raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 9


they both are enjoying in different world, when someone who understand our nature is beside us than we forgot about the time

after some time ragini slept in laksh shoulder,he tries to wake up her but he can’t! he lost in her angelic face and don’t want to disturb her,both are sleeping in sitting position

moon hided behind clouds may be he feels raglak are more beautiful than him, both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace leaving all their tensions may be their heart knows it they have someone to care for them, finally this day ends to open the space for another beautiful day

@ Morning

The sun shines on their face and they smiles unknowingly in sleep, then laksh slowly opens his eyes and sees ragini next to him and gets mesmerized to see her, sun rays are disturbing ragini so he puts his hand infront of her eyes

ragini opens her eyes and sees laksh next to her and she is releases his hand from her grip and wakes up shockingly

r: I’m sorry laksh, fell asleep during our conversation

l: it’s ok ragu, chalo jaldi ready ho jao, we have to go to manik place otherwise he may feel bad

r: ok

they finished their breakfast

l: dadi we are going out

d: where are you going?

l: my friend is in Kolkata, so we want to meet him

d: ok, but evening sharma uncle daughter sangeet ceremony, you both have to attend the ceremony, all our relatives to want meet you and your husband

r: ok dadi

@manik house

l: ragini doors are open, may be he is in his room

r: some sounds are coming from this side laksh,

l: chalo than

r: manik aap kya kar rahe ho( kitchen is complete mess)

m:I want to prepare some sweet for you, you are coming. my house first time Na

r: for me!

m: yeah for you and laksh

r: what have you prepared for us

m: gulabjamun

r: yummy, show me yar

m: ??ragini

l: kya hua manny show us Na

he showed them but jamuns are not coming from sugar syrup, they stick to the bowl

ragini, laksh both are laughing seeing manik funny face

m: don’t laugh yar, I tried it perfectly, I followed every instruction from YouTube, but finally it’s complete disaster

see it’s shape,colour everything perfect but it’s not coming out from this bowl

r: you tried for us Na, that’s enough manik, you boiled sugar syrup more time that’s why these jamuns are sticky, no problem I will prepare for us

m: sachi!

r: haa

m: ok, ramu kaka please clean the kitchen

rk: ok beta

ragini prepares jamun in 15 mints and serves to lucky and manik

m: ragini aapka hands me koi magic hai, jamuns taste is awesome

l: sachi ragu,really delicious

rk: manik beta I’m leaving, I will come in the evening

m: ok kaka

manik,ragini cleans the plates, laksh is on call

suddenly laksh heard ragini,manik screaming,so he went to kitchen, he can’t understand the situation

manik,ragini both are standing in kitchen slab holding each other hands with scared faces

l: arey kya hua aap dono ko

r: arey lucky don’t come here, it’s still here only

m: haa lucky

l: kya? koi bomb in kitchen

r: nahi, see there!

l: yaha koi nahi hai

r: arey baba see clearly, it’s near to your feet

l: don’t tell me you are afraid of this cockroach

m: haa lucky,

l: you both are scared because of this cockroach

r: yeah

lucky shocked with this revelation, he killed the cockroach using hit?

m:lucky you are really brave man

r: haa manik, I agree with you

hoo god guys stop it, he laughs loudly, you both are behaving like kids

omg!! you both are afraid of cockroach! that to tiny cockroach hahah

both are looking at laksh seriously

l: ok ok sorry

manik, ragini also smiles seeing each other for their similar cum funny act

trio share beautiful moments in kitchen

Credit to: lovely

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    Ragini and Manik afraid of cockroach haha
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