raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 5


ragini, laksh both are shocked with sudden happening

r: I will fill it dadi ma

d: arey ladoo, whats the problem if laksh fill your hair line, he is your husband Na

r: haa,but

laksh interrupts her

l: it’s not like that dadi, I have small cut in my finger , so ragini felt like it may cause infection

d: hoo

l: but it’s OK I will fill her maang, he is about touch sindoor but dadi stops him

d: it’s OK beta, no problem

c: wow jiju ragini didi loves you alot Na, you both are really cute together

l: haa

both feel relaxed

d: ragini beta evening their is some pooja for your safety in kuldevi temple

l: no dadi, no need for any pooja, she want to be with her maa, hey Na ragu

r: haa dadi ma

d: no laksh it’s compulsory ritual for newly Wed couple,

r: but we are not newly Wed couple!!

d: in my view you both are newly Wed couple only so no more discussions

l: OK

j: ragu lunch is ready, you both come

r: maa what about Dada,dad??

j: they have a meeting in office ragu

r: hoo, please take care of yourself maa, I will serve

d: chup laado I’m here Na I will serve, give company to laksh

dadi serves so many dishes, laksh shocked to see those items

l: omg dadi itni sari items, plz I can’t eat all these items

d: laksh, you have to eat all these items, I think laado can’t take proper care about you that’s why you are so thin

lucky is about to taste the food, dadi interrupts

d: arey ruko ruko, you told me you have a scratch in hand Na,if you touch curry than it may cause pain, ragu beta first feed him

laksh thinks omg dadi is really intelligent, she remembered everything

ragini hands trembled to feed him

d: laado he is your husband, you are behaving like he is stranger

chutki: no need to feel shy di,

ragini feeds him when his lips touch her fingers both feels some unknown sensation, both are seeing eachother their is a cute eyelock between them

all are serving him more, laksh eyes welled up

d: laksh beta is spice is more in food!!

l: no dadi, my eyes welled up because of your love

all became emotional

after lunch ragini, laksh entered their room

laksh thinks deeply

r: laksh are you okay

l: I’m OK ragini, I never expect this type of day comes in my life, since childhood I’m craving for family love, whenever I see someone with their parents I felt really bad, but today when I see with your parents I felt happy , they all treat me like family member I always dreamed for this day ragu finally it’s comes true, you don’t know how I feel now, words are not enough to express my situation

he cries happily and hugged her,

both became emotional

l: ragu now I have u, suji mom,dad, dadi,dadu,janki maa,choti ma,dad,chutki all, my family hey Na

r: haa

ragini breaks the hug,wipes lucky tears

now no more tears even in happiness

l: hmm

both are smiling looking at eachother

Credit to: lovely

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