raglak love infinity (three shot) episode 2


Thanq so much freñds for liking my ff i am really ovewhelm by ur appreviation.Without more blabering i start my story.

Short summry of last epi.
ragini slept a man and fired him.ragini give vocancy for job.lakshya came for investigate about shekhar for a case so he go for the interview.he got selected in interview.
ragini : congrats mr. Lakshya u get selected u can join office from tommarow.
Ragini to her pa
Ragini : give him his joining letter.
Lakshya : thanx
He start working in her office.but he can’t able to find anything.he sometime notice that ragini eventually get vanished from office.but he is more dedicated toward his work so he ignore it.
After some day
@lakshy’s house

Lakshya in mind : I have join the office.i didn’t get something. this girl ragini is some what mysterious.sometime she is gud,polite and kind amd sometime bad,stubborn and angry.but i don’t know y i feel attracted toward her.
His thought get disturbed by the phone.he answer the call
Lakshya : hello sir
Sir : hello lakshya,did u find something.
Lakshya : no sir.
Sir : so what have u think next.
Lakshya : sir,i thought to search at her home.
Sir : ok
Next day @ office
Lakshya collide with ragini and said sorry to her.ragini move toward office.
@ragini’s cabin

Ragini thinks : he has join our office some day befor than y he is geting important for me?y i feel attracted toward him?what happening me? He is somewhat mysterious.
Ragini thought get disturbed by her pa.she tell her about schedual.lakshya come ask ragini for leave for some day.he said that he has some important work at his home.ragini granted him leave.he left the office.
Lakshya come out of office and he think how he collide with her and took her keys imprint.he than get duplicate keys of office.and he went to his home.
He searches at her home.and than he goes to her study.but he didnt find any thing than suddenly her hand went on book shelf and it moves.he found a secret room their.their he found so many pics at wall and a diary.he read the diary.

And than he found out that shekhar was solving a case about a gang.and the 4 people who had died.they had killed him.and he found that today the gang’s head gonna kiled by someone.he found details like where and when he will be murdered.he reach at that place.
@that place
He was sock to see that the man is already dead than he search near about area and he fimd ragini their with gun.he arresyed him and took her with him to his sir.
He was sock to see that she is not tensed that she get arrested.actually she is smiling he didn’t undetstand anything.

@sir office
Sir to ragini : y u kill them.
Thqn both get another sock after hearing her answer.
Actually she is a undercover cop who was solving her father’s last case.that gang was dangerous they supply drugs.
After that they both solve some case togethr.they start falling for each other.

@one fine daylakshya decide to propese her.he took her to a restourant.he had book the hole restaurnt.than he propesed her
Lakshya : ragini i know i m not at all romantic u know my work ri8.
She nodded her head in yeas than he countinue u know when we met first time i feel attracted toward u.in starting i found u mysterious after knowing about u ur father and how u took his responsibility. I start respecting u.and nowaday living with u while sholiving the case.i start falling for u.I start loving u till infinity.yes ragini i love u.
Ragini : but i dont love u…………

I know it is not at all romantic but i promise u all that last part of this ff is full of romance and a tragedy.and sorry for if i bore u.

Credit to: diksha

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