raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 10


@living room

l: manny I want to see swara, I’m away from her, don’t know her feelings

m: don’t worry she will understand your love

r: haa lucky, it’s her luck to accept you

l: hope so

m: she is coming to kolkata, that to I planned our team stay in my home

l: here!!

m: yep, for you bro

l: omg thank you so much manny, your help is so much to me

m: I’m doing this for my love( looking at ragini)

l: what

m: nothing bro, if I help you, someday I found my truelove Na that’s it

r: hey laksh he is planning this for someone, who is the special person manik ji

l: is that true!

m: no yar,

r: please batao Na

m: if I have to reveal about my love you are the first person to know

r: ohoo, than its fine

m: but it’s really difficult to analyze girls heart

l: yeah true,help us Na ragu

r:We nvr knw
Why we like some people mor dan othrs..
Why we lov som pl widout reason..
Why we feel hpy wid thir presence
Sm realations hav no explation.

if our love is true than our every move show them depth of our love

l: yes, you are always correct ragu

m: I too agree she is perfect?
it’s lunch time, come on guys

l: manny lunch!!

m: yeah, wat happened

l: lunch kisne banaya?

m: ramu kaka ne banaya, If you want wait for 15mints i will prepare for you?

r: haha

l: omg! no need manny, I have so many things to do in my life?

they finished their lunch

ragini invites manik to their home

m: I will definitely come to your house, wait my mom want to see you I will call her in skype

r: ok

l: you completely forgot about me

m; no yar , she want to see you both

l: hoo, Fine

(manik mom name is Chitra-she is business woman , always busy with work but loves manik alot, both are behave like friends)

m: hii Chitra dear

c: hello my dear son, seems your happy may I know the reason

m: you are too sharp mom, my friends are with me

c: you mean ragini right, show her I’m excited to see her

m: she is ragini

c: oho she is your lo…

m: maa, haa laksh,ragini(he signs with eyes to don’t reveal her)

c: ragini beta you are looking Beautiful

r: thank-you aunty, nice to meet you

c: same here dear, he is laksh right

l: yes aunty I’m laksh,

c: manik never introduce any of his friends, I think you both are most special hey Na manik

m: yes mom(he smiles looking at them and thinks laksh is also special because of him I’m near to my ladylove )

c: ok I will meet you both of you In Mumbai, I’m busy now, bye

m,r,l: bye

r: your mom is really cool manik

l: yeah

m: we both are friends, we don’t have anyone, my mom is everything to me

l: now we are also with you


r: manik their is sangeet ceremony of my cousin so we have to leave now

m: hoo ok, c u soon, bye guys

both are went to their home

d: arey laado, laksh jaldi tayar ho jao, so many programs are there,you both will enjoy alot

l: me abhi ata hu dadi

@sharma house

lavish house decocorated with beautiful flowers and dim lighting

so many people are doing masti

Sha: welcome parvati ji, ragini beta how are you

r: I’m good uncle, aap Kaise ho! aunty, uma kaha hai

s: im fine, uma is busy with her would be husband, he is your husband laksh!

r: yes uncle

s:you both are looking perfect together, k come dear some game is about to start

r: ji uncle

@ladies and gentlemen today we are going to play fun with love games before sangeet, so I will invite all lovely couples to the stage than I will reveal the game

d: ragini, laksh beta please participate in the competition

r: no dadi

d: arey laado,laksh do this for me

l: ok


anchor: so these 10couples are participating in the game

we tie this black cloth to jents eyes and they have to find their life partner with touch, I mean they have to touch the hands of these 10 ladies to found their ladylove

I thinks it’s easy game so let’s start , I’m excited to know who may find their soulmate perfectly

raglak both are smiling looking at eachother

r: are you thinking same like me

l: I think yes ragini, I think we both are going to lose this game all can easily found their wife but it’s difficult for us

r: yeah, ok hope for the best

@game starts all are trying to find their ladylove but anchor confuse them so finally they choose wrong person, now laksh turn he is touching their hands, suddenly he stopped at 6th person

laksh pov

why I feel she is ragini, when I touch others it’s normal feel but this hand it’s different feel and some joy in my heart like she is mine

pov ends

l: she is ragini

anc: oho laksh ji I thought you can find ragini easily but I think I’m wrong, are you confident about your choice

l: yes

anchor is confusing him but he is confident

an: I’m going to reveal now, are you ready laksh

l: yeah

whole area is occupied with pin drop silence, finally black cloth is removed from laksh eyes, he opens his eyes and see the person

he is shocked to see the person,she is ragini looking at him with shock, laksh is fully excited to find her so he hugs her immediately

all are clapping for them

ragini in confused state, how can he found me!

anc: now it’s test time for ladies, we kept 108 boxes here
each box contains one alphabet, each member have to choose two boxes the letters in any of the box may match their husbands name than its called perfect bond,these boxes indicates our love towards our partner, so are you excited play

all: yes

all select their boxes

anc: first I want to see ragini choice

she opens first box, it’s “s”

ragini is their any special person in your life with name “s”

ragini eyes filled with tears remembering about sanskar

laksh understands her pain and supports her

r: yes my love..

laksh interrupts her

l: my Nick name starts with s, and her father name shekar, so we are most loving persons in her life

anc: that’s great, now I’m going to reveal. next box, any guesses

all: no

anc: it’s “l” her love life ka name, wahh kya choice hai ragini

raglak both are shocked

all are clapping for them

ragini can’t control her tears so left the place, laksh follows her


l:ragini are you okay

r: yeah, I want to be alone laksh

l: I don’t wanna leave you, just look at me

both are having painful eyelock

l: please don’t cry ragini

r: I’m not crying laksh, don’t know why these tears are coming

she hugs him tightly

l: I’m with you ragu, don’t cry it’s really tough to see your tears

both are feeling peace in each other embrace

sorry for the mistakes,hope you like it

Credit to: lovely

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