raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 3


new morning starts with ragini prayers

laksh is still sleeping

ragini prepares breakfast

lucky as usual in dream land, his daily dream of someone bringing tea and wake up him with love

r: omg 9 clock!! lucky still sleeping

ragu went to lucky room with tea

lucky wake up its so late

l: lucky slowly open his eyes with smile, but blur image of some girl

he rubs his eyes, ragini infront of him with tea, he is shocked to see her

ragini aap yaha!!

r: it’s already late lucky that’s why I disturb you, sorry

l: no nothing like that, it’s OK

Iaksh thinks what is happening with me, I always want my dream become true but ragini!!

his thoughts disturbed by ragini

r: lucky aap fresh ho jao, breakfast is ready,

l: yeah

@breakfast table

l: hooo aroma of this room is filled with your delicious food, what you prepare for me ragu

r: aaloo paratha

l: omg! it’s my favorite ragu, jaldi serve karo

r: haa baba wait, chalo taste karo

l: wow amazing yar,

if you prepare like this Na I will be with you only life long for this paratha!!

r: hahah, aap bi Na lucky

I forgot to tell you I’m going for shopping lucky, I will be back in 2hours

l: no yar, 2hours omg i can’t be alone at home, I will accompany you

r: OK

l: we will go in my bike please

r: haa

at signal point someone observes raglak and they starts calling ragini name, but due to horns ragini could not hear

they follows raglak and stops their vehicle infront of bike

ragini see them with tears in her eyes


shekar is looking emotionless but dadi and ragini are teary eyed

ragini runs towards them and hugs her dad, shekar is not responding to ragini but he told his maa to tell ragini everything

ragini looks at dadi with confusion

r: kya hua dadi

d: arey laado, aap Kaise hoo, how can you forget us beta

r: I’m sorry dadi maa

d: your mother health is not good beta, she want to meet her daughter and son in law, that’s why we are searching for you in Mumbai

r: maa!!!, what happened to her

d: now she is OK beta, Rona bandh karo

dadi looks at laksh

arey beta please come hear

lucky came their and takes blessing from dadi

she is impressed with lucky behavior

d: arey shekar see your son in law is handsome and sanskari bi hai, ragini choice always perfect

raglak both are shocked with dadi comment and see each other with confusion

l: dadi!! I’m

laksh is interrupted dadi

d: you don’t need explanation but we are angry with you, you both are married with out our presence

shekar is still angry but everything will be fine

ragini thinks something and haa dadi, laksh ji really caring husband

laksh looks at her with shocked expression

ragini hold his hand tightly, he understand the situation and give her a confusing smile

shekar: maa, janki is waiting for us

d: haa ladoo, we are searching for you luckily we found you, jaldi tayar ho jao beta

your mother and our family is waiting for you

l: haa dadi, she will come with you

d: not only ladoo, you also come with us to Kolkata

janki eagerly waiting to meet you

it’s your mother in law wish to meet you, hope you understand her

l: jii dadi

all reached to ragini home

l: come ragini we have to pack our luggage

r: haa

both entered in ragini room, laksh closed the door

l: ragini aapko kya hua, why are you lying with them, it’s time to reveal about your marriage then you can live with them happily

r: I can’t lucky, they breaks down emotionally and they force me to marry someone

l: so you want to continue this drama, don’t know where this drama takes us

r: lucky you promise Na you will be their for me now I need your help, plz only 1week, come with me

l: OK ragu, your wish my command madam, but it’s completely your decision I’m not responsible for consequences

r: haa baba OK, chalo dadi is waiting for us

******journey to Kolkata*****

note: my first os in this page is raglak ki love story and this is my first ff

priya I’m also huge fan of lovely(brokenheart)

thanks for your response friends

Credit to: lovely

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