibilities I was with them for almost a year, I sat on the heads of Swasan the newlyweds and the old man never called me back. All of a sudden I get a call today stating that I have played enough of hide and seek and it’s high time I come back. What nonsense? When did I play Hide and seek they knew that I was staying with AP chachi. My old man has become mad. He did not even tell me the reason why I was called back.

As soon as I enter my old man’s cabin, I see two gentlemen standing right in front of me. Both looking exactly the same one with grey hair and the other bright brown neatly pushed back, both with three piece suit on, sitting opposite to each other, with stern expression, looking at me like I have done something I shouldn’t have. I accept I have done something wrong but isn’t it a little late to reproach me? Almost a year late?

I shouted entering my dad’s office “And back came the prodigal daughter.” I announced.

Arjun glared at me. Strangely enough, Dad was busy reviewing the sheets at his desk and Arjun was by the window. Arjun Singh, taller than me by six inches, while I stood taller than an average girl at five feet nine inches, bright brown and crimson hair shining through the light, while mine, originally crimson red, half dyed black. Arjun always pushes his hair back with so much hair gel, a straight fit suit, rigid looking, making him as much as unattractive as possible, despite which he looks handsome and could make countless girls go crazy over him.

Arjun squirmed “Can you not make such comments no matter how much ever it is true? You are a director here, even if you don’t like it. So, behave your post.
Rags in her mind “Upright and rigid! He should really loosen up. “Relax, Arjun.” I hugged him. Then, I went to dad, hugged him and kissed him. He smiled at me.

(Dad/RP) “She is right, Arjun. Don’t make such a scary face. No wonder your secretaries look like terrified rabbits.”

(Rags) “Yes. Don’t ruin your handsome face. Girls still go gaga over you despite you being married.”

(Arjun) “Ragini!”

(Rags) He shouted at me. I almost flinched. He can’t even take a joke. Horrible temper, just like dad’s. “Yes. Yes. I am sorry. What happened before I came? You are generally not in a rotten mood. What did you tell him, dad?” I took my seat in the place where Arjun usually sits.

(RP) “Nothing really. He wanted to extend your vacation. I wanted to cut it short. I have a job for you.”

(Rags) It was about time I saw some reaction from him for my rebellion. So I spoke “If you want me back in the same post as Head of Hospitals, I am sorry, there is no way I am going back. I have had it with your rules. If I am going to work, its private practice and I will, surely bill you the most.” I would obviously do free service to dad.

“Then, you are going to do charity?”Arjun snickered.

(Rags) Does he think everything is about money? How did he even fall in love with his wife? I am still amazed when I think that he almost kidnapped his wife (Radhika Singh) before proposing to her and now, he has a happy family of four, with a new-born son and a three-year-old boy.

(Rags) “Yes, Arjun. Someone has to spend the money you earn and what better way than let your sister spend for a good cause instead of your pretty wife shopping?” Before he could reply,

(RP shouted) “Ragini, stop irritating him further. You know as much as I do, that Radhika is just not a pretty wife but also his love and you also know that he cannot take jokes as jokes especially on his wife. Anyway, it’s not your old post. We are entering into a new venture in the pharmaceutical industry. We would like you to oversee it with the other party. I wanted to use the doctor we have in-house than hire someone else. You got any problem with that?” He says in-house but I would surely have a senior scientist with me.

(Rags questioningly asked) “Why the sudden interest in pharma? I don’t have any problems overseeing things. Just overseeing, right?”

(RP) “Just a test of waters. We are only in it for a fixed time. Even drafting the agreement is your duty.”

(Rags) “What? Why should I? It’s your problem!” Why should I get involved with any other work than operations?

(RP) “Listen, if you get this through successful, I will let you practice.”

(Ragini) What did he say? Practice? Then she spoke “Really?” Did my stubborn father, who refused to let me practice on my own, just say he will allow it?

(Arjun) “Father!”

(Rags) Dad ignored him. He is serious?

(RP) “Yes, Ragini. So, what do you think?” I could have jumped with happiness.

(Rags) “Yes. Finally, I can see some sense in your talk. When does it start? “Smile creeped on his face. He seemed pleased.

(RP) “The operations start a week after Nisha’s engagement party.”

(Rags) Nisha, my youngest sister, is getting engaged, married? Then she blurted out “What? Nisha is getting engaged? “Suddenly, dad looked disappointed. What did she do? To think the soft, selfish Nisha would actually fall in love behind our backs!

(RP) “Yes. She and the S Electronics’ President’s son are supposed to be in love. I am not sure how they met, but finally, it has ended at that. I am not happy about it. But as long as she is happy, then fine. I already warned her that there is no way she can undo her actions. So, for the time being, till her wedding, you are officially engaged to the Joint Venture partner’s eldest son.(In many foreign countries just to show that they are perfect family, they get their sons or daughter engaged to their business partners and later they breakup)”

(Rags) “I thought she didn’t have the guts. Good for her! Wait a sec! I am engaged?”

(RP) “Yes. I don’t want people asking questions. I promised to let you do what you want but I need you to help me out sometimes.”

(Rags) Seriously, how many times do I have to get engaged? I got engaged for my siblings wedding before. “Fine. Just till her wedding, right?”

(RP) “Yes. The project details will be available in your cabin.”

(Rags) “Okay. Then, I better start.” I got up. The faster I get this over with, the faster I can be independent.

(Arjun) “Are you not curious to whom you are engaged?” Arjun stood there perplexed by my reactions.

(Rags) “I don’t care. It is only till her wedding and when the project takes off. I can manage it. I am going to my cabin now. Call me if you need anything.” I left. Finally, I can get away from this name of Singh. I can finally practice solo. But since Arjun insisted, I wonder who my fiancé is.

Precap : Arjun’s concern and Ragini’s family union after a year

I know its a small update.. But please tell me how is it… This story is in between the gap of 4 years that i gave as epilogue in my previous ff…. and in that one year is gone because Rags is returning home after one whole year.

Any confusion drop your comments and i will be glad to clarify…

Hope u enjoyed

Credit to: Crystal

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