Raglak My Love My Life Chapter 12

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Maheswari Mansion

DP , AP , Swara and Laksh are having a family talk.. Bua and Kavya are not interested in these talks.. They are thinking about their evil plan..
Kavya:- Mom.. Do u think this plan will work??
Bua:- Ya im Sure it will work.. That girl will run away by herself.. we will make her to leave
Kavya:- Yes mom.. if she leaves we will be so happy..
Bua and Kavya smiles evily.. Swara and Laksh notices and finds different in their smiles..
Swara :- Bhai.. Looking at their smile i find something fishy
Laksh:- Yes Shona.. I think they are planning something??

Swara :- Yes Bhai.. before they do anything we have to find it..
Laksh :- Yes Shona.. What if they are trying something against Ragini..??
Swara :- me too feel the same bhai.. But no need to worry Sanskaar is with Ragini.. Swara and Laksh smiles but are shocked to hear Sanskaar’s voice

Sanskaar shouts ” Kavya Malotra”..Everyone are shocked to find Sanskaar’s anger.. Swara knows that somthing has happened.. She have never seen her Sanskaar like that.. RP and Sujatha enter with angry followed by Ragini..
Laksh notices Ragini.. Her face is so pale due to crying and her eyes are welled with tears.. His heart pained to look at his love like this..He knows something has happened..
Sanskaar goes towards kavya and holds her neck tightly leaving everyone in shock..Bua shouts at him to leave her daughter but Sanskaar is not listening to anything.. His eyes are red in anger.. Swara runs to him and pleads to leave Kavya but Sanskaar is not listening to anyone..
Swara shouts ” Sanskaar leave Kavya now meri kasam se”..

Sanskar closes his eyes tightly and removes his hand from Kavya’s neck.. Kavya is struggling for breathing and Swara hugs Sanskaar
Swara :- Sanskaar what was that?? what happened?? what made u do like this??
Sanskaar:- Swara.. After hearing what they have done with our Ragini surely you will get angry and kill her
Swara and Laksh now understand that something they have done to Ragini and this makes them angry…

Bua:- I know.. This girl wont leave us to live peacefully.. Durga already i warned u about her but look again she is creating problem..
Sujatha :- Enough!! Not a word against my daughter anymore.. i know that u are the mastermind behind everything..Im jus leaving you because ur elder
Laksh:- Sanskaar whats happening here?? what did they do??
Sanskaar closes his eyes and breathes in.. He knows if Laksh comes to know about their plans surely Laksh will kill them but they need to know about their plans..Sanskaar gives some photos to Laksh..

Laksh sees that photos and anger raises in him.. Swara sees it and gets shocked.. DP and AP sees the photos and then sees Ragini who was crying by closing her face…
The photos are like editted pics of Ragini in short dresses.. Laksh tears the photos in anger and goes near Kavya… Kavya gulps seeing Laksh’s anger.. Laksh turns and look at his love who is crying like a baby.. He cant take it anymore.. Laksh raises his hand to slap Kavya but Bua holds his hand..

Bua:- Laksh.. how can you raise ur hands on my daughter.. what proof ur having that this was done by Kavya.. maybe those are real.. Laksh shouts “Bua.. Enough”.. All are shocked to see Laksh like this..
Sanskaar:- Proof.. you want proof rite?? let me produce.. Rahul.. bring him inside…
Rahul brings a guy and drops him down.. Kavya and Bua are shocked to see him whereas others are confused…

Swara :- Sanskaar who is this??
Sanskaar :- He is the one who is helping them against Ragini.. He is Nikhil.. Ex boyfriend of Kavya… He spiked ragini’s drink in my engagement.. He was the one who cutted the wire in the lift.. He is the one who took pictures of Ragini and morphed it like this.. He is the one who has blackmailed Ragini using this photos and asking her to leave.. He is the one who tried to enter her house yesterday night.. He is the one who tried to attack her..
After hearing these things all where shocked.. Laksh’s anger raised to a peak… He took hold of Nikhil’s collar and started to beat him.. Everyone knows Laksh’s anger.. Kavya and Bua were terrified.. Dp calmed Lksh and said that they will handle him in police…Nikhil accepts his mistake and says Kavya asked him to do it.. Ap goes towards Kavya and gives her a slap…
AP:- Arent u shamed of doing this?? How can you do these things to her?? She is the most beautiful soul..

Bua:- Annapurna.. How can you raise ur hand on my daugter..
AP:- You should have done this long before… But you didnt do it bhabhi.. if you have done this she wont be doing like this…
Swara :- How dare you Kavya?? How can you do these things to her?? Are you not feeling ashamed??

Kavya shouts Stop!!!Yes i done all these things… I dont like her… So I thought of sending her away from you all.. Because of her oly you all are avoiding me.. She is gaining all the attention from you all.. using her sympathy she wants to be the princess.. and you all treating her like a god..(Ragini is shocked to know that tis girl is having this much hatred on her and others are looking at Kavya in anger)
Kavya walks near Ragini and says ” She is using you all for her own benefits.. She is the most cunning girl I have ever seen… You all dont know abt her.. She is here to gain this property.. She can do anything for money.. I heard her so called father was with her in this business… “Kavya” Sanlak shouted and were abt give her slap but stopped hearing a slap sound.. All are shocked..

Kavya holds her cheeks and looks at the person who slapped her.. She finds the girl whose eyes are red in anger with tears and she was standing in front of her with a rage.. Yes its Our Ragini Gadodia…

Kavya:- How dare you slap me?/ before next word again a slap from Ragini…
All are shocked to find this Ragini.. The girl who never raises her voice today slapped twice a girl…Laksh from his love’s eyes finds her anger.. for the first tym he sees anger in her eyes..

Ragini:- Enough!! Not a word anymore.. How dare you speak abt my dad?? do you think i will quietly and hear these things never..Whenever u insulted me i listened to you not because im afraid of you.. I jus didnt want to hurt u back.. because i know the feeling when anyone hurts you.. I dont want you to feel it.. I dont know that you had this much hatred towards me.. but I never hatred you.. Because I know the feeling of being without father.. I know u too dont have ur father and so i felt so sorry for you.. but today im happy that ur father is not with you.. because if he was here means he will be feeling guilty to have a daughter like you.. today u didnt insult me.. u insulted a pure realtionship..and im sure ur father will never forgive you for this..

Kavya was dumbstruck to hear her words.. She looks at her mom who was equally shocked.. Everyone were looking at Ragini with tears… Ragini falls down in her knees and looks up… she folds her hand and cries looking up..
Ragini:- Y papa.. Y did you leave me alone here..?? You wanted me to hear these things…You oly taught me to respect others.. but what did gave to me?? A black Image.. Today I slapped a girl twice.. U taught me not to raise my voice against anyone but today I slapped a girl… Im sorry papa.. But what I can do?? she was talking bad about our relationship papa.. Ur my everything papa.. Y did you and mom leave me alone in this world?? take me with you please.. i dont want to live here anymore.. I will come with you papa…” and cries..

Everyone are crying to look at the most innocent soul who is completely broken down.. Swara runs to her bestie and hugs her.. Ragini says inbetween her sobs” Im not like that Swara “.. Swara cries seeing her like it and nods her head as no… Sanskaar is heartbroken to look at his Ladoo like this.. Laksh is jus looking at his love his life.. tears are flowing continuosly from his eyes.. His angel.. she is suffering because of him.. He doesnt know that his family members are against his love.. her words pierced his heart into pieces.. He walks towards Kavya
Laksh :- Are you happy now?? u must be feeling happy to see her like this.. this is what you wanted rite?? I feel like killing u now but i wont because Ragini’s words already killed you.. Kavya feels guilty..

swara shouts “Ragini” and everyone look at Ragini who is lying unconscious… Laksh looks at her shocked………..

Precap :- Ragini hears Laksh saying to Swara that he is going to propose Ragini tomorrow..

Sorry for making you all wait for a long tym.. Hereafter u will be getting regular updates.. Comment ur vies and comments my dear friends.. πŸ™‚


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    Omg , poor ragini, and that kavya and bua feel like killing them but can’t , i was really shocked and glad too to see this shade of ragini laksh ek do slap via ko bhi mil haste , Mene bhangra pa Dena sachhi or call chhaddo, episode was awesome amazing loved it, and sorry for late comment

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