raglak love infinity (three shot) episode 3 (Last epi)


Thanx thanq so much for ur appreciation frends.Lets start from were we end the last epi.
Ragini : but i dont love u
Lakshya get teary eyes and starting to go wgen ragaini say.
Ragini : its a bad habit.u didnt even let me complete my sentece and begin to u.its a bad habit.lakshya maheshwari.
Lakshya : now there is nothing left to listen for me ragini.i m not able to listen more.
Ragini : but i’ll complete my word. Idont love u because u spoil my plan.i want to propse u first and u spoil it.thats not fair lakshya.
Lakshya :now all this didn’t matter for me
He again begin to go.than he realised what she had said.he ran toward her and lift her in his arm and than put her down and hug her tightly
Ragini : and one more thing firstly u spoiled my plan.and u didnt even propose me particularly.
Lakshya : now what i did wrong yr?

Ragini : u didnt kneel down.but never mind because i love u too.because our love is “love infinity”.
Lakshya : and it will be remain love infinity.
Than they had their dinnr.and move to their house.
After 2 [email protected] movie hall
Both had held each others hand.
Ragini : which movie we gonna watch.
Lakshya : horror romantic movie.
Ragini : no i dont want to watch horror movie.
Lakshya : so u scared.who will belive that a undercover cop get scared because of a movie.
Ragini : y a cop is also a human being.
After movie @ caffe
Ragini : we should talk about our relationship to ur patents.when u gonna tell them about them.
Lakshya : now

And he do video call and they talk to his parents and they get agree for their marriage.
After some day they get a call from their sir and they reach their.
Sir : u both has to go for a mission.it is a dangerous mission.and this mission even cause ur lives.
Raglak : nothong is more than important than our country.
Sir : so u both get ready for ur mission u have to go delhi for this mission.
Raglak :ok sir
Sir : u have a week for all this.
@ragini house

Lakshya : ur wish my command my sunshine.
After 2 days lakshya talk to their family about marriage.they agree for their marriage they said that u can merry her but after ur mission.u will come to home and than we will do a grand marriage of urs ok.
Raglak also agree with them
Than they get married.and left for delhi.after reaching delhi.they stayed at lakshya’s friend home.
Lakshya was waiting for her in hall.when he hear a scream of ragini.and went to their room.and he was suprise to see the room fully decorated.and ragini wearing his shirt.she was wearing a white shirt of him with shorts.he was mesmerised to see her.
Lakshya : what is this my sunshine.

Ragini (with a sensual smile) :this is for u my jaan.
He was just in a sweet shock when she again shock him.she knelt down in front of him and say
Ragini : i know i have give u a shock.i think a sweet sock u have spoiled my plane last but not this time.u know i start loving u when i saw u firt time but i thought it is a infactuation but when i saw ur dedication toward work and work woth u i fell for u.so mr lakshya maheswari i wanna grow old with u.i wanna took my last breath with u.
Lakshya : make her stand hug her and kiss her on her forhead and said i too wanna grow old with u.i love u until my breath.i love u till my breath thanhe took her in his arm and place her at bed and turn the light off.and than two soul became one.
Next mrng
They wake up in each other embrance

Lakshy : i wanna ask u y u wear my shirt last ni8
Ragini : because no cloth will make me look more gud than that because that have ur feel.
Lakshya : i must say my wife is so much romantic.
Ragini : know leave all this and get ready we have to go for our mission.
@ a den
They both go their and they found about illegeal weapons. Than they call their team and than they arrested all of them but in all this they both with 2 cops get injured but lakshya is in critical situation

Cops took them to the hospital.they took lakshya to ot.after some time dr. come out.
Ragini : dr. Lakshya is ok na tell me pls dr.
Dr. : i m sorry mrs maheshwari lakshya is taking his last breathe.u can meet him.we have shift him to icu.
Ragini run toward lakshya.like a made person.she entered their and saw him and hug him.
Ragini : this is not fair lakshya u have promise me to love me till infinity. How can u leave my hand in middle.

Lakshya : i love u ragini.i love u after my death also.our love is love infinity.
Ragini : yes lakshya our love is” love infinity”.
Saying this they both took their last breath togethr.
Lakshya die because of his physical injury and ragini die because of her heart injury she died because of heartattack.
But as they said in their language their love reamains till infinity and this is the story of their “love infinity”.

Thanq frends to bare me and my idiotic writing skills.thanx alot for ur appreciation.and sorry if i had bore u with this long episode.and a big sorry because i had already decided tge story line.really sorry and thax again all for ur appreciation

Credit to: diksha

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