raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 4

l: ragu now we are going to Kolkata, get ready

r: you don’t have any problem in work place Na!!

l: for what!!

r: 8days break from work

l: chill ragu, their is no problem I can manage, infact my director next venture starts in July so I’m free now

r: OK chalo

they all moved to Kolkata

laksh pov

New city, new relations!! I always want to have a family, because of ragini I found my parents in sujatha aunty, ram uncle, now some more relations

I’m excited to see her family, hope her mom is fine

don’t know whether I’m doing correct or not but I have do this drama for ragu, oh god be with us ?

I think finally we reached our destination, it’s a big house

pov ends

d: arey laado wait don’t run like that!

r: I wanna see mom asap


janki is in bed, having tears in her eyes

j: ladoo

r: maa, Kaise ho ma

I’m really bad daughter maa, when you need me more I’m not beside you

I’m sorry maa

she is crying vigorously

j: ladoo you are best daughter, stop crying beta

now you are with me Na I’m fine with in hours

d: haa ragu beta, your mom neglect her health thinking about you

now you are with her Na she will be fine I’m sure

r: hmm

j: ragu beta where is my son in law??

l: I’m here aunty, I’m laksh

he is about to touch her feet , she stops him

j: no need beta, always be happy

l: ji aunty

j: aunty nahi maa hu me tumhara, hey Na ragu

r: haa maa

laksh became emotional

l: OK maa

r: choti ma,papa, chutki kaha hai

j: they went to temple

r: k

d: ragu beta aap fresh up ho jao, I will prepare lunch

r: I will help you

d: no need, fresh ho jao, be with lucky he don’t know anything here Na

r: ji dadi

come lucky

d:laado once come here beta

r: ji

d: ladoo don’t forget about our traditions you are not in Mumbai

don’t call him lucky, he is your husband and one more thing wear traditional clothes like sarees, you are married woman now

r: im sorry dadi but I don’t have any sarees,

d: I already kept some sarees in your room

r:OK dadi

laksh ji chalo Na

@ragini room

both entered ragini room

ragini having tears in her eyes

l: kya hua ragini, why are you crying?

r: this room is same as before laksh ji, no change every inch reminds me beautiful moments in my life

l: hmm!! but why you are calling me laksh ji, call me lucky yar

r: its dadi order laksh I can’t deny her, in our community we have to respect our husband

l: hoo

how many people are staying here

r: we are joint family lucky, Dada,dadi,papa,maa,choti ma,pa, their daughter chutki

l: you are really lucky ragu you have a beautiful family

r: don’t feel bad lucky, I’m with you always my family is always yours

both are having emotional eyelock

r: tum meri room me fresh ho jao, I will ready in chutki room

l: k

after 15 mints lucky waits for ragini

cool Breeze touch his face he felt something and look at the door, suddenly ragini entered the room

lucky is amazed to see her in red saree, smile appears in his face

you are looking beautiful ragu

l: thank you?

suddenly someone hugged ragini from back

r: chutki!!

c: haa didi, I’m really happy to see you,missed you so much

r: me too chutki

c: ye jiju hey Na

r: haa

l: hii chutki

c: I don’t wanna talk with you

l: kyu!

c: because of you I’m away from my di, you need some punishment than only I forgive you

l: OK I’m ready for punishment


l: haa

c: I need ice cream treat

l: that’s it

c: haa

l: you are so sweet chutki

c: tq jiju, dadima calling you

r:OK chalo

chote Papa!!

he avoids her and went to his room

c: Papa,badepapa,dadu still angry with you, they allowed you for janki maa

ragini is teary eyed

l: be strong ragu, they will accept you, don’t cry

c: yeah di,

@ living room

r: sumi maa aap Kaise ho

su: I’m good ragu, happy to see you after so many days

d: ladoo!! where is your manglasutra, their is no kumkum in hair line also!!

are you really married woman??

laksh,ragini both are tensed with dadi questions

r: I forgot my manglasutra in my room,

d: I never except this from you, laksh brta fill this sindoor in ragini hair line

both are shocked

what will happen next!!!

sorry for the late update friends

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