RagLak – Love or Fate? – Episode 2


Love or Fate – Part 2 (Continuing from part 1)

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Today’s Part:
Shekar – Where is Ragini?
Durga Parsaad – I don’t know Shekar ji we don’t know anything?
Shekar – You wouldn’t know but call your son Laksh and ask him ever since he has found out that Ragini is marrying again he keeps on annoying her, Call Laksh and find out
Annapurna – Sharmishta ji i am sure Laksh wouldn’t do anything he had an important meeting so he must be there.

Laksh – i am here. Everyone turn around and are shocked to see Laksh wearing a wedding garland (he was wearing all the things that a groom wears instead of the sherwani)
Sujatha walks to Laksh – Laksh? What is this chora (She touches the garland)
Shekar – This is the upbringings of him its only been three weeks and your son has married again
Annapurna – Laksh what is this? Why are you silent say something
Sujatha – Haan chora who did you marry? Who is the bride?
Laksh – Please meet my wife. Laksh takes his hand out and the girl paces her hand in his hand everyone are shocked to see the bride
Swara – Ragini??!!!
Ragini is wearing the redish orange anarkali also the wedding garland with mangalsutra and sindoor. Ragini has tears in her eyes.
Laksh – My wife Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.

Sharmishta – Raguuuu? What is all this you said to us that you have forgotten Laksh then why did you marry him?
Ragini – Maa…….. yes i said i forgot him……but. Before Ragini could complete she got a slap across her face, she puts her hand on her face and looks up it was Dadi. Everyone are shocked Swara was about to step in when Laksh signals her not to.
Dadi angry – Ladoo what is this huh? You think marriage is a joke do you.
Ragini crying a little – No dadi maa marriage isn’t a joke but Dadi maa i did this because.
Shekar steps in he holds Ragini’s hand – Beta look at me, (she does what she is told) did this boy Laksh force you to marry? Ragini beta don’t be scared you can tell me i am your father.
Ragini looks at Laksh closes her eyes – Papa Laksh …….. didn’t do anything (She looks down and its evident that Ragini was lying) whatever happened was my decision as well.
Shekar gets angry and lets go of Ragini’s hand and is about to slap her Ragini closes her eyes but when she opens her eyes she see’s someone holding her dads hand she he can’t slap her it was no other than Laksh Shekar takes his hand back.

Laksh he holds Ragini’s hand – sorry uncle….. no i mean Papa you can’t slap my wife as she isn’t Ragini Gadodia now she is Ragini Laksh Maheshwari my wife, and Papa what Ragini has done its not her fault lease don’t say anything to her.
Shekar grabs Ragini’s hand – I know Ragini your lying just to save this boy but you’re not safe with him Ragini your coming with me and that NOW! He drags Ragini with him by holding her hand she loses grip of Laksh’s hand who is looking at Ragini and telling by his eyes not to go..
Ragini who was being dragged by Shekar – Papa please listen to me once.
Laksh – Papa you can’t take Ragini like this as now she is married to me and she has to live with me.
Annapurna – Shekar ji please stop we can handle this inside the house now Ragini and Laksh are married Sharmishta ji you explain to him.

Durga Parsaad – Yes Sharmishta Ji tell Shekar ji will sort this problem out peacefully as shouting and dragging Ragini isn’t going to bring a solution.
Swara – Baba please stop listen once Baba. Shekar was about to step out the gate when Ragini pulls away everyone was trying to stop him
Ragini tears – Papa please listen to me once, Papa i am not trying to save Laksh Papa i know your hurt but Papa please i am married here now i can’t leave. Shekar gets hurt by Ragini
Shekar – Today you have proved that you aren’t my daughter, It was my mistake i forgot that my daughter is grown up now she can take her own decisions.
Ragini taking a step towards Shekar – Papa.

Shekar holds his hand to stop Ragini – Bas not anymore from today on YOUR NOT MY DAUGHTER. Ragini breaks from inside and steps back Annapurna holds Ragini from the shoulders . – YOUR DEAD TO ME. Ragini falls on the floor, Shekar holds Sharmishta’s and Dadi’s hand and walks out of Maheshwari Mansion.

Ragini falls on the floor crying everyone are to shocked to say anything. Swara sits on the floor near Ragini and cups her face
Swara – Ragini looks at me. Ragini hugs Swara
Ragini still crying – Swara …… Swara Papa, he said that i am not his daughter……
Swara consoling her – Nooo Ragini Baba is angry right now thats why he said that he doesn’t mean this.
Annapurna – Ragini beta lets go inside as i need to welcome my bau. Ragini looks at her Annapurna wipes Ragini’s tears

Sujatha – Ragini don’t be sad soon Shekar Ji will accept you and Laksh.
Swara brings the veneration stuff she places the pot full of rice in front of Ragini – Kick this and take your entry in the house Ragini. Ragini looks at Laksh with hate she kicks the rice pot Swara places the thal of red – Ragini place your feet in this and come in. Ragini does that but Ragini is still thinking about what her papa said she walks in Ragini and Laksh walk in to the house mandir to take blessing.
Sujatha – See jiji everything will be good now see you have now a good daughter – in – law just like me.
Annapurna – I know Sujatha i am happy to have Ragini as my daughter – in – law but
Swara – But nothing badi maa everything soon will be fine, i know baba is angry right now but soon everything will be good i know Ragini lied to Baba but i just hope everything is okay.
Annapurna – I hope everything is good i just pray to God.

In house Mandir
Ragini and Laksh are taking blessings. Ragini stands up – I hope your happy now Mr Laksh Maheshwari? Laksh looks at her confused – you always wanted to hurt me didn’t you before when you betrayed on our wedding day on the mandap you hurt me but i guess that wasn’t enough for you that today you broke mine and my dad’s relation was it Laksh but wait Mr Laksh Maheshwari i won’t let you succeed in any of your plan. Laksh looks at her with a sad and confused face Ragini goes to her room and Laksh follows her.

Ragini and Laksh room
Ragini walks in the room and finds everything is messed up – How does this guy live with himself so much dirt everywhere. She takes of the wedding garland, ties her dupatta around her waist ties her hair up and starts to clean the room Laksh enters the room he is on the phone he is mesmerised to see Ragini working like that he leans against the door and stares at Ragini. Ragini doesn’t notice Laksh, she is moving around she was about to slip but Laksh holds her in time from the waist both share and eyelock both are lost in each other’s eyes, Laksh brings his hand to move that piece of hair on Ragini’s face that was annoying her ever since. Ragini notices their position and pushes Laksh away

Ragini points her finger at Laksh – Don’t you dare touch me, how dare you touch me I married you that doesn’t mean that i will let you touch me understood you’re a playboy (f**kBoy) i just hate you did you hear me I HATE YOU!

Laksh grabs Ragini and pins her against the wall he holds her hand she moves his hand and keeps moving her hand to make him move but he her grabs her hand and puts in on each of her sides and brings his face closer to her – God your stubborn, were you born like this or turn like this recently stubborn. He brings his even face closer to her’s and she turns her face he whispers in her ear – Yes i am a playboy from day one and now your my wife and damn your hot Ragini didn’t notice before but today seeing you this close i am seeing a lot i just can’t wait for tonight as i will want to explore about you and your this hot body. Ragini looks at him with disgust – Ragini you hate me naa tonight you will love me. He smiles at her, she pushes him and walks away from him but he holds her wrist and makes her look at him – its late night go to sleep on the bed
Ragini – and where are you going to sleep?

Laksh sits on the bed – where do you think? Smirks at her
Ragini – Noo your not sleeping on the bed go sleep on the sofa how you used to do before.
Laksh gets up – What you will make your sweet husband sleep on the sofa if i want to sleep i will sleep on this bed and that was before circumstances where different now they are different and what of we sleep together you won’t be able to control yourself? Hahaha. He turns the light of and blows a air kiss to Ragini – Goodnight Sweetheart. He pulls the duvet and sleeps on the bed.
Ragini changes and lays in the bed as well – Ravaan!!!
Laksh – Jansi ki Rani.
Part 2 finished

Precap – Laksh and Ragini nok jok. Karthik finding out Ragini married Laksh he plans something.

Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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