raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 2

l: ragini me kuch kahu!

r: lucky you don’t need my permission

l: try to move on from past ragini, you have a bright future , sujatha aunty also want this

r: I will prepare dinner for us

l: no need, first answer my question

r: their is no answer for such questions

l: plz understand the situation ragini

r: OK lucky I’m ready to forget my sanky but

l: but!!

r: you have to forget about swara and marry someone else

l: are you crazy, how can I forget swara

r: exactly, how can I forget my sanky

l: he is no more ragini and my swara is alive, their is a chance for my love

r: your love is one sided laksh still you have a hope, but my sanskar is always with me in my heart, I have memories of sanskar those are enough for me

it’s really easy to say move on lucky but when it comes to u difficult to accept the truth

ragini is crying vigorously about to fall down but laksh hugs her tightly

l: I’m sorry, please don’t cry

r: I thought you understand my pain lucky but you also want me to forget about him

l: I’m sorry ragu, I’m really sorry

both are crying suddenly they realize their position and feeling awkward

laksh breaks the silence

I’m always their for you ragini, you told me Na sanky likes your smiles

so please smile for your sanky

r: hmm, thanks lucky

l: ragini come we will prepare something for our dinner

r:ohoo lucky you know cooking, swara is really lucky

l: she is not understanding the fact Na ragu

r: k, show me swara, I will convince her

l: no ragu, she has to realize my feelings for her is genuine

r: yup

both are feeling better now with each other company

after dinner laksh thinks don’t know why ragini but your tears give me pain, I want to see my old, bubbly ragini

the day ends with normal conversation both are sleeping peacefully

both are don’t know about upcoming twist, that may change their life forever

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  1. pavani darling

    Nice one lovely darling

  2. Awesome but too short. Please make it a bit longer. Please.. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  3. Nice… Hoep to see RagLak together soon..

  4. Nice… Hope to see RagLak together soon..

  5. Nice epi…but wat happnd to ur other ff’s??

  6. Its too cute ?But please make it big?

  7. Very nice

  8. it’s karthick & kousi movie right.. I just love this movie wait for next part

  9. Nice but short one

  10. Superb dr

  11. Superb. It will be interesting to know how will they fall in love

  12. Awesome Dr but plz make it long

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