RagLak – Love or Fate? – Episode 3


Love or Fate? – Part 3

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Morning – Maheshwari Mansion – Ragini and Laksh room.

Laksh opens his eyes and rubs them looks at the time its 7:00am he looks at the other side of the bed, he sits up shocked – Where is Ragini? Where did she disappear now?, Did Karthik??? He gets up from the bed just then the Ragini enters room Laksh is shocked to see her she is wearing a blue anarkali with a shade of light blue she has her hair open Laksh just keeps on staring at her he is happy to see her safe we was about to hug her but stops as he sees offering in her hand.
Laksh – Ragini why are you standing there with the offering wont you feed me it like you always do it feed me from your hands i have an habit now. Ragini looks at Laksh and ignores him, puts the offering on the table and is about to open the door to leave but closes the door
Ragini turns to him and with a straight face – God has given you two pairs of hands so use them, you shouldn’t get habit of stupid things sometimes when those people aren’t there it’s only going to hurt you nothing else. She was about to go when Laksh holds her wrist but she is still facing the other way
Laksh – What do you mean?
Ragini – Laksh leave my hand i don’t want to start an argument with you in the morning
Laksh – I will leave you once you answer me what do you mean by saying that “once their gone it’s going to hurt you” what do you mean?
Ragini angry – I don’t want to answer to you okay, leave my hand your nobody to me understood NOBODY this marriage is only a condition nothing else the only reason i married you is because of your stupid condition nothing else so don’t get any ideas once i have proved you wrong and this condition is off i can go away from you FOREVER!
Laksh pulls her closer to him and in a low dangerous voice and makes her look at him – you’re going to leave me after you have proved me wrong?. He pushes Ragini on the bed and comes over her – Your my wife now your Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Ragini looks at him and first time ever she can see anger in his eyes and is a little scared – Let me tell you one thing i never grabbed you to leave you and you going away from me is never going to happen so if i was you i would forget about that. He comes closer Ragini making fall on the bed completely
Ragini a little scared – Lak…Lak….Sh… Laksh what are you doing?
Laksh comes near her face still a little angry – What i should have done last night. He brings his lips closer to Ragini she closes her eyes and starts to breath fast due to fear hoping that seeing her scared he would leave her but Laksh senses her scared but kisses her ears, she closes her eyes even more, he kisses both of her eyes he lets go of her hand and moves his hand over arm, shoulders and lifts her back a little back to open dori of her anarkali he removes a bit of her suit form her shoulders, Laksh kisses her neck …. Then her shoulder, Ragini can feels his touch she clutches on the bed sheets

Ragini’s point of view – who’s eyes are closed
Is he going to do what i think obviously Ragini he is then why is he try to undress you Ragini, but why am i not stopping him? Do i like his touch? Noo i hate him but for some reason him being close to me makes me feel safe. Noo Ragini you can’t let him influence you again he is a player (f**kBoy) he again his using. But why can’t i feel him on me anymore. Ragini’s point of view ends.
She opens her eyes which had little tears in her eyes and finds Laksh not on her she gets up a little and looks at Laksh who was getting his towel from the cupboard.

Laksh’s Point of view
I saw her looking at me, maybe she is thinking why i left her without doing anything. I can sense all these questions in her mind even in this silence. I see her from the corner of my eyes she was lifting her dress up from her shoulders that i pulled down up to her shoulders, she had tears in her eyes, I know i shouldn’t have done this but she made me angry by saying that she will go away from me i can’t tolerate her going away from me for even a single bit it just hurts me. I was going to leave her after throwing her on the bed but when i was closer to her, her scent was making me come closer to her and then i became mad seeing her look that pretty i couldn’t control myself but i stopped because i don’t want make her mine forcefully but i want to make her mine when she is ready to give herself to me not by force but love. I know i have hurt her as i can’t even look her if i see i will see all the pain i just gave her and been giving her. But Ragini one day i will make you the happiest girl in this whole world i promise. End of Laksh’s point of view.

Laksh goes in to the washroom to get ready. Later he comes out the washroom wearing a redish pink shirt with a black blazer. He looks for Ragini – Maybe she has gone down. He shorts his hair out in front of the mirror but gets interrupted by a phone call he looks around and see’s its Ragini’s phone which was ringing – who is calling her, he picks up the phone and sees Karthik calling Ragini – now what does this idiot want from Ragini now he answers the call.
Karthik – Ragini where are you what happened to you
Laksh – Not Ragini but Laksh
Karthik a little surprised – Laksh?? What are you doing with Ragini’s phone?
Laksh – Wrong question but i think i should be the one asking questions not you, why are you calling my wife?
Karthik confused – Wife? Laksh have you gone a little mad, have you forgotten you killed your wife Kavya, Ragini isn’t your wife but my fiancé
Laksh angry but laughs – I didn’t kill Kavya she trapped me she killed herself committed suicide and i forgot to tell you a good new that Ragini isn’t your fiancé anymore but now she is my wife, so i suggest that you don’t call my wife or look at her if i see you anywhere near her God help you then. Saying this he declines the call and goes down stairs.

Annapurna – Laksh come sit today is Ragini’s first kitchen come eat food made by your wife. Laksh smiles while sitting he looks as Ragini who turns her face away from him – Ragini give Laksh gajar ka halwa as its his favourite. Ragini gives him the halwa while not making eye contact with each other. Laksh takes the first bite
Sujatha – so Laksh how is it?
Laksh – very nice Maa made it right then it has to be good. Everyone laugh Laksh looks at the confused – What happened why are you all laughing at me
Swara – because Laksh Badi Maa didn’t make this but Ragini made this halwa. Laksh looks at Ragini shocked Ragini looks down with embarrassment. Ragini and Laksh excuse themselves from there Annapurna senses something wrong between them
Annapurna – Laksh, Ragini before you go, tonight is my friend Jiya’s sons little engagement party i won’t be able to go so i want you both to go in behalf of me and your dad. Ragini and Laksh look at each other
Both – But Maa how can we?
Annapurna – what do you mean “How”? i want you both to go and that final i don’t want to hear any ifs or buts okay this is my final decision. Ragini and Laksh look at each other.

On the other side Karthik’s home
Karthik – So Laksh you saved Ragini by marrying her. He laughs evilly – Poor Laksh you don’t know that by marrying her you just put her life in more danger, tonight watch what i do with you two, tonight’s party will be a unforgettable night. He laughs evilly.
Screen ends on Ragini Laksh looking at each other and Karthik laughing.

Part 3 finished

Precap – Laksh and Ragini dance (very close dance) Karthik’s closeness with Ragini.

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Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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