raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 7

l: ragini are you okay!!

she opens her eyes

r: I’m OK lucky

the other person is watching laksh care for ragini confusingly

both are lost in their eyes suddenly dadi interrupts them

d: arey lucky beta, she is your wife only, you can spend time with her in our house also, come fast

both are embarrassed by dadi comment and other person is shocked with this revelation

aap pati,patni!!

both are realise about someone presence, lucky is shocked to see the person

r: thank-you so much for saving me, haa yeh mera pati laksh ji

laksh- manik!!! aap yaha?

ragini confused about the situation

m: hii lucky, some recordings are their in Kolkata, but aap yaha!! aapka marriage ho gaya than what about your love for swara!

( manik is singer and he knows both swara and laksh)

laksh is panicked, whether to reveal truth or not

l: haa we both are marri……ragini interrupts

r: hii manik, we are just friends,she explains the whole situation, please don’t misunderstand lucky,he is doing everything for me

m: I can understand situation, don’t worry miss..

r: ragini

m: don’t worry ragini, I’m also like your friend I can understand your situation if you need my help, I will be always their for you

r: thank you so much

m: ragini!! aap mujse dosti karogi!

r: OK request accepted, now onwards we are friends

l: ohoo wait wait both are forget about me

m: someone is jealous about our friendship hey Na ragu

r: haa manik

l: I’m not jealous about you, she is my ragini my friend

r: arey laksh, he is just teasing you

l: hmm, is swara also here!!

m: no yar, but they will come here after 4days,i will inform you don’t worry majnu

l: if you fell in love than you can understand my situation

m: now I can understand your situation( he is completely lost in ragini smile)

l: what

m: nothing, by the way this is my address

r: it’s near to my house

m: really!! good news

manik thinks omg!! manny you are really lucky , my lady love house is near to mine, I don’t have any feelings for anyone but your innocent face attracts my attention ragini
, after knowing your story I want you in my life as my life partner

I never believe in love at first sight but now my condition demands me to believe it, I think I’m in love with you

my mom suggest me to visit this temple, so that I can find my angel soon, her predictions becomes true,I found my soulmate in entrance of temple, thank-you Devi maa for showing my angel

his thoughts are interrupted by laksh

l: okay manik catch you later

m: OK bye laksh, bye ragini

r: bye

laksh holds her hand to help her in walk

ragini stares at him and thinks why his care remind me sanskar, whenever he holds me I feel like im safe in his hands and I forgot my surroundings what’s happening to me

( yeh mujse kya ho raha hai song plays in the background)


d: ragu beta aaj sharma uncle daughter mehendi party, I want you to come with laksh

r: I can’t walk properly, their is huge pain in my leg dadi, I will be with maa

d: doctor advised janki to visit hospital once after your arrival,so most probably now she is in hospital

she is really happy ragu,im sure her condition is definitely better than before

r: haa dadi maa

@ night 7.30

d: chutki maa kaha hai

c: maa,badi maa went to hospital , dada ji went to sharma uncle house dadi

d: OK jaldi ready ho jao

c: OK dadi

all went out because of their works

l: me fresh ho kar aata hu ragu

r: OK


soap slipped from laksh hands, omg ye soap kaha chali gayi

he switched on the shower but water is not coming,

l: oh god, ye pani ko kya hua!!

ragini water is not coming

r: their is water problem sometimes, wait I will bring it

l: come fast please

r: laksh open the door(ragini back is facing door)

l: wait, he slowly moves towards the door, finally he open it

he forwards his hands but he is touching her back

r: laksh move back,

l: OK, I’m sorry

she keeps the water and moves from their but her leg is slipped due to soap,she falls on laksh

laksh eyes closed due to soap, ragini tries to get up but floor is slippery she falls again

suddenly water coming from shower both are drenched in water, (ragini hands placed on laksh chest and his hands are around her waist )

laksh opens his eyes and mesmerized to see her in wet hair,both are lost in each other eyes

sorry for typing mistakes

hope you like it

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  1. Awesome episode yaar

  2. Megha123

    Really amazing!

  3. pinkChocolate

    Cute one lovely?Hope Manik is not a bad guy?

  4. Pavani

    Superr it is relavent to a telugu movie don’t know name but hero is jagapatibabu am I right

  5. Such a lovely epi dear loved it so much 🙂

  6. Piya

    Lovely episode

  7. Outstanding dear

  8. Amazing

  9. Anaita

    Dear.. I read all ur parts in a go … They were awesome.. Raglak bonding was too cute???.. Now u have add manik to spice up their chemistry… Superb ?

  10. Wow… Manik intro was great… N raglak romance was too gud… Looking forward for the nxt epi

  11. Awesome as always. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

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