raglak love infinity (three shot)


Hii frends this is a three shot on raglak.i know i m not a gud writer but i’ll try to make it gud so now i’ll stop my unneccessry talk and here we go for our story

We move toward a office where we can see a small crowd and we listen a sound.we go near the crowd we saw a girl who was standing in middle of crowd and her beautiful and big eyes are full of anger and a man who has hold his cheek with his hand.and than the girl move toward crowd and say
Girl:is there we are showing any drama to u?go back to your work move move fast.
And crowd move toward their seat

Than girl again move toward the man and said
Girl:how dare u to cheat my company?how dare u to leak information about our project?u r fired now leave.
Man:pls mam i m sorry.pls dont fired me.
Girl:move here or i’ll lodge complaint against u of frowd now move.
Man go from their.and girl move toward her cabin and we saw the name plate on the door of cabin which say md miss ragini gadodia.
(Yes the girl is our ragini aka tejaswi prakash wyangkar a successful bussiness woman.her dad shekhar gadodida died befor 4 year.how he died its a mystry.her dad was a undercover cop.and her mom died when she is 4 year old.)
Than she call her pa and told her to give a vocancy for the job

@night in gm
Their we saw ragini siting on her study room.and working on her lapy and she saw a shadow near
her window.she move toward window and didn’t find anything.than she go toward her room and slept.
@morning in a park
We saw a boy who was talking with a man on phone
Man:did u find any thing about mr shekhar gadodia.
Boy:no,i went to his home but i couldn’t find anything.today i m going to their office.

Boy:their was a vocancy.i’ll do job their and maybe i find something their.
Man:ok lakshya complete your work as soon as possible.
Lakshya:ok sir
(yes he is our hero lakshya maheswari aka namish taneja.he is a raw agent.he was solving a case of mystry death of 4 pepole.and that case link was connected with shekhar gadodia)
@ragini’s office
Ragini to her pa
Ragini:tell me about todays schedual
Pa:mam,there are 2 meeting one with our board member and another with gupta’s and interview for a*s.manager.
Ragini:ok,so condidates come for interview.
Pa:yes mam
Ragini:ok send them one by one
After 2-3 people came our hero mr lakshya maheswari.

Both feel some connection with each other.and they unknowingly get attracted toward each other than she took her interview and he get selected.

Tell me hows this part.

Credit to: diksha

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