raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 8


ragini, laksh stood their looking at eachother saying nothing, but it was the nothing that meant everything

may be they don’t know what happening, but their hearts knows everything, some times our heart do crazy things without our involvement

water drops falling from ragini face to laksh, her hair stands are disturbing his view to see her angelic face, he tuck her hair behind ear

both are back to reality due to mobile ringtone, both are feeling awkward about the situation and realized their position

ragini tries to stand but floor is slippery due to soap water, to overcome this awkward situation laksh thinks something

l: raginiiiiiiiiiii

r: kya hua

l: you are looking so thin yar but you are too heavy?

ragini shocked with the comment

r: you idiot, I’m not heavyweight, you only thin

l: how mean, can’t you see my athletic body, I’m thinking to try for 8pack also

r: you!!8pack omg i can’t believe it!!

suddenly she getup from laksh and moved out of bathroom

I think you want to try for family pack you misunderstood it as 8pack?

she closed the door

l: ragini ki bachi, wait I’m coming

both smiled thinking about their fight

ragini changed to normal plain saree in chutki room

laksh also in nightwear

when ragini entered their room, laksh is speaking with someone in phone

l: wait ragini aagya,talk with her

r: kaun!!

l: manik

r: hii manik

m: hii ragini

how are you

r: yeah I’m fine, is everything okay for you Na

m: everything OK but I’m feeling lonely, remaining members in my group are coming after 3days so I need company if you don’t mine please come to my house with laksh

r: sorry manik, already 8-30 Na

m: not now ragini, please come to my house tomorrow

r: OK , I will try

m: not try, you are coming that’s it

r: ok

ragini ragini ragini beta

r: maa is calling me, bye manik

m: bye

l: manny I think you always spend your time with your maa, otherwise prefer to be alone but what’s happening in Kolkata,y you are inviting me?

m: nothing like that, Kolkata is my mother’s hometown whenever I’m here I remember about my grandparents , now I’m missing them that’s why i need company( now my ladylove hometown also Kolkata?)

l: oh sorry, meet you tomorrow

bye manik

m: bye lucky

#living room

r: maa, doctor ne kya kaha! aap teek heina

j: you’re with me na, me bilkul teek hu

choti ma: haa ragu, di health is stable now, her reports also good, doctor ne kaha di health is good

r: I’m so happy maa

j: you are with me ragu, that’s enough to enlighten my mood so nothing can happen to me

ragu hugs her mom,some emotional moments

lucky entered the scene

l: maa you forget about me

j: bilkul nahi, you are my son come here

trio hugs eachother

r: dad is not coming early because of my presence! hey Na maa

j: nothing like that ragu, it will take some time to accept your marriage, he don’t want your presence in house but see today you are with us, so don’t worry he will become normal

they had their dinner and went to their room

l: ragu my stomach is fully loaded yar, I’m feeling uneasy do something

r:hahah, you ate like kumbakaran, now what can I do!

l: maa is serving me with love, how can I deny her, please help me

r: ok come I will show you my favorite place

l: where!

r: come with me lucky

l: okay baba chalo

they both went to terrace


l: yeh terrace hai, how can it be your favorite place?

r: okay I will explain you, close your eyes

l: ok, wat next

r:arey baba wait, just concentrate on yourself and enjoy the cool breeze, is any sounds are audible

l: haa ragu, it’s like some waves are moving like music

I think some beach is near to the house

r: yep you’re right, now slowly open your eyes and see the sky

l: okay

r: now tell me your view about sky

l: as usual beautiful moon, sparkling stars that’s it, may I know your view!

r: Every one is like moon,and has a dark side which we never shows to anybody.

we may do mistakes in life but we have to rectify those mistakes and give happiness to others like moon

stars are like family members and friends, when we are surrounded with family members and friends its indicate beautiful family like sky

whenever I see the sky I feel like I’m with my family, it’s enlighten my mood,
Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep

when we are in peaceful mood than we know many things,see you are in my house since mng but you dont know about beach,but now with in few seconds you found it

laksh stared at her admiringly

r: what happened laksh

l: nothing ragu, we must have beautiful heart to understand the nature beauty , I’m really impressed with your idea, you are really beautiful person I’m grateful have you in my life

now onwards this is my favorite also

both are enjoying the nature with their beautiful smile

thank-you so much for your support….

hope you like it???

Credit to: lovely

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