raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 6


@evng – temple

ragini, laksh both are looking adorable in traditional clothes

they entered the temple

priest told them they have to complete some rituals in temple base area after all rituals both have to seek blessing from God

priest ask them to tie the sacred thread to tree in 7 rounds so that you both are together in 7births

ragini is hesitate to complete the ritual but lucky signs her it’s OK, we will be friends in 7births ragu

you don’t need me as your friend in next births!!

r: ragini smiles at laksh antics and said I need you life long in all births

temple bell rings, both are smiling looking at eachother

they tie the thread and ragini pray for laksh safety and lucky pray for ragini safety

after that some pooja held for their happiness and prosperity, pandit ask them to climb the steps to reach main Mandir, me and parvati ji will do the other arrangements in temple( they both left in car)

l: there are so many steps ragu

r: haa, their is no option lucky

l: OK chalo

before ragini laksh some people are lighting camphor in each step

laksh asks ragini about their act

r: it’s all about their Mannat lucky, if we pray for anyone safety lighting camphor in each step our loved one may come out from danger, all people in my village have strong belief

l: hoo

with out noticing ragini steps in lighting camphor, it’s cause sivior pain in her leg and shouting in pain

laksh asks her to sit for some time, and he applies haldi in burnt area but ragini cannot walk properly

she has tears in her eyes, her pain cause tears in laksh eyes with out his knowledge tears are flowing

ragini observes lucky state and tell him that she is OK to comfort him

she starts walking in pain, laksh lifts her in arms

r: lucky plz I can walk

l: be calm I know you better than yourself

r: so many steps are their lucky plz put me down

lucky doesn’t listen to her, ragini stares at him emotionally and remember something

(ragini: maa its really difficult to climb these stairs, but dadi told me we have to go in this way after marriage to seek blessings, its better to avoid marriage hey Na maa!!

janki: hahah for this small reason you want to avoid marriage?

r: haa maa

j: OK fine than I will ask my son in law to take you up in his hands than it will be fine Na

r: wow! perfect if he takes me like that I never leave him and love him more than myself.)

her thoughts are disturbed when laksh puts her down, laksh smiles like achieve something valuable

l: ragu we reached our destination

ragini can’t understand anything and stand their blankly

d: arey laksh beta, kya hua!!

why you lift her in arms

l: nothing dadi, she had some discomfort in walk that’s it

d: hooo, ragini you are really lucky to get such caring husband

r: yes dadima (she looks at laksh admiringly)

d: come pooja is about to start

all rituals are completed and priest ask laksh to tie some yellow thread in ragini neck

l: what is the need to try this thread

priest: it will act as protective shield for her husband

he hesitantly ties thread in ragini neck( mangalam songs plays in background)

ragini, laksh takes blessings from priest and than dadi

they entered the main Mandir

priest take 2flower maala from Devi idol and give those maalas to ragini and laksh

dadi ask them to exchange

laksh make her wear the maala and ragini also does same

priest: flower symbolize happiness , enthusiasm,excitement,aspiration, zeal and beauty

this exchange of maala is to symbolize you are together in all phases of life whether it is bad or good

pooja is completed parvati ji

d: danyavad ji

laksh, ragini beta if you have any wish tie this thread to that tree

l: if I tie this thread, is my wish fulfilled!

d:your wish must be true than it will definitely fulfilled

l: OK than give me dadi

laksh takes thread from dadi and pray for his marriage with swara, he is about to tie the thread than he observes ragini is about fall he leaves the thread without tying

before laksh catch her someone holds ragini and she closed her eyes in fear, that person is looking at ragini lovingly???

******no one knows what’s going to happen in future!! let’s see how destiny unites them in future*****

thank you so much for your support friends,hope you like it?

Credit to: lovely

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