raglak- does love happens only once!!! episode 1

laksh, an orphan who craves to have family relations. he is a professional violinist and is in love with a playback singer Swara and goes around expressing his love for her.

he sent his feelings through letters which irritates swara and confront him

I believe in love after marriage laksh

l: OK than marry me

s: shut up, I don’t have any feelings for you, I know love is game for today generation and you are one of them and one more thing I never love you infact I hate you

stay away from me

laksh is teary eyed

l: I’m not one of them swara, my love is genuine and I promise you swara I don’t want to trouble you again and if my love is true than one day you’ll understand my value and come to me

I will wait for you

good bye

from that day he avoids her completely

One day laksh meets his childhood friend ragini

l: ragini

r: you are lucky, hey Na

l: yes, how are you?what are you doing here

r: I’m fine, I came here to meet my friend


l: k bye

laksh thinks ragini is talkative person but this ragini is different, she lost her charm and smile what happened to her

after 1week laksh saw her in the same route and he decides to follow her

she went to graveyard and place flowers , her eyes filled with tears

when she is coming out laksh confront her

l: what are you doing here,

for whom you are keeping those flowers!!

why are you crying ragini?? please tell me yar

r: those flowers for my love

l: your love!!

r: yes my love my sanskarrr

her eyes shows her pain

l: sanskar!!! he is our senior hey Na ragini

r: haa, we both are working in same company, don’t know when we fall in love but it happens lucky

my father arranged my marriage so we decides to go with register marriage

sanky parents have no problem with our marriage, so I decided to inform my parents about my marriage but with out listening me my father breaks ties with me

next day is my marriage with sanskar he went to bring manglasutra, but my dreams are shattered when I heard about sanskar accident

we rushed to hospital, but his condition is not good, he took promise from me laksh I have to live my life happily but he forgot one thing he is my happiness, he leaves me forever

laksh hugs her

l: plz don’t cry ragini, I can understand your pain

please control yourself

r: haa,

l: come I will drop you

r: no problem lucky, I will manage

l: just come with me, aapka address!

r: im staying with sanskar parents lucky, they accept me as their daughter

l: what about your parents

r: they don’t know my situation and in their view I’m married

l: plz inform them ragini

r: no lucky, if they know about me, they will force me to marry someone else but I can’t accept anyone in sanky place

hope you understand my situation

l: OK

r: stop here lucky, this is my house

come inside I will introduce sanky parents

l: OK

ragini introduce lucky to ram and sujatha both are feeling good with laksh

sujatha emotionally attached with laksh in short span of time

laksh is regular visitor to their house , sujatha,ram consider him as their son and he is best friend of ragini

one week passed

sujatha mother health is not good, so ram, sujatha went to their native for two days

sujatha request lucky to stay with ragini because it’s not safe to leave her alone

he agreed to stay with her

what will happen in these two days!!!

Credit to: lovely


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